How To Look Fashionable Like Hrithik Roshan?

Irrespective of Gender, people drool over the very own Greek God- Hrithik Roshan! Every guy must have thought for at least once, “How to look fashionable like Hrithik Roshan?”, because, why not? This man in his recent Blockbuster ‘War’ has mesmerized every viewer with his superb physique, charm, and fashion!


Whatever he wears, looks damn good on him & he can pull off almost anything. But how? And, how to be fashionable like Hrithik Roshan? Is it possible? Well, nobody can be him! Hands down. But, like him? Yes, every single of you can with some smart moves in your life.

Hrithik Roshan has a mesmerizing physique which is hardly beatable by many. He wears an amazing charm on his face. Clothing is, of course, playing a big part, and his own brand HRX is really providing great stuff at reasonable prices.

So, these are the basic keys to become fashionable like Hrithik Roshan. Now, let’s understand how to become fashionable like Hrithik Roshan.

Hrithik has a mesmerizing physique, definitely, Greek-god-like looks. Also, he is a man of etiquette & grooming. And we will get you covered for every aspect to satisfy your needs! Let’s begin.

3 Easy Ways To Look Fashionable Like Hrithik Roshan :

1. Build A Physique Like Hrithik Roshan :


In order to satisfy your query of how to look fashionable like Hrithik Roshan, the first and foremost thing which is to be discussed is how to build a physique like him. Well, let’s get one thing straight, exactly like him? Not possible. He has a minimum of 10 people just working hard on his body 24*7. And we, the normal people will not be able to pull that privilege off. But almost like him? That is quite possible, with loads and loads of effort.

Exercise :


Q. What should be your exercise?

If you ever had a question that how to look fashionable like Hrithik Roshan, you might have thought it includes terrific exercises. Which is true. But we will tell you a smart way to do it. Hang on with us.

Exercise doesn’t demand a Gym!

Yes, your Idol himself has said it in an interview that exercising doesn’t need a gym but dedication towards exercise. If you have a Gym, that’s great! Follow your Charts properly and make sure to hit the gym in a disciplined way. If you don’t have a gym membership, it’s cool. Have a Punching bag at your place, a pull-up bar and you are all set to go. For the Gym goers, you need to follow your charts and not skip the leg day!

And for the non-gym goers, here we go:

  • Punching Bag:

It’s a great Cardio which works out your entire upper body in a pretty intense way. If you can do a punching bag session for 20 minutes, you will understand the difference.

  • Pull Up Bar:

This will focus on your shoulder, so make sure to have it on board. Pull up bars can help you work out on multiple areas of your Lad and Shoulder altogether.

  • Push Up:

Do we need to say how Push up can help you to shape your chest, biceps and so much more? Push your limit every day! If it is seeming easy to your body, it’s not working for your body, level up!

  • Run:

Wake up in the morning and go for a sprint often, running keeps your heart healthy and body vitalized too.

  • Crunches & plank:

For the abs, you can do different types of crunches and plank to bring those delicious cuttings to your belly. C’mon, you can do it.

  • Play a sport!

Be a sport to play a sport at least once a week! Playing a sport works on your entire body and mind as well. It helps you on many levels! It can be Football, Badminton or anything, but play it!

These are all the hacks you will need to build an aesthetically pleasing physique like Hrithik Roshan.

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As we are done with the exercise part, let’s move on to the diet part.

Diet :


You need to focus on your diet as it is the most essential part to build your body. As they say, it’s 80% your diet and 20% work out, they say the ultimate truth only.

Your body is what you eat. So is your mind. So make sure you choose the right nutrition for your body at the beginning. Here, we are going to help you by giving you some wholesome tips to burn the fat off the body.

  • Say no to oily food:

Whenever you are outside, and you are hungry or tempted and you go for that Chaat, Noodles, Samosa & Kachori, and thousands of other street-side foods, you are harming your body with oil. Say no to Oily food is the first and foremost important step of your diet.

You can have a couple of Phulka/Roti & Sabzi, Fruits (Not Cut), Bhel, Coconut Water, Banana and so on.

  • Say no to refined sugar:

The second shock for you is you can not have refined sugar in your food. Now you may think it is impossible to have food only! It is not. Because you can use Jaggery Powder instead of Refined Carbon Cubes, and give your health something to be happy about. Take a challenge of 21 days without Sugar and you will see the difference! If you don’t, no one will ask you to continue!

Refined Sugars are refined carbons, which is nowhere close to good for your body. It helps you gain weight quickly as well as brings many other health issues. Whereas, Jaggery powder is our very own culture which brings no harm to the body but extremely sweet & satisfying in taste. Be smart!

  • Cucumber juice:

Cucumber juice is diuretic, which helps your cells to flush out the excess water it has retained over a long period of time, and once that is done, your body weight will surprisingly decrease! Have 2-3 Cucumber and a lime, peel the Cucumber and cut it. Then put it into a mixer for 5 minutes.

Take the thick Cucumber mixture through a filter and bring the juice out. Pour some lime, honey, in it, and enjoy.

  • Eat smartly:

If you follow the above few steps, you can eat very smartly. Have greens, proteins, a little carb, and whatever your diet includes. But act smart by cutting off the Oil, excess salt, refined sugar.

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Now you will say ‘How to look fashionable like Hrithik Roshan’ doesn’t just include his physique, we get you! So let’s move on to the fashion part.

2. Look Fashionable Like Hrithik Roshan :


Hrithik Roshan is one of the most fashionable icons across the globe- hands down! But how does he do it? Let’s find out.

  • Tailor-made suits:

Suits, my dear friend, are meant to be tailor-made! So make sure whenever you are heading for a Suit or Tux, you get it tailor-made as per your own size! A suit immediately boosts up your fashion quotient to the maximum, so play it well.

  • Invest in your shoes:

You always should invest in good shoes. It’s okay to not have many quantities or pairs but it’s important to have the correct ones. Have at least two formal shoes in your shoe rack, leather, black & brown. One loafer. Two Sneakers, two running shoes at least. And flip flops of your choices. You can mix and match these with your attires.

  • Have some colors:

Don’t shy away from colors or floral prints on Shirts and Tees. Have some color on them. It’s long gone that Pink is a color for girls, you need the confidence to carry it. Open Ranveer Singh’s Insta for inspiration! Then your choices will start to look a lot more normal!

  • Belt & watches:

Investing in your belt & watches is also extremely important! You don’t need to spend lakhs behind a watch to get a good watch. Have a normal decent looking watch at a decent price will also help you boost up your fashion. For the belts, one can go for the reversible ones where a belt has both black and brown colors. Make sure the buckle is nice.

  • Don’t be afraid to mix n match:

Mixing and Matching are always good options and don’t be afraid of it. If you are a desi, it’s obvious your fashion will include some Jugaad in it. Make sure it looks good!

  • Have plains:

Have some plain solid shirts and tees in your wardrobe, they will save you thousands of times. White shirts and tees are the most versatile followed by black!

  • Underwear:

Don’t go for something extravaganza! Get something very basic which comforts you. Always wear fresh and comfortable underwear also maintain your hygiene.

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Okay, so here we step into the final part of how to look fashionable like Hrithik Roshan – The Grooming!

3. Groom Well :


How to look fashionable like Hrithik Roshan? Follow the hacks!

  • Be Regular at your Barber’s!

Your hair will need grooming every two weeks from the cut. Make sure you are regular to your Barber to keep your hair to the point along with your beard. Also, use proper hair care products like,

  1. Onion Shampoo
  2. Onion Oil
  3. Hair Wax & Spray for occasions!
  4. Beard Oil

Your hair & beard needs the most grooming.

  • Nails:

Of course, your nails should be cut and filed every ten days. Make sure your nail doesn’t grow much. It looks bad and bad for your health too.

  • Scrub your face:

Allow your facial pores to breathe. Scrub and cleanse your face once a while to make sure your skin stays healthy! Healthy skin will eventually glow!

  • Use charcoal activated facewash:

Charcoal works the best to deeply clean your face, so using a Charcoal activated Face wash will be the best idea altogether. Also for your teeth, use some Charcoal powder while brushing.

  • Sunscreen is not only for women:

Sunscreen helps you to protect your skin from the UV rays of Sun. Make sure to have them in your wardrobe.

Most importantly, behave!


Most importantly, you need to behave like a Man. You need to show respect to the ones who are showing you enough respect. You need to know the etiquette. It is something you develop. A man is only fashionable when he is admired, his personality is admired by others. Make sure to have a personality to rock on.

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This is it. Wear your confidence and all the other things discussed above, and you are all set to go! Bring the Hrithik out of you!

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