How To Grow Hair Faster & Thicker Naturally For Men?

Who does not want stronger and thicker hair? You also may have dreamt of a stunning hairstyle like your favourite actor in your teenage years. Didn’t you? Yes, right? But probably very few of us can achieve our dream of having thicker and longer hair. So, if you feel that the growth of your hair has ceased and looking for how to grow hair faster than usual, then this article is a must-read for you. 

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We know that hair plays the biggest role in our appearance. So it is natural to be worried about your hair if it is not growing. You may have overlooked the small things like your eating habit, hair care habits that slow down the growth of your hair. In this article, we have come up with the reasons that slow down the growth of your hair and the best ways of how to make your hair grow faster. 

Q. How Fast Does Hair Really Grow?

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Before we move towards the reason for the low rate of hair growth let us know how fast does hair grows naturally. Our hair grows in cycles. Our scalp has millions of follicles that produce hair. At any time the hair in our scalp is in one of the four stages that are stated below.

  • Anagen Phase: Anagen phase is the active phase for our hair. During this phase, our hair can grow up to 1 cm in a month. On average 85 to 90 percent of our hair is in the Anagen phase. This phase naturally lasts for an average of 2 to 6 years.
  • Catagen Phase: Catagen phase is a transitional phase where the growth of the hair stops. At any time 3 to 5 percent of our hairs are in the Catagen phase. This phase lasts for approximately 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Telogen Phase: Telogen phase is called the resting phase of our hair. During this phase, the hairs are completely formed and stop growing whereas a new hair starts to form beneath it. Around 6 to 8 percent of our hairs are in this phase. The telogen phase lasts for 2 to 3 months. 
  • Exogen Phase: Exogen phase is often termed as hair shedding phase. During this phase, the completely grown hair detaches and falls out. Exogen phase accounts for 90 to 120 hairs that we lose naturally every day.

After the Exogen phase, our follicles return to the Anagen phase. If the health of your scalp deteriorates then some of these follicles can not grow new hair that causes thinning of your hair. The noticeable fact is that at any time our scalp contains 85 to 90 percent of hairs that are growing. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, a man’s hair grows on average 6 inches per year.

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Q. Is It Really Possible To Grow Hair Faster?

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We have already discussed that most of the hairs in our scalp are in the Anagen phase that can grow around 6 cm in a year. But if you feel like the growth of your hair has been blocked and you are looking for how to make your hair grow faster in a day by triggering the anagen phase, then science still has no answer. Researchers are still finding a way of how to grow hair faster by activating the Anagen phase.

The growth of hair mostly depends on one’s age, genetics, and hormones. Obviously, these are the factors that are beyond your control. However, there are some other factors that slowdowns the rate of growth of your hair. A poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, and even excessive use of hair products that contain harsh chemicals also damage your hairs and affect its growth. 

Though there are not any definite answers to the question of how to grow hair faster by triggering the anagen phase, still you can take a few steps that keep your hair healthy during the Anagen phase. 

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5 Reasons Your Hair Is Not Growing Faster :

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Before discussing how to grow hair faster than usual let us quickly talk about why your growth of hair becomes stagnant. Well, there are lots of factors like hormonal imbalances, poor diet, heat styling tools, and many more that play a big role in slowing down your hair growth. Here are the reasons that block the growth of your hair.

  1. Poor Diet: If your meal lacks essential macro and micronutrients then it slows down the growth of your hair. Protein, Vitamin A, C, E, minerals like iron, zinc, and omega 3 fatty acids – each of them plays a different role to keep your hair healthy and growing. Skipping these nutrients you can not think of how to make your hair grow super fast. 
  1. Hormonal Imbalance: Hormonal disorders like hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism cause hair loss while PCOS triggers male pattern baldness. But when they occur in small amounts it seems like the growth of your hair becomes stagnant.
  1. Harsh Chemicals And Styling Products: Do you ever check the ingredients that are used in your hair products? No right? Most hair products use harsh chemicals like sulfate, parabens, synthetic colors, silicons, and ammonia that deteriorate the health of your scalp and blocks the growth of your hair. Moreover, heat styling tools, even a hairdryer weaken your hair shaft and cause hair loss. Therefore excessive use of these products damage your hair as well as stops its growth. 
  1. Diseases: Some diseases like pneumonia often stop the growth of your hair. Naturally, our hair follicles grow, then rest, and then are replaced by new hair. But the stress of some particular diseases put the hair follicles in their resting phase and thus block the growth of hair. This phenomenon is termed Telogen Effluvium. 
  1. Genetics: The color, texture, thickness, and sometimes even growth of your hair depend on the genes that you have inherited from your parents. But if your hair is not growing it may not be for only the genes. But according to a study, the noticeable fact is that nearly 80 percent of men face hair loss or baldness whose fathers were also facing the same trouble. 

These were the reasons why your hair is not growing. Further we will provide you the ways of how to grow hair faster. 

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Q. How To Grow Hair Faster And Thicker Naturally For Men?

The growth of your hair takes longer times than usual if you are unknowingly damaging your hair and scalp. But speeding up the growth rate is not also a very quick process. It may take some weeks to show the result. 

# Hair And Scalp Treatment :

1. Massaging Your Scalp :

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Now we know how the proper circulation of blood in your scalp is associated with the healthy growth of hair. The best way to increase blood circulation is by massaging your scalp daily. The increased blood circulation in your scalp helps to stimulate the hair follicles to grow faster. Gently rub your scalp with your fingertips in a circular motion. Massage your scalp as long as you wish. This technique also reduces the stress of the modern lifestyle and makes you feel calm. 

2. Use Essential Oils :

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Some essential oils, extracted from plants, can promote healthy hair growth and also cure different issues of your hair without any side effects.  Using essential oil multiplies the benefits of massaging your scalp. So next time, when you massage your scalp use a few drops of one of these essential oils to stimulate new hair growth. Here we are listing some of these essential oils with their benefits. You can choose one of these that serves your purpose best.

  • Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It helps to increase new hair growth. This oil is also used for anti-dandruff treatment. Buy It Here
  • Peppermint Oil: Peppermint oil helps to improve the blood circulation in your scalp. It is also effective for healthy hair growth during the Anagen phase. Buy It Here
  • Rosemary Oil: Rosemary oil is one of the best oils that grow hair faster for men. This oil also increases the thickness of hair. Buy It Here
  • Lavender Oil: Lavender oil promotes faster hair growth by generating new hair cells in your scalp. Apart from that this oil has antibacterial properties that improve the health of your scalp. Buy It Here
  • Lemon Oil: Massaging your scalp with lemon oil can be very beneficial to grow hair faster for men. This oil can also be used for anti-dandruff treatment. Buy It Here

3. Use Restorative Hair Mask :


Another solution to your question of how to grow hair faster than usual is using a restorative hair mask. A nutritious hair mask comes with a lot of benefits that include faster hair growth. Even it can work as a guard to your hair against damage and restore its luster. Moreover, the best part is that a nutritious hair mask is easy to make and comes with no side effects. So what are you thinking of?

Let’s make a restorative nutritious hair mask at home. Do not worry about the ingredients. They are in your refrigerator. 

Ingredients: One egg, Two tablespoon plain yogurt and one tablespoon honey


  • Crack an egg and beat it well in a bowl.
  • Then add one tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of plain yogurt. Mix them well. That is all. Your nutritious hair mask is ready.
  • Now apply the mask on your wet hair and let it on for at least 20 minutes. 
  • Then wash your hair with a herbal shampoo. 

Apply this mask twice in a week for the best result. 

4. Oil Conditioning Treatment :

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Another effective way to elevate the growth of your hair naturally is oil conditioning treatment. This helps to grow hair faster for men as well as keeps your hair strong and soft. Coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, and almond oil are the oils that you can use for an oil conditioning treatment. These oils help to grow thicker and stronger hair. Here are the easy steps that you can follow for an oil conditioning treatment.


  • Take one to two tablespoons of one of these oils in your scalp and massage it for at least five minutes. 
  • Distribute the oil from the root to the tips of your hair through your fingertips. You can also use a wide-tooth comb. 
  • Now use a shower cap to cover your hair and let the oil sit on your scalp for at least 2 hours.
  • Now wash your hair with herbal shampoo to remove the excess oil.  

5. Avoid Hair Products That Contains Harsh Chemicals : 

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Most hair products contain harsh chemicals that damage your hair and make it dry, dull, and brittle. Moreover, excessive use of these products actually slows down the growth of your hair and even leads to hair loss. The hair product may be your shampoo, conditioner, oils, hair dyes, and a lot more. So check the label of your hair products and if they contain any of the following harmful chemicals then it’s time to say goodbye to it. 

  • Silicones: Silicones are mostly found in shampoo and conditioner. This chemical makes your hair dull and brittle. 
  • Parabéns: Parabéns are used in shampoo and conditioner. It is irritating to the scalp and deteriorates its health. Moreover, it disrupts the endocrine system and causes obesity. 
  • Sulfates: Most shampoos contain sulfates as its ingredient. But this harsh chemical removes the natural oil from your scalp and makes your hair dry. 
  • Phthalates: Phthalates is a synthetic fragrance that is often present in almost all types of hair products. This harmful chemical also disrupts the endocrine system and mimics the Estrogen hormone in your body. 
  • Propylene Glycol: This chemical is used in shampoos and conditioners, and dehydrates your hair. As a result, your hair becomes dry and dull. 
  • Alcohols: Hairspray, gel, and other hair styling products often contain alcohols. Alcohol dehydrates your hair and makes it dry, brittle. 
  • Synthetic Colors: A lot of shampoos and conditioners contain synthetic colors which may trigger various diseases that include the risk of cancer.  
  • Ammonia: Most hair-dying products use ammonia as an ingredient. This chemical bleaches your hair and makes it dry, brittle, and unhealthy. 

6. Use A Boar Bristle Brush :


Brushing your hair may help to stimulate the growth of your hair. But it is necessary to use the right brush that is gentle on your hair; otherwise, it may lead to breakage. So, which brush should you use? Well, the answer is a boar bristle brush. Boar bristle brush, made of natural fibre, is a unique brush for your hair that is used to distribute the essential natural oils from the root to the tips of your hair and keeps it healthy and moisturized.

Its natural and flexible bristles are gentle on your hair and do not cause breakage. Here are the techniques that you should follow while brushing your hair with a boar bristle brush.

  • Put the boar bristle brush against your scalp and massage the scalp.
  • Always brush from the root of your hair to the tips in a single stroke.
  • Brush your hair from section to section. Continue brushing one section until it becomes glossy and healthy. After that move into the other section of your hair. 
  • Keep brushing each section until you have covered your entire scalp.  

# Have Nutritious Foods :

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A healthy diet leaves its impact on every aspect of your life. The growth of hair is not an exception. A well-balanced diet can speed up the growth of your hair. So if you are searching for how to grow hair faster than usual then quickly have a look at the following macro and micronutrients. These are the most essential nutrients for your hair to grow faster and healthier. If you think that your body is not getting enough of these nutrients then add some food that contains these nutrients. For your help, we will provide the source of these nutrients. 

1. Protein :

Our hair is made of keratin, a kind of protein. Hence protein becomes the most essential nutrients for the growth of your hair. If you are not providing your body sufficient amount of protein then your body can not grow enough hair. As a result, the growth of your hair slows down. It is recommended that an adult man should consume 0.8 grams to 1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of his body weight. So quickly check whether your diet provides you enough protein or not. If you think you are on a protein-deficient diet then you can add some of the following foods that are rich in proteins. 

  • Non-vegetarian Source: Lean meat (preferably chicken breast), fish, eggs.
  • Vegetarian Source: Paneer, tofu, Soya chunks, dairy products.

2. Iron :

Iron is another essential mineral for healthy hair growth. Iron increases the circulation of blood in the scalp and carries oxygen to the root of your hair which promotes hair growth. If your body is in deficiency of iron then it may slow down the process of hair growth or even it may cause hair loss. So includes the following foods in your regular diet to avoid the deficiency of iron.

  • Non-vegetarian Source: Shellfish, liver, red meat, turkey, tuna fish.
  • Vegetarian Source: Spinach, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, legumes, flax seeds, broccoli, tofu, dark chocolates. 

3. Vitamin A :

Every cell of our body including hair cells needs vitamin A  to grow. Moreover, Vitamin A helps to produce Sebum, an oily substance, that keeps our scalp and hair healthy. So if your hair grows at a slow pace or if you are witnessing hair loss then your body may be in vitamin A deficiency. Hence you should eat the following food that gives you the required amount of vitamin A. But do not consume too much as a study report reveals that overdose of vitamin A may also trigger hair loss. 

  • Non-vegetarian Source: Eggs, cod liver oil.
  • Vegetarian Source: Spinach, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, milk, yogurt. 

4. Vitamin C And Vitamin E :

Free radicals can stop the growth of the hair. Vitamin C and vitamin E, the powerful antioxidants, protect us from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Apart from these vitamin C helps our body to absorb the iron that is another mineral to promote hair growth. So these two vitamins are essential for your hair to grow fast.

  •  Source Of Vitamin C: Broccoli, guava, strawberry, Indian gooseberry, peppers, citrus fruits like lemon.
  • Source Of Vitamin E: Spinach, avocados, almond, sunflower seeds.

5. Biotin And Other B-Vitamins :

Biotin is an essential B-vitamin that promotes faster hair growth. A study shows that deficiency of biotin may lead to hair loss. Other b-vitamins create red blood corpuscles that carry oxygen to your scalp and thus promote the growth of hair.

  • Source of B-vitamins: Eggs, nuts, meat, salmon, avocados, seafood.

6. Omega 3 Fatty Acids :

Omega 3 fatty acids are good fat that keeps your scalp healthy and increases the growth of hair cells. Therefore, if you are not consuming a sufficient amount of omega 3 fatty acids then add the following foods for the faster growth of your hair,

  • Non-vegetarian Source: Fatti fish, sardines, salmon.
  • Vegetarian Source: Walnut, flaxseed, almond.

7. Stay Hydrated :

Never keep yourself thirsty. If your body becomes dehydrated then it may make your hair dry and brittle. And such a condition is not ideal for hair growth. So always drink 3 to 4 liters of water every day.  

# Change Hair-Care Habits :

1. Do Not Wash Your Hair Regularly :

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If you are used to washing your hair daily with shampoo then you are actually washing out the natural oil from your scalp that keeps your hair healthy. Therefore your hair may become dry and brittle. So when you’re thinking of how to grow hair faster than usual, then you should not use shampoo regularly. It is recommended to use shampoo twice a week. 

2. Avoid Brushing Your Wet Hair : 

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The biggest mistake that most men make is combing their hair just after washing it. Wet hair breaks easier than dry hair. So when you are aiming to grow your hair faster than usual, you can not afford breakage. So brush your hair with a wide-tooth comb or a boar bristle brush when your hair is dry.

3. Avoid Heat Styling Tools & Harsh Hair Treatments : 

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Do you often use heat styling tools like hot rollers, flat irons or curling irons? Or are you habituated with drying your hair with a hairdryer? Then these heat styling tools slow down the growth of your hair by damaging the hair shaft. Harsh hair treatments that include bleaching, dyeing, chemically straightening of hair also weakens the hair shaft and causes hair loss. So always try to avoid these heat styling tools and harsh hair treatments so that your hair can grow out naturally and fast. 

4. Protect Your Hair From Pollutants & Chemicals :

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Pollutants, direct sunlight, and even chlorine used in pool water can damage your hair and slow down its growth drastically. 

  • Always wear a cap when you are going outside to protect your hair from direct sunlight and pollutants. 
  • Use a shower cap whenever you wish to swim in a pool so that the chlorine can not come in contact with your hair. 

# Quit Smoking :

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Do you smoke daily? If yes then this habit affects your overall health. Your hair is no exception. Smoking reduces the circulation of blood. Hence sufficient amounts of essential nutrients and oxygen can not be carried to your scalp and follicles that slow down the growth of your hair. 

Bottom Line:

The process of the growth of hair takes a longer time. In a few men, the growth rate of hair is even slower than usual. Most of the factors like genes, diseases, and a lot more is out of our control. But it does not mean that the growth rate of your hair can not be speeded up. The best thing you can do is keep your hair and scalp healthy by providing your body nutritious foods, enough water.  A healthy environment helps you to make your hair grow faster. 

A damaged hair and scalp need some time to become healthy to grow fast. So there can not be any probable solution to the question of how to grow hair faster naturally in a week. Always keep patience. It may take a few weeks to reveal the desired growth rate of your hair. We hope that through this article we can provide you a satisfying answer to your question of how to grow hair faster than usual. If you like this article, share it. Stay tuned for more such articles.



Disclaimer: This article does not represent the views and opinions of medical professionals. It is solely based on research and reference by the author. It does not offer any medical suggestions or advice.

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