How To Drink Alcohol Without Getting A Hangover

If you ever had a question “How to drink alcohol without getting a hangover?” you’ve landed at the perfect place. Well, we all have experienced that severe headache & dry mouth after a heck of a party last night, and the next morning we have said: “I am not drinking ever again!”. Funnily, that ‘ever again’ lasts only for a few weeks and we are back to square one.


People who love to drink indeed don’t love hangover at all. And most of us think hangover is just a bi-product of it to deal with. No, it’s not.

One can drink & party hard at the same time avoid any kind of hangover the next morning. In this article, we will understand the ninja techniques of How to drink alcohol without getting a hangover!

What Are The Symptoms Of Hangover?


A hangover is not just a terrible headache you get in the morning. It is also followed by nausea, the super dried up mouth, the feeling of being sleep deprived, stomach upset, fatigue, lethargy, drowsiness, dizziness and so on.

Technically, all of the symptoms happen for a definite reason and you will get to know them in detail in the very next part of this article.

To sum it up, the symptoms of a hangover are:

  • Terrible headache
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Stomach upset
  • Discomfort in the whole body
  • Discomfort in the stomach
  • Anxiety
  • Dry mouth
  • Tiredness
  • Lethargy
  • Body ache
  • Fatigue
  • Drowsiness

These are the symptoms of a hangover. Now, once you know about the symptoms and you are sure enough about what you had is pretty much a hangover, let’s understand what hangover is, actually. There’s a whole lot of science and chemistry behind it. But we won’t bore you with bland scientific procedures. Indeed, you will get to understand it in a very fun way. – Source

What Is Hangover?

Before we understand how to drink alcohol without getting a hangover, we must understand what is a hangover. Well, you all know the symptoms of hangover which is terrible headache making you quit every other work, your mouth starts to feel like a desert, you feel sleep deprived though you have slept for long, you get indigestion problems, and last but not the least, you swear to never drink again. But these are all the identification of a hangover, let’s find out what exactly it is below.

Let’s start with the basics. Whatever you eat or ingest goes to your stomach, and the food & liquid breaks down into small particles with the help of enzymes.

Here’s an additional fact- 80% of this process happens in your mouth itself. Our saliva is filled with enzymes that cause the digestion of food & liquid. That is why we are asked to chew the food well so that the food breaks down and the enzymes in saliva can get mixed and digest it.

After the food and liquid break down into small pieces, it enters our liver to do sort of a quality check. The liver acts like a filter here which allows the good content of food to enter our bloodstream so that the nutrition reaches all across the body. And the liver also excretes the toxic content from the body, helping it to maintain cleanliness. That is why the liver is one of the most important organs in the body.

Now just like food, alcohol also gets to the stomach when you drink it, and then it goes to the liver to enter the bloodstream. Well, after entering the bloodstream, it’s all when the fun begins and all the laughter starts to crackle. But at the same time, another important procedure takes place which causes you the hangover, also known as veisalgia. (The scientific name of a hangover!)

The first symptom of a hangover is you feel dehydrated. Why so? Well, alcohol causes the pituitary gland to stop producing Vasopressin. Now, what’s that?

Vasopressin is an antidiuretic hormone. An antidiuretic hormone is responsible for you to hold back your pee. When there is no antidiuretic hormone present in the body, very naturally your body starts to dehydrate and excrete most of the fluids.

If you intake 250ml of alcohol then your body will flush out almost 800ml to 1L of water out, through urine. The ratio is 1:4, which is nowhere close to good, and we will discuss how to prevent it in the latter part of this article.

Not only water, but your body also flush out important elements like Sodium, Potassium. Which creates a shortfall of the nutrients.

Okay, so there’s a shortage of water in your body so your mouth feels dried up like Sahara desert. At the same time, during the shortage of water your body kind of tries to get water from the brain, which causes it to shrink.

Yes, literally shrink. When it shrinks because of the water shortfall in the body, it pulls in the adjacent area of our skull too, the area which helps the brain to be glued. So the pain you feel in your head is physical pain, causing because of the shrink.

Not only the water, but your body also flushes out glucose – an extremely important element to coordinate between your brain and other muscles. That is why you lose control over your legs & hands. And the fatigue during the hangover is also a byproduct of the same.

When ethanol (Scientific name of Alcohol) enters the liver, it also goes through a break-down process. Ethanol breaks down in the liver and becomes Acetaldehyde. Which again gets broken down to acetate with the help of a compound named Glutathione. Acetate can easily be excreted from the body. So what’s the fuss about?

Till a couple of drinks, this is the normal process. But our body has limited Glutathione. This means after a certain point the Acetaldehyde in the liver is unable to be broken down to acetate which can be easily excreted. So, for the lack of Glutathione Acetaldehyde starts to meet the bloodstreams and circulate in the whole body.

What is all the fuss about this Acetaldehyde? It is 20x toxic than the alcohol itself, which single headedly causes terrible headaches & nausea.

So, till the time your liver is working so hard to produce extra Glutathione, the acetaldehyde is roaming around the body & making you feel like a less-functioning human being.

Fun fact: The alcoholics are given a drug that stops the conversation of Acetaldehyde to Acetate so that they can feel the pain of hangover more severely and quit drinking.

Alright, there’s more. Alcohol causes the production of hydrochloric acid in your stomach. Which eventually makes the cell of your body uncomfortable enough, and eventually you throw up. So, another point from where nausea occurs.

The Congeners (impurities) of ethanol also affect your body adversely. – Source

So altogether, that is exactly what happens behind your terrible headache, nausea, fatigue & dehydrated body. You get the fatigue, get discomfort while sleeping and it can last up to a day or two. Now, when you have a clear & vivid picture of a hangover, let’s move further on the topic of ‘How to drink alcohol without getting a hangover?’

15 Smart Ways To Drink Alcohol Without Getting A Hangover!

Finally, we reach the part in the article which gives you happiness & hope. Before we start with the hacks, please understand everybody has a limit and every person should respect that. If you can drink responsibly, it will all be chilled out. If not, that’s where the mess begins. How to drink alcohol without getting a hangover? Here you go.

1. Eat Before You Drink :


Yes, it’s true, you need to line up your stomach before you go for booze. Eating a healthy meal before you start drinking is extremely beneficial. Guess why? It slows down the metabolism. When you choose the burger over a plate of salad, you take the most important step to avoid a hangover the next day.

When you eat heavy (It’s suggested to have meat, but if a vegan, then make sure to have protein & carbs), your metabolism concentrates more on breaking the food than breaking the alcohol. So technically, there’s more time to produce more Glutathione. And you understand the rest.

2. Sip Clean Water Every Now & Then :


You already know, dehydration takes a huge part in your hangovers. So, why not have a sip of clean water every now and then? Yes, sip, don’t drink a liter of it, it won’t do any good. While you keep on sipping clean water every now & then, your body is able to balance out the dehydration.

3. Go For A Virgin Mojito :


It will eventually make you and your stomach feel much better. Go for the Virgin Mojito after a couple of drinks. Also, you can go for Gatorade, it will effectively balance out the nutrients of your body which gets flushed out. Coconut water will also do hell lot of good to your body. Also, have all the drinks iced & chilled.

4. Don’t Mix It With Aerated Drinks :


If you are planning to drink alcohol without getting a hangover then, coldwater & ice is something you must have with your drinks. But not aerated drinks & sodas. Firstly because it has Carbon dioxide, which eventually does no good for your body. Secondly, it has sugar content which affects adversely with alcohol. So do not mix your drink with aerated drinks.

5. Don’t Mix Up :


If you are having a beer, have a beer. If you are having whiskey, have it. If you are having gin, it’s good too. But do not try to mix & match the drinks. We know, it is the easiest getaway to get drunk quicker. But it also solely responsible for your stomach go for a spin and you puke.

If you want to try to put out the different alcohols, go on. But not altogether. Give each type a 30 minutes break. So that your stomach doesn’t roll upon them.

6. Don’t Mix Energy Drinks :


That Redbull infused drink is not doing any good to you. Have the Redbull separately, and then go for your booze. Otherwise soon you will need to rush to the washroom to throw up. At the same time, Gatorade is fine since it is filled with electrolytes which balance outs the odds.

7. Take An Antacid :


Taking an antacid before you head out to booze is a great deal. As you know, Alcohol causes hydrochloric acid pump up in your stomach which anyway causes you nausea and indigestion. So taking an antacid beforehand will battle out the odds of acidity in the stomach.

Counter antacids like Pan-D work fine. Also, grab a Banana, it is a natural antacid that will prevent the symptoms.

8. Kill The Nausea With Ginger :


Having nausea while boozing is common. But you can easily kill nausea with Ginger and Green Elaichi. Also, Cardamom has natural anti-nausea elements. When you feel nausea, chew a Ginger or Cardamom along with Elaichi will magically disappear your nausea.

9. Another Reason To Have A Banana :


Banana is filled with potassium and while your body dehydrates when you booze, your body also flushes out potassium, salt, and glucose. Having the right balance of potassium in your body is extremely important, and an imbalance of sodium-potassium may lead to a psychologically imbalanced brain. Grab a banana or two before you head out to booze, or having a fruit salad stuffed with Banana will work fine as well.

10. Splurge :


Yes, for health’s sake, splurge on your alcohol. Don’t go for the cheaper ones. Cheaper the alcohol, more dangerous it is for your body. Will you anyway want to pay less for some drinks and huge for the doctors? So splurge at the right place to get all the right fun you deserve.

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11. Congeners :


Congeners are the elements that are available in the alcohol. Darker the alcohol, more congeners are there. Basically Congeners are impurities, and one should avoid darker drinks like Bourbon. At least, drink in the limit if not avoid.

12. Have Solid Side Dishes, Avoid Fried Stuffs :


We all go for fried side dishes while drinking and that is doing bad to our hangovers. Although it is very important to have solid side dishes while boozing, but you must avoid fried stuff. It will enhance the hydrochloric acid to mess with the cells.

13. Don’t Smoke :


Smoking while drinking seems cool? Yes, it does. Your body takes it cool? No. In a survey, it is proven that, people who smoke and drink together get even severe headaches than people who only drink, without smoking. Also, smoking is way more injurious to health than drinking, so why mixing them both anyway?

14. Have A Pain Reliever :


Having a counter pain reliever is a good decision. So you can take good pain reliever medicines before going off to sleep. It will keep the headache in control and will let your body sleep at peace. So, the next morning you don’t feel sleep-deprived.

15. Have Water, But Don’t Overdo It :


Yes, a hangover happens due to dehydration. But anything in excess doesn’t do any good. The best possible way is to sip water in every interval. And have a glass full of water or two before heading off to sleep. Keep a glass ready for the morning.

Excessive water intake would cause you to pee so many times which will disrupt your sleep. Also, will create discomfort in your body. – Source

These were the fifteen hacks on how to drink alcohol without getting a hangover. Now let’s check the remedies when you have got one anyhow.

8 Best Ways To Naturally Cure A Hangover :

You wake up in the morning and feel the terrible headache tearing your head apart, you still feel dizzy and your mouth all dried up. What are the best remedies for a hangover?

1. Hydrate :


Your body excretes water because of alcohol. So when you wake up the next morning, your mouth feels all dried up, so does your body. Have a glass full of water after waking up. Give it some break, then have another glass too, if required. Also, a bottle of Gatorade will do wonder.

2. Have Fruits :


Fruits will energize your body and kill the fatigue. Have extra dozes of your multivitamins. You can also have natural supplements. But the best part is to have fruit juice.

A glass full of pomegranate juice will fill your body up with the needful antioxidants. You will cope up much better after a glass of pomegranate juice. Also, having bananas are always good. Have natural antioxidants, carbs, and potassium.

Take 5 cups full of distilled water, a little salt and 5 spoons of sugar. Stir it well. Then have a half cup of orange juice and 1/4th cup of mashed banana. Mix all of them well. Once mixed, sip it through the whole day and keep it in a cool dry place. It helps your body to cope up well.

3. Eat Ginger :


Nausea you have is because of many reasons. But having ginger, cardamom or Elaichi will eventually make you feel better about your nausea. Also, your mouth stinks the next day so having these three will keep your mouth refreshed.

4. Have Eggs :


Having eggs in the morning is a favor you will do to your body. Eggs contain cysteine. Which helps to fight the acetaldehyde (the toxin which causes the headache of a hangover) and breaks it down. Also, a good amount of protein intake will do good only.

Have a plain poach or omelet, but best if you can have it boiled or half boiled.

5. Don’t Have Coffee Or Herbal Tea :


Most of us have a go-to drink when having a headache, that is coffee. But don’t have coffee the next morning after boozing. Coffee is also a diuretic, so having coffee will flush out the water through urine. It’s a bad idea to have coffee.

Herbal teas, on the other hand, influence your body to process alcohol even slower. So your hangover stays extra long. So avoid these two.

6. Have Sprite :


Sprite helps your body digest alcohol in a faster way (Just opposite to herbal teas) so after waking up, have a meal and then have a sprite. It will speed up the metabolism of alcohol.

7. Have An Anti-inflammatory :


An anti-inflammatory drug will help you to reduce the inflammation in the body. Mostly the hangover is caused because of inflammation inside. So have ibuprofen or whatever the medicine you take while having a hangover.

8. Sleep It Off :


Have a meal, give your body the nutrition it needs, then try to sleep it off. Most of the hangovers vanish when you sleep them off. But remember, to not over-sleep. – Source

These were the eight remedies for hangover. If you ever had a question about how to drink alcohol without getting a hangover, high chances you have got your answers. But here’s to summarise for you:-

DO’S & DON’T’S While Having A Hangover :

DO’s :

  • Sleep: When you sleep, your body gets the proper rest it needs. Sleeping it off is always a good option to cure your hangover.
  • Have eggs: Already discussed, eggs will help you to fight the toxin which causes the headache. So having eggs is always a must.
  • Have a Gatorade: Your body is dehydrated, it’s the best solution to fill your body up with electrolytes. Drink loads of water, fruit juice and so on.
  • Have multivitamins: Having multivitamin is also a great option to reduce the hangover. It will help your body to act better.
  • Sweat it off: This is a golden hack. When you exercise, your body will have greater metabolism which will eventually break the alcohol and it will come out as sweat from the pores. Of course, you will smell like whiskey. But soon your hangover will be gone. Do some running or cardio, avoid crunches if your stomach is upset.


  • Go for another drink: The whole hair of the dog that bit your theory doesn’t work on all. In fact, it doesn’t work in most cases. The scenario just gets worse. Have a glass of fruit juice instead.
  • Eat full stomach: You need to eat. Not overeat. Have the required food, but don’t tend to upset your stomach while having a hangover.

So you finally have all the answers related to how to drink alcohol without getting a hangover. But most importantly, again, drink responsibly. Don’t go for that extra peg only because your colleagues or friends are going for it. Know your limits. Embrace your body. And of course, have fun to the fullest. So here’s to a full stop to your ‘I am not drinking ever again!’

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