How Gentlemen Should Wear Casuals In Any Occasion

Earlier days it was believed that a gentleman is someone who is born into a wealthy family and doesn’t require to search for status. Whereas as time passed by the true meaning of gentleman changed massively. It was later on defined as any man who creates his own destiny and as a sign of hard work and prosperity.

Being a gentleman in the current time doesn’t necessarily indicate higher status or wealth. Rather it means the morals and values that a man inculcates in his daily way of life. It does not specifically signify superiority but a person who is calm yet headstrong can and be called a gentleman.

Yet what makes a man a true gentleman? Let’s see,

Who Is A Gentleman?

  • He is a giver, not a taker: One of the prime qualities that are expected in a gentleman would be that he does not shy away from giving. The concept of giving is very narrowed to what people think as to just charity. A true gentleman will be a giver in all aspects. Be it financially, emotionally or just any other way a true gentleman won’t hesitate to share his resources with the ones who need it the most. Even the littlest giving is also considered to be an act of a gentleman.
  • Positive approach towards life: One of the primary traits of a true gentleman would be that he remains positive even in the worst conditions. It is considered to be one of the best qualities that can be found in a man and only a true gentleman can be true to this attribute. Having a positive approach towards life will also have a positive impact on the lives of the people around thus causing a better environment. Not specifically just in certain sectors but a true gentleman is positive throughout all the phases of his life.
  • Humility: Another extremely important feature that is almost a mandatory thing that exists in a true gentleman is humility. A humble person does not sure way from accepting his faults and working for them. He is a lifelong learner who does not hesitate to admit where he has gone wrong or where he doesn’t know the true fact. Humility is an extremely important attribute that is present in a true gentleman and it isn’t something that fades away with time. It remains so irrespective of the amount of fame or financial stability they get in life.
  • Well mannered: It is almost too obvious for a gentleman to have this quality within himself. He will always be well mannered irrespective of the age of the people in front of him. A true gentleman will treat everyone with the utmost respect that they deserve without discriminating names on the basis of race, religion, status, culture or age. He will remain calm even at heated moments thus uplifting his character in the true sense.

Therefore a man who possesses such great attributes as his basic characteristics should style himself differently from that of the others in order to enhance his personality. Casuals might sound very casual but this specific genre of fashion is the most commonly worn clothing in the day to day life and therefore needs the utmost attention. Here is your guide as to how gentlemen should wear casuals.

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7 Ways On How Gentlemen Should Wear Casuals In Any Occasion :

1. Blazers :


One of the most underrated casual clothing items that need to be on your wardrobe if you want to style the chic look without having to put much of an effort yet pull out the entire attire in the proper way is with a blazer. Blazer is generally made up of fabric that is suitable for almost all types of weather conditions and therefore the uses of this clothing item are not restricted only to winter itself.

Therefore absolutely no reason as to why you shouldn’t be sporting this amazing casual that does the trick of making you look outstanding. It is one of the must-haves for anyone who’s looking out to find ways of how gentlemen should wear casuals.

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2. Trousers :


This old school casual wear has never gotten out of style due to the fact that it does not compromise on the comfort level. Trousers are mostly treated as formal pants and therefore most men of the current generation do not understand how effortlessly stylish it looks to where these bands with a perfectly fitted shirt.

They are absolutely perfect fit that provides the utmost comfort while you do not have to think about the fashion concept. Most people prefer tailoring the trousers accordingly yet with the current hike of the number of buyers of trousers it is always an option you can get ready-made.

3. Chinos :


Another pant that is for everyone who is trying to understand how gentlemen should wear casual without having to have a high budget or personal fashion police is chinos. They are mostly unicolor in pastels or subtle shade of yellow which makes it look chic and effortless. Though the do the work of being casual as well as fashionable it is extremely important to style your chino with perfect accessories and shirt.

4. Turtleneck :


The forever mark on the guide of how gentlemen should wear casuals that have been constant is the turtleneck. Though most people assume it to be winter wear yet with more fashion options coming into consideration, the turtleneck is now available in various fabric options which makes it possible for you to style it in any season. A light-colored turtleneck with a pair of jeans will do the ideal work of making you look casual as well as polite

5. Shirts :


Although it is mostly believed that this category of clothing comes mostly under the formal wing of fashion yet it is time to break the taboo and utilize this clothing item in the true sense. Shirts at the most effortless clothing option that you can choose in order to look casual chic as well as comfy. Pairing up a light-colored shirt with a pair of trousers and a light blazer early winter evening will make you look astounding amongst the crowd of normal people.

6. Jackets :


Another clothing item that is extremely underrated as ideal casual wear for gentleman is jackets. They are absolutely the perfect combination to try on with a perfectly fitted short and loosely fitted chino. Styling this casual wear with a black jacket that loosely fits will make it look as casual as it can be without compromising on any other factor.

7. Footwear :


With casual clothing, most people don’t understand that footwear is an important thing that cannot be missed under any circumstances. Pair of casual boots sneakers that color combines with your outfit is the easiest way to full of that casual wear very easily.

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