How To Increase Testosterone Level Naturally: Explained!

If you are someone who is eager to know how to increase Testosterone level naturally in your body with a clean diet and lifestyle changes, then you are in the right place! Testosterone is a hormone in the human body that is responsible for muscle growth, cell repairing, growth of hair, keeping the bone density right, and of course your sex drive. However, it is responsible for other important whereabouts of the human body too, but these top the list.

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Let’s find out how to boost the testosterone level without any needles injected into your body. But before that, we will find out a lot more about Testosterone.

Why Do You Need To Boost Your Testosterone Level?


First, you must know why do you need to increase your Testosterone level. Well, blame the poor lifestyle choices which we all opt for and as a result, after our 30’s, the Testosterone Level falls down in our body each year. However, if you can fix a couple of things in your life, it is very easy to keep the Testosterone level high even when you are beyond your 40’s.

A lack of Testosterone will make you feel less energetic and your bone density will fall off, so will your sex drive, hair fall, and skin problems will be your companion throughout. So, boosting your Testosterone level is needed to eliminate all these problems.

Benefits Of Testosterone In Your Body :

Hope you already got some idea about Testosterone and why it’s important. Now let’s get into the benefits of having a proper level of Testosterone in the body.

  • Testosterone keeps Us Boosted: You will feel boosted overall. Firstly, your sex drive will be adequate. Secondly, the sheer spikes of excitements, aggression, and motivation also come from Testosterone only. Testosterone sparks up the competitiveness in you and which will only help you to do good in your life. Being energetic is always a perk.
  • Testosterone Helps To Burn Fat: According to a study, it helps you to mobilize fat and create energy from it. When the levels are high, the stored fats in your body will flow and create energy. As a result, Testosterone will help you to burn fat. Not only that, but Testosterone also affects the Human Growth Hormone to some extent, Which is directly responsible for fat mobilizing and burning.
  • Testosterone Makes Your Bone Strong: Testosterone will keep your bone density better. Studies have shown that people with higher Testosterone are able to keep better bone health even when they grow old.
  • Testosterone Increase Muscle Mass: Trying to put on muscle mass? But unable to do it well? Probably the Testosterone level in your body is not in your favor. If you can boost up the level, you can easily gain muscle mass and burn fat with the same amount of exercise you were doing earlier.
  • Testosterone Improves Your Heart: Testosterone is responsible to increase the numbers of Red Blood Cells in your body, and as a result, your heart’s health is normal. There are studies that also claim that Testosterone is responsible to increase the number of RBC in the bloodstream, which further helps the blood to carry more useful nutrients than ever.
  • Testosterone Repairs Your Cells: Testosterone is responsible for repairing the cells in the body, as well as the muscles. When there’s a muscle tear, it is only Testosterone level of your body which can influence the rate of cell repairing.

There are many more benefits of having your Testosterone boosted up in your body. But what we are going to discuss in our article is – how you can boost your Testosterone level in the body naturally with proper diet and a positive lifestyle. So, here we begin.

6 Ways To Increase Your Testosterone Level Naturally :

1. Nutrition Is The Key :

Nutrition plays a crucial role in our lifestyle. What you eat, makes your body. It is the fuel for your body, so make sure to provide a balanced diet to your health. While talking about the Testosterone boost, there are specifically three types of nutrients that will help the Testosterone levels to spike up significantly. These are Zinc, Saturated Fat & Protein, and Vitamin D. Mostly these three types of food are efficient enough to spike up the Testosterone levels in your body.

Talking about Zinc, you can get enough zinc in almonds and spinach. You can soak almonds in a cup of water and consume it in the morning, empty stomach. It will work at the optimum level. Other foods that are rich with zinc are flax seeds, kidney beans, peanuts, eggs, and brown rice. These all can be easily added to your daily diet without much problem. Most of the foods are anyway available in regular households.

Talking about Vitamin D, the best source of Vitamin D is sunlight. Nothing can nourish you with Vitamin D in a better way. Daily, at least 20 minutes of sunlight can help you produce enough of the Vitamin D for your body. However, to intake Vitamin D from the food, one can have Eggs, Mushroom, Tuna Fish and Salmon, and loads of other foods. These are the easily availed ones. Also, Milk is a great source of Vitamin D.

Talking about saturated fat, you can easily get fats from Chicken, some kind of fishes, Milk, Egg, Paneer, Coconut, and others.

Once you include these foods in your diet you will start witnessing significant changes in your Testosterone level. You will also enjoy all the benefits of boosted testosterone.

2. Exercise Like A Beast :

To answer how to increase testosterone level naturally, we can say exercising is the key to boost Testosterone level. If you exercise then automatically you face a lot of muscle tears, and loads of changes in the body which makes the Hypothalamus gland to instruct your body, testicle to be precise, to create Testosterone, for all the repair work and so on.

If you indulge into high intensive work outs with minimal pauses in between, that will eventually help you to strike up your Testosterone Level high.

Resistance training, such as weight lifting, is the best type of exercise to boost testosterone in your body. High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT has also the potential to boost up your test-levels higher.

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3. Have Peaceful Sleep :

Sleep is important for everyone. A proper amount of sleep helps you to stay active. But, good quality sleep can help your body in so many ways. To get good sleep, we must cut off any electronic gadget before 1 hour or 30 minutes of bedtime. So no scrolling through the smartphone before sleeping. That will not strain the eyes and help you get some good sleep.

Also, finishing dinner at least 4 hours before sleeping is another factor to achieve peaceful sleep. When it comes to sleep, quality matters more than quantity. So try getting the right quality of sleep even if not a sufficient amount. How to increase testosterone level naturally? Sleep peacefully.

On a study, there’s a theory which says every additional hour of sleeping add onto 15% of the Testosterone in your body. Although it’s still a study.

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4. Cut The Stress :

Stress is the enemy of your body. When you feel stressed your body secrets a hormone called Cortisol. Cortisol is just the opposite hormone of Testosterone. Means, whatever good Testosterone does to your body, cortisol does just the opposite. So, when you feel stressed, there’s a hike of cortisol in the body, and as a result, there’s a drop of Testosterone. So, you need to cut off stress.

To cut the stress off, you can first identify the things which are giving your stress and keep a distance from those things. Instead, get indulged into hobbies which make you happy. That will surely boost up the levels. How to increase testosterone levels naturally? Meditate.

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Mediation is the best possible way to keep calm. It will enable your body to separate the outer and inner world of your body. Even in the most chaotic situation, you will remain peaceful. That will cut the cortisol off, hence Testosterone can thrive.

5. Moderate Your Intoxication :

You need to maintain a good distance with alcohol and cigarettes if you want to boost Testosterone in your body. Alcohol will not help your body to make Testosterone. Neither will tobacco. Also, there’s another thing to mention which is processed sugar. If you don’t know, processed sugar has similar effects on your body to LSD. Your mind craves the sweetness when it is attached to sugar, so it also has a withdrawal effect. How to increase testosterone level naturally? Moderate your intoxication levels. Or cut them off, completely.

6. Indulge Into Natural Testosterone Boosters :

Last but not the least, you can have a natural Testosterone booster. You need no needles for this, don’t worry. By natural Testosterone booster, we mean Ashwagandha, the magical Ayurvedic plant which has a high potential for many health benefits. Ashwagandha in a limited amount spikes up your Testosterone levels. If we are mentioning Ashwagandha, we must also mention Shilajit, which is very much relevant to boost up Testosterone levels.

Ginger extract too acts as a Testosterone booster. It helps to create more Testosterone in your body and help you in multiple ways.

These are the basic tips to follow and you will be able to boost your Testosterone in a rapid way. A proper lifestyle can bring loads of positive changes to your body. Proper lifestyle includes your emotional wellbeing, your physical well being, how many hours you sleep, and what is your diet. If you can follow these steps, your Testosterone levels will be boosted.



Disclaimer: This article does not represent the views and opinions of medical professionals. It is solely based on research and reference by the author. It does not offer any medical suggestions or advice.

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