How Coronavirus Is Affecting Our Lifestyle, Economy, And Everything Else; The Good & The Ugly

The current Coronavirus Pandemic has caused the world to shut down, and it is not at all a secret. Everybody knows that the entire world is going through a crisis. There are no places to bury the dead bodies in Italy, the US is getting affected, China is trying hard to recover, India too is affected badly. The Netherlands has a 99% death to recovery ratio, which is worst. In such a time, all we need some hope.

So here, we will discuss the effect of Coronavirus in our lifestyle, economy and other places. We will discuss how exactly COVID-19 is affecting us in our lives. The good, bad and the ugly.

Things You Need To Know About Coronavirus Or Covid-19?


We will not give you any information which is not confirmed, as this is definitely not WhatsApp fake forward chain. However, Coronavirus is believed to be originated from China. The actual event of the source is still unknown. Few are saying it is from a bat soup and few are saying it is bio-chemical practice. Only time will reveal.

But what we say being confirmed is, COVID-19 is not airborne and the fatality rate is getting really high on the graphs. It has similar symptoms like pneumonia. The symptoms are dry cough, sneezing, high fever, difficulty in breathing, body ache, fatigue, dryness in the mouth and a few more. In case one has more than 3 symptoms, he or she can be infected.

Also, another important thing to know, it is believed by some scientists that the virus can not be alive for more than 12 hours. Also, it sometimes takes up to 14 days to show the symptoms in the body of the carrier, So why the worldwide lockdown? To break the chain of the virus. Since it is transmitted directly from a human to another human, if people stay home for a period of time, automatically the chain of the virus being spread will be ended, so a nation can combat the next phases easily.

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Q. Why Do You Need A Mask?


Everyone does not need a mask. Only the person who is affected by the COVID-19 or Coronavirus should wear a mask to safeguard others. Only the person taking care of an infected patient should wear a mask. In order to combat the Coronavirus, every doctor and medical workers who are exposed to this vulnerable situation should wear a mask. And in case you need to go outside, you can wear a mask in order to prevent the attack of this virus since you don’t know the probability of someone on the road being affected.

No other person needs to wear a mask. N-95 is the most efficient mask, but normal masks also will safeguard you to some extent depending upon the micron size of the material.

Q. Why Do You Need A Sanitizer?


You don’t. You need to wash your hands with soap, or any disinfecting solution. It can be Dettol as well. Sanitizers are easy to carry and easy to use as you don’t need water. The 70% Isopropyl alcohol kills the germ faster. But since there’s lockdown and you are supposed to stay home, liquid soaps are enough. You don’t need a hand sanitizer. Stop buying them on black. However, you can make your own home sanitizer, it’s very easy.

There were the basic things to cover before we start discussing how Coronavirus has affected our lifestyle, economy and other places. Everything has some black side to it and some white side to it. We know the black side and it is devastating. So in this article, to get some hope and cheer up a little, we will focus on the white/good sides of these Coronavirus effects.

How Coronavirus Is Affecting Our Lifestyle?

Coronavirus is massively impacting our lifestyles. You are experiencing the first-ever lockdown declared by govt. You are saying home and can not go out to meet your friends. The airports are shut, trains and public transports are shut too. Only the places where you buy essential goods are open, that too for a time period. At such a moment, we will try to focus on the good sides or good effects of Coronavirus in our lifestyles.

1. People Are Spending More Time With Family


For the matter of the fact, the first good thing about Coronavirus is people who are locked down at home, and who are lucky and privileged enough to live with their family can spend time with their family.

The doctors and health workers, also the front line workers of our nation like sweepers, govt. workers, essential food manufacturers are still fighting and working on the ground so that we can stay safe, there are not many problems in the quarantine period, and the nation gets over with this pandemic really soon.

So the people who are with their family and who had always complained about how life was sucking their blood and they were unable to spend some time with family, here they are. They can spend almost a month with their family.

The Coronavirus is already taking a toll on the minds but with the family around, one can always find the courage and hope to fight it. Spending time with your family has become a luxury in today’s time, and Coronavirus is giving you that luxury. Embrace it, enjoy it. Once we win over this pandemic (which is soon!), you will be back to your normal life, working hard.

2. ‘Work From Home’ Culture Is Being Adopted Worldwide


If you think of the positive sides of Coronavirus in 2020, it is causing the lockdown. The lockdown is the boon in the shape of the curse. As there is a massive lockdown, and the work can not stop, the MNCs’ and most of the companies are adopting the culture of ‘Work From Home’. Work from Home is the way of working in the future.

If you have tour gadgets (Laptop, tablet, smartphone) and an internet connection, what else do you need to work? Most of the huge companies used to follow the work of the home method of working for long. What is the need for commuting to the office and commuting back from the office every day to work, if you can work from right where you are?

After this pandemic gets over once the companies evaluate that there’s not much difference in the working pattern due to ‘work from home’, in fact, there are better results as the employees are working on a lighter and happier mood, most of the companies will try to adapt the work from home culture.

It is beneficial for our future as an advance world. Also, it is extremely beneficial for the economy. It saves time for commuting and enhances concentration. Also, there’s a possibility of 24*7 working, which is not recommended at all. But in case of emergency, that is an option too.

3. Hygiene Is Being Normalised


Loads of people who did not give importance to hygiene are in the daily practice of maintaining proper hygiene at home. It was an extremely important thing to happens. This is another boon in the shape of a curse due to COVID-19.

Hygiene is extremely important and it is a lifestyle choice. It is not just a tool to defeat Coronavirus, it is a tool for a lifetime to maintain good health.

Also, clothes are being washed on a regular basis to maintain proper hygiene. People are not eating anything without washing their hands. Also, people are trying to stay as clean as possible. Unknowingly, the people are infusing it in their nature.

All the people are being educated about the importance of maintaining self-hygiene is definitely one of the best things happening due to Coronavirus. Sneezing in the elbow, washing hands frequently is becoming the lifestyle choice.

4. Indian Values Like Namaste Are Being Considered The Best Way Of Greeting


Greeting someone with a handshake was in vogue till now. But currently, the Coronavirus or COVID-19 has done another great thing for India and that is establishing its values on a global level. India and its roots have always been futuristic. The Namastey was the ancient way of greeting people in our country, and recently after the outbreak, it’s been adopted by the entire world. As it is contactless in nature as well as it shows optimum respect to the person you are greeting.

Indian values being established on a global level is always a reason to cheer about.

5. People Are Being Helpful


In India, people were always helpful. But whenever we face some difficulty as a nation, abode the caste and creed we became one. And Coronavirus is no exception to it. People are staying by each other like a pillar of support. Of course, they are maintaining physical distance, but increasing emotional bonds. What else can be better.

How Coronavirus Is Affecting Our Economy?


Okay, the economy has been affected very, very badly. We must discuss the bad sides of the economy due to Coronavirus or COVID-19, but once we are done, we will also talk about the good sides of the economy due to Coronavirus. As we said everything has a good side and a bad side, so does it. On a brighter note, for the first time in history, the financial year has been extended and postponed till 30th April 2020 from 31st March 2020 due to the Coronavirus outbreak and lockdown.

1. Industries Which Have Taken A Toll

There are many industries which have taken a toll due to Coronavirus or COVID-19. We will discuss the top industries which are being affected due to Coronavirus. Anyway, as there is a worldwide shut down right now, most of the industries are on loss. Let’s have a look.

2. Industries Related To Travelling

There’s shutdown going on. So most of the airports are shut, only a few airlines are still working only to combat important situations. All the local trains and inter-state trains are not on the track. All the hotels are asked to remain shut and not entertain any new visitors. So all the places whose main source of earning was travelers and visitors are going from a big loss.

All the transport services are on a big loss. Transportation services like Metro, Uber, Ola, Auto rickshaw even are shut. As the govt. announced a complete lockdown, these industries are left with no life.

3. Normal Shops And Businesses

Any business and shop which are nor related to essential services and goods are being shut. So they too are going from a big loss. All the grocery stores and shops related to essential goods like dairy products are opened, but all the other shops and businesses are shut. So they are bearing a big loss this time.

4. Daily Wage Earners

All the people who are relied on ‘hand to mouth’ system of living where there are no savings, who survive their lives on daily wages are suffering the most. You might have some little amount of savings to rely on this one month, but they don’t have anything. So feel free to buy products from them whenever you can, even if you don’t need it. It will help them to run their family.

5. Stock Market Crashed

The US market had never seen such a crash after 2008. 2008 was the most pathetic crash in the US stock market which shook the entire world, but 2020 is worse. When the US stock market gets affected, the entire world gets affected by Wall Street. The Indian stock market too crashed. Shares of RELIANCE are going almost 30% down, which is never seen in history. As there’s a crunch in the liquidity, people are selling their shares asap. Such a stock market crash will be remembered forever in history.

Industries That Are Experiencing A Boom :


Okay, after we are done talking about all the bad sides of the industries, let’s talk about some positivity. Let’s talk about the industries which are doing good even during the lockdown in the world. There are so many industries that have done pretty well during these boom periods. We will talk about the cream of the lot and the best ones from India and the World.

1. OTT Platforms And YouTube

Over The Top platforms are at the boom. Since people are staying inside and experiencing the lockdown, they are automatically spending more and more time on the OTT platforms. There are results of contents being discovered and being viewed by millions all of a sudden on Netflix. ‘Contagion’ movie is such an example that talks about the pretty much same scenario the world is going from.

Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, Voot, HBO, BBC one, Alt Balaji, and so many more OTT service providers are totally gaining from the situation. The content industry is booming like crazy as there’s nothing much to do while sitting home during the lockdown, people are watching contents. So it is a great time for content.

One more platform which is booming is YouTube. The same way people are watching Netflix is watching YouTube too. All the digital news channels, all the digital websites are also soaring high profits due to the current pandemic.

2. Digital Platforms

Digital platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram are also having heavy traffic as people are spending more and more time on them while staying home. The video calls trend is at top of the chart as people are video-calling each other. So all the digital platforms are doing well.

3. E-commerce Websites And Food Delivery App

Since govt. want as less interaction as possible between people, e-commerce websites are taking initiative to make the delivery free at this moment of crisis. Stores like Big Bazar have opened calling numbers to inform the demand foods so that they can deliver.

The food delivery apps are actual saviors of this quarantine life. In fact, the online delivery of medicines is also very normal at this moment of crisis. Amazon, Flipkart, Grofers, Big Basket, Spencer are the industry.

4. Broadband/ Internet Service Provider

ISP and Broadband industry are also soaring. Since people are staying home, people are consuming more content. But through what? Internet. So Broadband connections are being rapidly recharged and taken by the people before the lockdown. Also, Telecom service providers are also booming as people are recharging their smartphones. The Internet is the way to the world, and without it their entire world is dark.

5. Healthcare Industry

Healthcare industries like diagnosis centers, hospitals, medicine shops are also making huge profits in this scenario. The story of sanitizers being blacked is not a secret anymore.  The same goes for the mask. People are experiencing to consume from the Healthcare Industry so High.

These were the basic industries which are still making some profit. And this is how Coronavirus has affected our lifestyles and industries. We hope and pray that the pandemic ends as soon as possible, and these are the data on which you can rely on forever.

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