How To Know If A Girl Loves You Secretly – 30 Smart Ways

From the way she behaves around you, gets possessive, or even tries to grab your attention. There are a few signs to watch out for if you want to know if a girl secretly likes you. It’s more than just friendship you two share if there is a strange feeling between the two of you. And if she is not just another girl friend, then here’s how to know if a girl loves you secretly.

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In most scenarios, men typically initiate an interest, and it is either accepted or rejected by the woman. However, a woman provides subtle cues that can indicate she is waiting for you to make a move. But it can all go in vain if you are unable to pick up the sign she secretly wants you. Women get to decide if she wants a man to initiate romantic advances, and if you catch on quickly things will escalate quickly. 

In the best-case scenario, a man understands the room and makes his move. But if you misread her you can become a creep who has made an unwanted advance. Make sure to catch the signs right, so you know for sure that she secretly likes you. At the same time, don’t misinterpret signs when she is not interested, but let’s discuss that later. First, let’s understand if a girl is in love with you in these 30 smart ways. 

30 Smart Ways To Know If A Girl Loves You Secretly :

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Women can be tricky business, and they are not easy to understand. But these tips will help you determine how to know if a girl loves you secretly. These cues are probably easy to tell, but when you are in a group of friends, it’s not easily caught on. So keep an eye out for these subtle social cues and body language that can indicate she secretly loves you. 

  1. Her body language can tell if a girl secretly wants you. Does she often smile at you, lightly touching you on the arm or caressing an object in her arms? If you have noticed either of these, it means she is sending you a signal. If a lady likes you she will face her body turned towards you, which indicates she feels confident talking with you. But in some cases she might sh away from initiating a touch , in such cases you can break the touch barrier yourself
  1. She makes Eye Contact; when a girl likes you, pay attention to eye contact. She will hold her gaze with you and try to look down the moment you look up at her. She may like you but this sign indicates she is nervous around you. Another easy way to know if a girl loves you secretly is when you look at her and she immediately looks away, it can indicate she is smitten.
  1. She’s always trying to grab your attention; is a clear signal that this girl is interested in you. Whether it’s by dressing in a way that complements her appearance, or doing activities you both like together or looking for reasons to spend some alone time with you, all of these are clear signs she wants you. 
  1. She laughs at your lamest jokes! And you know she’s a keeper. That’s right, when you are in love you find everything about your partner adorable. And even before she confesses to you, if you catch her laughing with you, she secretly likes you. This is her way of signally to you that she is happy in your presence.
  1. She tends to get slightly jealous even when there’s nothing to be jealous about! Jealousy is one such emotion that cannot be hidden. If you are looking for signs she secretly loves you, then see if she gets angry when you give another girl attention. Try not to intentionally get her jealous, as you might just be hurting her even more than getting her attention.

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  1. She wants to know everything; from your past girlfriends to your family and even your passion in life. If someone shows a lot of involvement in your life, even more than a friend should, it’s a sign she secretly wants you. She never gets bored talking to you. And you can talk for hours and not even notice it! So if you wonder how to know if a girl loves you secretly? Then this is how.
  1. She changes her plans for you; whether it’s a plan with friends or family, she prioritises you first. She is always looking for an opportunity to spend more time with you alone. This indicates she is open to making changes in her plan for you, in order to make time to meet you. And that is a clear sign that she considers you important and wants you, because she’s always more interested in plans that only include the two of you.
  1. She is all about the eyes; Apart from eye contact, another way to tell if a girl likes you, is through her pupils. When a girl likes you, her pupils will dilate, so if you are staring back at her, notice this! Often girls try to look away if you catch her looking at you, but this only indicates she is still shy and not ready to reveal her true feelings yet. 
  1. She plays with her hair, apart from her eyes, girl’s also tend to play with their hair around a guy they like. She can fidget with her hair or try to tie her hair up with a motive to grab your attention. She can even slowly run her fingers through her hair and send you a sign that she secretly loves you.
  1. She starts to mirror your moves; Not quite literally, but when she likes you, she might subconsciously be mirroring your moves or getting a hold of your habits! You might even notice she starts using your ‘lingo’ or picks up on words you use a lot. In such cases even those around her will start noticing her interest towards you. 
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  1. She texts you when she is drunk; a clear sign a girl likes a guy is when she texts him when she is a little tipsy and wants to have a chat. That’s right, you may find her absolutely adorable, or get mad at her, but all she wants is to talk to you. This is a clear sign that she wants you, because she can’t get you off her mind!
  1. She can’t stop talking about you!; she might be crushing on you, and her friends all know. They might be hearing your name a lot because she just can’t stop talking about you. You can tell this by noticing her friend’s reactions, because they might be teasing her, or glancing at you when she is around. This is their way of understanding  how to know if a girl loves you secretly. 
  1. She fights with you all the time! You may be surprised, but often when a girl is fighting with you, but always sticks around, it’s a clear sign for how to know if a girl loves you secretly. You always have disagreements or there’s a battle of wits. But just because she’s in denial does not mean she has no feelings for you. If she didn’t, she would not even bother to argue. 
  1. She’s always there for you. Whether it’s some big news or even a small incident, she’s always around to be the first one to respond to what you say. She’s a keeper for sure if she gives you more importance than anyone else. If a girl is always ready to give you company whenever you need it, it’s a sign she secretly wants you.
  1. She sometimes gets hurt even for reasons you don’t understand. If you always wonder why she seems to get upset over something you even don’t remember saying, this is why. She secretly loves you but cannot say it out loud, and often she takes to heart the things you say lightly. So be more considerate of what you say to her.

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  1. She’s majorly involved in your life, from big decisions to other things, this girl shows more involvement in your life, even so than your best friend. She wants to help make important plans and decisions in your life along with you. She knows what is right for you and is ready to actively participate in important events of your life. If you already have a girl who is a major part of your life, keep an eye out for other cues that show interest.
  1. She gets nervous around you, some girls may act bold, but can get really shy around the guys they like. She may show signs of fidgeting or nervousness. She may touch her lips, or collarbone or even neck to draw your attention to those areas. This way she is sending signals that she secretly likes you. She might even apply her lipstick in front of you or adjust her hair. These are a few simple ways you can tell if a girl likes you. 
  1. She expects/needs your help, even as independent as she may be, every girl swoons over a handsome guy helping her. She might even pretend to be bad at something only to get the chance to get you to help her. She will think of you as her bright and shining armour that always protects her. Like offering her your jacket, or helping her carry heavy bags, you can notice she secretly wants you to love her.
  1. She will try to flirt with you; maybe not in front of other friends, but when you are alone with her, or just on chat. Sometimes girls like to flirt even if it’s low key and subtle, but if there’s no response it can put her off. She might gather the courage to flirt with you on chat but not in person. How to know if a girl loves you secretly? Look for secret and subtle signs of flirting. 
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  1. She remembers the details; it could be very trivial, but she will ensure she knows it. Whether it’s a birth date or a simple event that occurred, she will remember the important moments she spent with you. If a girl you are seeing is very particular about these things, it’s one of the signs she secretly loves you. If it’s not dates, she will remember events that may have brought you two close together. 
  1. She gets worried for you, even if you are being careless. She is always concerned about you. Even your closest friend won’t worry as much as she does. Even if it’s a slight cold or you are under the weather, she will make sure to keep checking on you to make sure you are fine. This is how to know if a girl loves you secretly. If she loves you, she cares for the things you care about, and sometimes even more than you do. 
  1. She cares a lot about what you think; if she is paying attention to how you feel about her, that means your opinion matters to her. One way to know if a girl loves you secretly is by noticing how much she cares about what you think of her. It’s pretty obvious to tell when she is always trying to change your opinion and cares a lot about your judgement.
  1. She sends random text messages; does she send a completely random text in the middle of the night? This is her attempt to start a conversation. She may try to act not eager to talk to you but you can easily catch her. She may make an excuse that she didn’t mean to text you, but that’s just her playing hard to get. She doesn;t want to come across easily and wants you to think highly of her. 
  1. She likes to walk with you; you might go on long romantic drives but there’s nothing as romantic as a long walk with someone you love. If a girl wants to go on walks with you, it’s a sign she secretly wants you. A long walk close to eachother can be a very intimate activity, brushing shoulders, and almost holding hands as they touch while you walk.
  1. She looks at you differently; almost in an admiration. It’s not the same way how other girls look at you, something about how she looks at you can send butterflies in your stomach. Notice her eyes when she looks at you, even in a room full of people, she will try to glance at you. If you pay attention you can see she’s clearly attracted to you with her every move. 

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  1. She tells you everything; as much as she wants to know all about you, she will enthusiastically share every detail about her life. She’s never bored talking to you. If you want to know if a girl loves you secretly. See how she always finds excuses to start a conversation with you. She will always make an effort to keep the conversation going no matter what. 
  1. She gets annoyed easily when you tease her, if it’s just a friend she wouldn’t care much about the jokes you make. But when it comes to a girl who has a crush on you secretly, she is not too comfortable when you tease her. She’s not a good sport especially when it comes to taking jokes on herself. Every girl wants the guy she likes to know she is only interested in you.
  1. She’s more interested in plans that involve just the two of you. As much as she enjoys when you are surrounded by friends, if a girl secretly has a crush on you, she will look for excuses to make plans alone. It’s not hard to guess why, it’s because she looks for any excuse to get closer to you. So take the hint and try to make plans which include just you both once in a while.
  1. She tries to subtly touch you; it’s not too obvious but if she’s always brushing her arm against yours or leans against your body, she’s asking for your attention. Don’t be clueless and turn her off, if you are smart you can realise that her touch has an intention. You can tell if a girl is into you if there’s a constant element of touch especially when you are around her. 
  1. She’s trying to make the move; but she may shy away, so take initiative and show her that you know she likes you. Be observant of her body language, is she exposing her neck, licking her lips or gently touching you? These are a few signs she is throwing your way. You are expected to take the hint and make the move!

Q. How To Tell If She’s NOT Interested :

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Now that we have it decoded on how to know if a girl loves you secretly? Let’s make it clear how not to misunderstand these signs and how you can tell if she’s NOT interested in you, and the signs are not intentional. It’s very important to know if a woman displays signs of interest in you.

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Sometime’s she might also signal cues that she’s not interested in you, so be smart and take the hint. If a girl is uncomfortable with your advances, it’s a clear sign to back off. If a man does not understand this dynamic, he labels himself as a creep who is known to make unwanted advances. And nobody wants that. So here are a few important cues to pick up on to understand if a girl is not interested in you.

  • She avoids eye contact when you are trying to engage in small talk.
  • She moves away when you approach her.
  • She rolls her eyes or ignores the conversation.
  • Her body language is closed and not welcoming.
  • She talks to someone else to avoid talking to you.
  • She turns her body away or shrugs if she is not interested
  • She shows signs of discomfort.
  • She makes excuses for every plan you make.

These are a few subtle or not so subtle signs to tell if a girl secretly loves you or not. As important as it is on how to know if a girl loves you secretly, you must also know if you are taking the wrong hints from a girl who is clearly not interested. She’s not playing hard to get in this situation, as she might simply be trying to get rid of the unwanted attention. You don’t want to come across as a creepy guy, who makes her uncomfortable. 

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Bottom Line:

In conclusion, if you now understant how to know if a girl loves you secretly, we hope you catch on the right cues. If she has dropped some hints, and you have caught them smartly, you can advance this subtle flirting into a relationship! Figuring out women is not an easy task, they can be quite complicated. But to ace this tricky business is by catching on these hints to catch on signs she secretly loves you. 

Some girls may play hard to get, but that’s just them waiting for you to make the move. So push away any social awkwardness and make the first move. But at the same time, don’t forget to be a gentleman. A gentleman never embarrasses a lady, and if you catch on to the social cues this girl gives you, it means she clearly loves you. So look around for these cues that your potential partner may have given you. And if you have successfully understood this dynamic and made the move. 

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