How To Choose The Right Perfume To Attract A Woman

Got good looks and a great sense of style? Well, it’s not enough to attract a woman. Another most essential sense to attract a woman is with the smell. A woman can sense a man with his scent even at an unconscious level. When a man smells good, there’s nothing that can stop a woman from getting attracted to him. Not only is a good perfume helpful to bring her closer, but it also will keep you on her mind later on. An appealing fragrance from a man can have a seductive effect on women. Scent and sensuality are linked closely. Therefore it’s recommended to choose the right perfume to attract a woman and create a lasting impression. This attraction can build into sexual chemistry. Therefore while choosing a perfume for yourself, there is a range of factors one must keep in mind. But first, let’s start with what is perfume?


The History Of Perfume :



The perfumes have been used ever since the ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian times. The first perfumier was a chemist, a woman from the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia, who concocted the potions from distilled flowers, herbs, spices, essential oils, and other aromatic fragrances. The world’s oldest surviving vial of perfume was dated more than 4000 years ago. As the times have changed, perfumes for men have adopted the term ‘Cologne’ or ‘Eau de Cologne’ The difference between perfume and cologne was that cologne has 3-8%of aromatic compounds, whereas a perfume had 15-30 %. Which indicated that colognes were a less concentrated version of strong perfumes.


Classification Of Perfumes :



Most perfumes and colognes that are sold in stores are generally described based on their most dominating scents. It’s always recommended to try on perfume at least half an hour prior to getting to an event since it can smell strongly. Here are a few popular classifications of perfumes/colognes for men.


Traditional Scents :

Traditional Perfumes are generally dominated with a floral scent. That’s either from a single flower or a combination. An oriental scent perfume is sweeter and has a combination of vanilla and woods. Some popular scents for men to choose the right perfume to attract a woman are woody scents. Woody cologne’s are mostly sandalwood or cedar. A number of traditional colognes also include chypre, which includes moss and bergamot.


Modern Scents :

Next popular classification of scents is the modern scents. It has a more contemporary feel to it. These perfumes are mostly bright, and fresh. They smell like rainfall, vegetation, freshly cut grass, ocean scents etc. Among the modern scents are fruity flavors like peaches, pineapples, etc. And a dessert category that includes chocolate, and hazelnut flavors of scents.



Fragrance Classification :

The fragrances are classified into five common scent families as mentioned between the modern and traditional perfume. These fragrances are further categorized into numerous scents.


  1. Oriental: Incense amber, Oriental resins, Sandalwood
  2. Floral: Fresh-cut flowers, Orange blossom, Sweet spices, Powdery notes
  3. Woody: Oakmoss amber, Dry woods, Aromatic woods
  4. Fresh: Lavender, Citrus, Berries, Fruits, Ocean, Bergamot


The Magic Of Perfume :



When talking about how to choose the right perfume to attract a woman. First, let’s understand the power of perfume. Think about it, how many times have you been attracted to someone with their smell? Or missed their scent? Ever wonder why girls love to wear their boyfriend’s jumpers? That’s how powerful olfactory sense is. The fragrance lingers, one may leave a place but the scent lingers for a while later. Your perfume has the strength to evoke a positive vibe, within yourself and even to those around you. Especially around your lady, your fragrance can definitely trigger romance. You can even find her instantly aroused by your perfume. The perfume you wear has the ability to evoke personal and even sensual, emotional memories. Now that we have you convinced let’s move onto the part where you learn how to choose the right perfume to attract a woman


How To Pick The Right Fragrance that Appeals to Women :

Choosing the right perfume is essential. In some cases it depends on what the woman personally likes, she could be into musky notes or woody notes. However, let’s talk about the most popular perfumes scents that act as the number one attracting factor for a woman. Scent works very well for women since women have a stronger sense of smell as compared to a man. So if you are looking for a partner, then you should also consider choosing the right perfume to attract a woman that you like. Here’s everything you need to know


  • Pick A Warm Note Perfume :

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Women love warm scents from their man. It entices feelings of security and warmth. You can choose warm scents that have a spicy or amber, woodsy notes. These notes evoke strong, protective vibes. You can also excite her senses with something spicier like cinnamon and patchouli. Woodsy scents are perfect to create a rich fragrance, like leather, cedar, and oak mast.


  • Try To Wear Natural Perfume :


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A natural scent can mix with your bodily fragrance and create a nice musky mix. When it’s time to choose the right perfume to attract a woman. You must start with something that is more natural like almond, licorice or peppermint. These scents are known to arise sexual desires in women. It can also increase the sex drive. The subtle notes can be very exciting!


  • Pick A Perfume With A Hint Of Musk :


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Musky scents are your go-to scents when you choose the right perfume to attract a woman. But be careful, as musky scents can be strong, and must be applied in limitation. Don’t go overboard and keep it light. Musky scents are often linked to an attraction. Therefore, if you pick a perfume with musk undertones, you can surely attract the woman you like!


How To Apply Perfume The Right Way :

Next on our guide to choose the right perfume to attract a woman, is how to apply cologne or perfume. You can’t just spray on as you do with your regular deodorant. A perfume or cologne is much stronger and needs to be done right to avoid dominating your own bodily scent. First, start by washing your body, and hydrate your skin with some moisturizing lotion. When your skin is fresh, exfoliated and hydrated, it can hold on to the fragrance of the perfume even better. If you use your perfume dirty, the fragrance will smell dirty too. So keep that in mind! Here’s your step by step guide!


  • Apply Perfume Right After You Take A Bath :



Take a nice shower, and cleanse yourself thoroughly. Then immediately after you wipe off your skin, apply the fragrance to your damp skin. This will ensure that the fragrance is absorbed by the skin and stays for longer! Avoid applying the perfume when you are sweaty, or right out of the gym, the sweat can make the perfume evaporate faster.


  • Use An Unscented Lotion Or Shower Gel :



Even the lotion you use can carry fragrance. So it’s best to opt for an unscented lotion. This way you can ensure that the fragrances don’t clash. You can always make sure to pick a lotion from the same musky scents to complement the smell. But if you are only beginning, it’s recommended to use only unscented lotions or shower gels.


  • Apply Perfume To The Right Points :



Use it on the right spots. Men these days, just spray the perfume all over their clothes. But that will not help you one bit! Apply perfume onto your skin, and to certain areas. These certain areas can intensify the fragrance. Some of these places are, back of your knees, behind your ears, on your wrists and your neck. Applying to the warmest parts can help retain the scent for longer.


  • Don’t Overdo Or Rub Your Perfume :



People have the misconception, to rub in the perfume. Rubbing can activate the top notes of the perfume to fast and make it evaporate too quickly. You need to let the perfume settle and absorb in the skin naturally! Finally, don’t overdo it. If you do it can only mess up your whole fragrance game.  Keep it subtle and it will seem more natural and attractive.


That’s everything you need to know about attracting someone with a fragrance. Always check your perfume before wearing it in public, and keep these things in mind while you choose the right perfume to attract a woman. Women love musky men’s perfumes and if she can smell her favorite scents her man, then there’s not a better turn on than that! Now that you know everything about perfume and how to apply it. Then go on and invest in a good cologne or perfume and entice your woman with it!


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