How Bollywood Is Spending Time; During Coronavirus Scare

The Outbreak of CoronaVirus is currently the most talked about in the world indefinitely.  The Virus has affected over 226,000 people, with deaths over 9,000. In India, there have been reportedly 197 cases, with around 4 reported deaths (last updated on March 19, 2020). To avoid the virus spreading further, many workplaces have shut down or employees are currently operating from their homes in self-quarantine. It’s safe to say the world is in a temporary lockdown to avoid further spreading of this virus.


While most people are currently working from home as we speak, even most of our celebrities have taken a break from work to relax and rewind at home! The productions have halted, and film theatres shut, Bollywood is now influencing their millions of fans on how they are spending time in Self-quarantine during this Coronavirus scare! These celebs are positively influencing their fans, the importance of social distancing at the moment. From MS Dhoni to Arjun Kapoor, here’s how these celebs are trying to be productive during the home quarantine.

Vicky Kaushal :

During self Quarantine, Vicky Kaushal shows us how he is spending time. He is not letting the gyms shutting down factors affect his fitness & health. In this post, he is showing how he is prepping for home workouts. The industry knows Vicky’s fitness, and now he is motivating his fans to avoid hitting the gyms, and rather practice workouts at home! Because fitness is not restricted to the gym, and all you need is the right gear and you are good to go even during the coronavirus outbreak!

Akshay Kumar :

Being one of the most paid celebrities means that Akshay Kumar has films nonstop and is always working around the clock to promote his films. But during Coronavirus scare even he has taken time from his movies to instead be at home in self-quarantine. He shows us how we can disconnect and connect with our families during this period. The actor is seen spending quality time with his family and relaxing in their home. 

Varun Dhawan :

During the coronavirus outbreak, some stars can be seen interacting more with their fans! Varun Dhawan is going live often to keep his fans posted about what he is doing. He is one of the celebs to take to his social media to convey to his fans that the best practice right now is to stay at home. Apart from going live on Instagram, Varun also took up questions from his fans and interacted with them to provide some good entertainment.

Arjun Kapoor : 

Next celebrity on our list who has been home quarantined ever since the Coronavirus outbreak is Arjun Kapoor. Like a typical millennial Arjun Kapoor has been watching an array of movies on BlueRay in his home theatre! He is making the most of his free time, relaxing, and chilling like a boss! He has even taken to his stories too, talking about his workouts and more. 

Saif Ali Khan :

Next on our list is our Nawab Saif Ali Khan. Though he is not on Social media himself, Kareena has shared a post of how they are both spending time during Home Quarantine. It is evident that Saif loves reading books. And he is encouraging his fans to sit back at home and relax with a book. What better to do while at home than to read a book! 

Ayushmaan Khurana :

Lastly, Ayushmaan Khurana is yet another celeb in our list who has been spending time with his family in self-quarantine. During the coronavirus outbreak, a lot of people’s work has been affected. But these celebs tell us that there are many things you can do to be productive during this period. He shares on his social media a self-shot video as he recites poetry, and shares stories of his family painting at home. 

These are a few ways how Bollywood is encouraging their fans to do the right thing by staying at home at most times during the coronavirus outbreak. By staying in self-quarantine, there is so much one can do! From reading a book, exercising, creating various artworks and spending quality time with your loved ones. Now you know that your celebs are practicing self-quarantine to protect themselves and others from the spread of coronavirus. So do your bit and home-quarantine too. Social distancing is for the better good! 

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