How To Behave Like A Gentleman In 5 Simple Ways

How to behave like a gentleman? Probably one of the most important questions that we often think about. Being a gentleman requires a few basic steps to follow, and once you crack it, you are ready to rock! But, most importantly, you need to put some effort and make the habits to become one of them. Because you can’t expect to become a gentleman overnight. You have to earn it, right?


Being a Gentleman requires you to be understanding, evaluating and being the little matured one in the room. It might cost you some subtle hurts, but it’s all worth it to maintain the balance in the world. So let’s hear out the simple ways on how to behave like a gentleman.

How To Behave Like A Gentleman In 5 Simple Ways?

Here, we decode you the interesting codes of being a gentleman. Follow them, indulge the virtues, and strike the right balance in the world.

1. Be Presentable


The very initial and first step that you need to overcome in your journey of being a gentleman is to be presentable. The word presentable itself has various meanings, but in the case of being presentable, it represents to take care of oneself. You need to put yourself first and take proper care of yourself. That generally includes a lot of things, to begin with.

 The first and most important step to approach in order to be presentable is to take appropriate measures in self-hygiene. Yes, the term hygiene itself is very wide and encompasses a huge amount of things, but to start with it a couple of things can be done by you.

For example, taking a bath at regular intervals. Absolutely no one likes to be around a stinking man. The next thing that you need to do in order to take care of yourself hygiene is to rightly put your cologne, use proper hair and body products and of course wash your hands before coming out of the washroom. These are the first step towards self-hygiene.

The next step which comes henceforth is proper hygiene to be maintained while dressing up. Dressing up properly is one of the most important things to be done in order to promote and exercise self-hygiene.

 Wearing a fresh set of clothes that are properly and neatly kept is a sign that you take your health primarily as a priority. Do not accessories more than needed as that will clutter.

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Other basic steps but you can adapt as self-hygiene that will help you to be a gentleman include giving importance to little details like properly kept beard, neat and clean nails and definitely e healthy pair of teeth.

It is believed smile is the greatest weapon for humans. Hence taking care of it is one of the primary things that you need to abide by while trying to be a gentleman.

2. Pick Your Words Carefully (Tonality too!)


Although the majority of the people believe the characteristics of a gentleman lies amongst the features of the face very often while you speak things can get a little messed up. Therefore speaking properly is also an extremely important sign of being a gentleman.

The first step towards speaking properly in public is to use good and proper language. Most of the kids of the current generation believe that using cuss words can be regarded as cool. But in reality that is definitely not the case. A proper and well-groomed gentleman will always opt for using proper and sober language while talking over any street-side cuss words and slangs.

Another very important thing that you need to keep in mind in order to turn out to be a proper and well-groomed gentleman is to get to the habit of listening to others. Proper gentlemen will always hear about other people’s opinions and words rather than force anyone their own opinions and views.

The tonality of the way your speaking also holds great importance while you are doing it. The tone should always be light and sober so as to reflect respect for the other party and you can prove to be a gentleman.

There are absolutely very fewer people who like talking to people who just talk about themselves, therefore having conversation relating to yourself for praising yourself is a major no in your guide to be a good gentleman. The most final part about speaking in the perfect way is to put utmost attention towards the one who is speaking to you.

3. Know How To Behave!


Your behavior in public can speak volumes about your character and traits. Therefore the easiest way to behave like a gentleman is to behave properly in public. There are a couple of things which one followed can help you achieve to be the perfect gentleman especially in public.

The first one is to always hold the door. Anyone who says they do not prefer this is literally lying on the face, the majority of the people enjoy this courtesy especially shown by men which are a major trait for being a gentleman.

This fact gets all the more important when the other person is of the opposite gender. Yet irrespective of age time and gender it is always advisable to hold the door open in order to establish better public behavior.

Behaving amongst people in the proper tone and manner especially to strangers can showcase a lot more about your self than anything else. Hens behaving properly and soberly with people like domestic help, drivers, waiters or anyone else of the same genre deserves as much as respect as anyone else. Therefore be a man and show them the same amount of respect.

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4. How To Behave In A Relationship?


Here comes the most interesting part about being a gentleman. When a man is in a relationship, not in a hook-up, but a relationship! His partner tends to know him transparently. There’s no veil, and everything is transparent between him and his partner. Here, it becomes a little difficult to behave like a gentleman.

So, always be truthful. Always respect your partner even in the most heated arguments. Remember, the fight is not with her or him, but the fight is with the problems and issues you both are facing together.

Make your partner feel important with little gestures. Also, at the same time, give each other the required space. In such a way, you will start to behave like a gentleman even in the relationship.

Most importantly, do not take anything for granted. If your partner is doing something for you, always appreciate that instead of thinking “She is supposed to do that!”.

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Help her/him in the house chores. Make your partner some dinner or lunch when you get time. When you don’t get time, try to make some!

Hold the car’s and restaurant’s door for your partner. Remember little things, like what’s your partner’s favorite restaurant, what is her favorite dish and restaurants. These little things will matter a lot, and it successfully makes you are a gentleman in the relationship.

A relationship always makes out of two people, so put in all the efforts from your end and remember efforts never go into vain. It will always bring fruits at the right time.

5. How To Be A Gentleman At Work


Being a gentleman at work is very easy if you already follow the traits of the previous four points. Remember, however, dull your work is, it is still your work, so respect that. And work as hard as possible. From your twenties till your mid-thirties, you really need to slog your sweats off to enjoy a bright future ahead. So put in all the efforts. Don’t hesitate from doing the overtime, at the same time, understand to strike the right balance between your work life and personal life.

Never let your work life overshadow your personal life. Leave the mess at work outside your home, always.

Respect your boss, be it however you hate him. Respect your colleagues because they are the ones who can make your 8 hours worthwhile besides your work. Believe in teamwork. Believe in being humble. Humility will make you approachable, and once you are approachable, your half work is done of being a gentleman at work.

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Most importantly, never stop learning. Be broad-minded. Read books, listen to podcasts. Educate yourself every moment you get a chance.

These were the basic tips on how to behave like a gentleman and eventually become one. Being a gentleman is not that tough, you see. You just need to be a little more attentive towards life and be understanding.

It is very important to be a gentleman in today’s time, so all the best to you on becoming one, and striking the right balance in the world!

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