How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer Than Usual?

Smelling good has been a struggle. What was worse, was finding the answer to the question: “How to make your perfume last longer?” Deodorizers have dated as far back as the Egyptian civilization. However, their methods were a bit over the top. This included anything between using scented jewelry to the usage of ostrich eggs and tortoiseshells. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since then!

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But the problem remains that good perfume is still expensive, and definitely never lasts long enough.  However, other than keeping your perfumes in your own personal dry dungeons (to keep it away from heat, light and dampness), there are simple hacks that will ensure maximum mileage.

So, let’s get down to talk about how to make your perfume last longer.

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12 Ways To Make Your Perfume Last Longer Than Usual :

1. Get Fragrances With Stable Base Notes

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Every perfume has three stages or types of fragrance, viz. the top, middle (or heart) and base notes. The first scent that we get when we spray a perfume is the top note. It lingers on for a while and then fades away soon enough. Then comes the middle or heart note. This is medium in intensity and may linger on for a few hours. After fulfilling its lifespan, the middle note dissipates to give way to the heaviest of the scents – the base note. This stays on for the longest and also affects the overall scent of the perfume.

Thus, it is important that you choose a perfume with a strong base note that lasts the longest. This is because lighter base notes are more volatile and make the perfume last the least. Look for stronger, more intense ones instead.

2. Choosing The Right Fragrance

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The longevity of your perfume depends entirely on the concentration of the essential oils it contains. But mind you, the higher the concentration, the higher the price. Eau de parfum contains about 15-20% oil. A single shot can last you at least 8 hours, if not more. Eau de Toilette has around 5-15%, while Eau de Cologne has around 2-4%, and finally, Eau Fraiche has around 1-3%. Now while these are usually more affordable, they last for anywhere between 2 to 6 hours, depending on the constituent concentration. It’s a trade-off worth considering when considering how to make your perfume last longer.

3. Always Spray After Shower

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After a nice shower, our body pores are the most dilated. This means more absorption by the skin – not just for lotions, mind you! But, also for your perfume! The dilated body pores help in better absorption of the fragrant essential oils and trap them in your skin for longer periods of time. As the day goes by, the perfume is dissipated slowly and in turn, makes the fragrance linger on for much longer than how it usually does.

4. Vaseline Really Helps!

Vaseline(or any petroleum jelly) is the miraculous cure-all after all! Just like how moisture gets trapped within your skin, Vaseline traps alcohol-based perfumes. This gives a second wind to your sweet-smelling self and adds on to your confidence. It is also easy to carry around as they also come in pocket-friendly containers. Thus, be sure to put somewhere Vaseline where ever you spritz your bottle of bliss!

5. Target Your Pulse Points

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Pulse points are where the blood vessels are closest to the skin (simply, where you can feel your pulse). These are warmer areas of your body that helps evaporate alcohol carrier and dissipate the fragrance more effectively. Combined with Vaseline, this can really boost the life of your perfume and makes it last much longer.

6. Hydrate And Moisturize, But Don’t Rub

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A well-hydrated and moisturized skin can lock in the aroma for much longer than dry, chaffed skin would. This works in similar lines as of that when you use Vaseline. The skin is simply more adept in containing the scent and can slow down the evaporation rate of the perfume.

On top of that, contrary to popular belief, rubbing on sprayed perfume doesn’t lead to a stronger, long-lasting fragrance. In truth, it actually breaks down the top notes much faster, giving your perfume a much shorter odour-life. It also damages the skin to some extent and makes it lose its normal capacity to preserve the scent as it normally would. Instead, maybe try to spray and dab, as it allows the perfume to do what it’s made to do.

7. Put It On Your Clothes, But The Right Way!

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Spraying directly on clothing and apparel is not really the best thing to do. The oil base may stain the fabric, or the alcohol carriers may damage it in some way. Instead, you may want to pour it into a cotton ball or tissue paper and keep it in your wardrobe. This lets the scent diffuse naturally in the atmosphere and deposit onto the fabrics. This gives your clothing a much fabric-friendly way to smell really good.

8. Why Leave Out The Hair?

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There is another really easy way to get brownie points while figuring out how to make your perfume last longer. It not only gives you extra mileage but also great smelling hair! How else to do it than to apply it to your hair as well! But NEVER do you spray directly on your hair. It will only cause more harm than good. The alcohol base may hurt your hair and dry out the scalp, resulting in a lot of problems. Instead, spritz a little on your hairbrush or comb and comb gently through your luscious mane.

9. Follow The Natural Harmony

Just like music, harmony in scents only increases the intensity. You may want to apply lotion or other products that have a similar scent or perhaps the same base notes. The same goes for the hair products that you use – even your body wash or face wash are important. Many famous brands offer complimentary routine products that go well with your perfume. Heck, some even offer them in packaged baskets!

10. Touching Up

Touching up is important – be it with the way you dress, your hairstyles, or your perfume. You may want to keep a cotton ball or a swab at handy for this. To save yourself from carrying around the bottle, you may want to spray some on the cotton and keep it on you. This is preferably done inside an airtight container or a plastic bag. When you feel that the scent in dying down, just rub the ball on yourself and you get yourself another method on how to make the perfume last longer.

11. Save Wastage

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We have all been to that place where there is some left in your perfume bottle, but not enough to go on with. We have already discussed how good aromas can end up with you shelling out a lot of cash. To get the biggest bang out of your buck, you may want to keep an unscented lotion at the ready. Simply mix the remainder of the perfume with the lotion and use it on yourself. Harmonized with perhaps a few puffs from another bottle, you make the most out of it after all.

12. Don’t Shake The Bottle

It has been said time and again that “shake well before use”. Although seemingly logical, it might not be the best for your own interest. Shaking allows air to get infused into the perfume, and makes it fade away faster when putting it on. Instead, in this case, just use it as it is.

And that’s all about how to make your perfume last longer. We hope these hacks help you as much as they have helped us – for my grandfather used to say, “a well-scented man is a confident man.”  Do let us know how you fare with these, yourselves! Till then, later ‘gator.

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