How To Become Peaceful From Inside In Simple Ways

What you seek, is seeking you..” This is a quote by one of the renowned writers, Rumi. It’s a tricky thing to stay peaceful, yes it is. How to become peaceful from inside? It takes a lot of elements of your life. It requires sacrifices too, without feeling even 0.1% sad about them. It requires love for peace. Most importantly, it requires the purpose of your life. It also requires your emotional quotient in your control, which is quite tough.


Let’s understand one thing very clearly, there’s not a single person who is 24×7 Happy & Peaceful. In fact, one can be peaceful but not happy. Happiness & peace are different. So there will be times, even the most peaceful & peace-loving person will be going through a storm within the mind.

Let’s unfold the secrets on how to become peaceful from inside.

What Is Inner Peace?


Basically, this is the only peace that matters. Nothing else does. Inner Peace is the calmness within your mind, even when you are going through the toughest circumstances in life.

Inner Peace can bring calmness, a mindful state of yours. It helps you to enjoy every essence of your life, to live it to the fullest.

Inner peace or peace of mind is when you can take decisions wisely when you have a broader perspective in life which is not just centered around yourself.

There is no anxiety in your body, there is no mental stress too. Nowadays, people are emphasizing on mental health too, but Ayurveda & Buddhism has always done it from day one. A healthy body with loads of stress in the mind can eventually fall sick, as the happy-hormones will not be at work. It’s scientific enough.

Inner peace is not only a mental state, but a process to reach the mind state continuously. It’s more of a lifestyle choice, a choice that is made by you with your utmost dedication towards life.

Yes, it’s true that the mind runs like an endless river. There are worries, tension, stress, fear, positivity, negativity, good thoughts, hopes, expectations, manifestation and much more. It never stops literally. And in order to find inner peace, if you think to stop the river, there’s nothing more wrong than that.

Instead, set the direction of the river to a mindful end. Introspect your thought process with utmost positivity. Believe, that you can. These are the primary steps toward inner peace. You will understand better in the meditation part of this article.

Who Is A Peaceful Person?


Before you opt for the path, let’s understand your goal. Before you understand how to become a peaceful person from within, understand- who is a peaceful person?

Someone, who can stay calm in the most heated situations. There could be people fighting like cats & dogs in front, but a peaceful person can still rationally think the situation though, as there’s calmness within.

Someone, who knows his ultimate goal of life. And by the ultimate goal, it doesn’t necessarily mean to have a 10-year long term goal. You should take one thing at a time, but do it with utmost dedication towards it.

Someone, who always fills himself with positive energy. And who is also capable of spreading the same positive vibes to other people. Who can differentiate between what is negativity for him, and what is positivity for him. But, who can also filter out the negativity, and indulge in the positivity.

Someone, who is always learning. Who knows to show gratitude towards life and people. Who knows what the purpose of our lives is to enjoy it to the fullest without harming anyone by any means.

A peaceful person is a person with a cheerful open mind with a high-grade filtration system to keep out negative things.

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11 Simple Ways To Answer How To Become Peaceful From Inside :

As it is said earlier, becoming peaceful from inside requires a few tricks. And we are going to discuss each successful way of finding your inner peace.

1. Find Your Source Of Peace :


Alright, it is an extremely tricky thing to do. You need to find out what exactly brings peace to you. It may also happen that you find peace after yelling at the top of your voice after a fight. That’s no wrong.

Also, maybe someone just tries to let go of everything of a fight, just to seek peace. We are giving you two sides of the same context to make you understand better. It’s basically a trial and error method. What works for you, may not work for others.

Your peace may arrive from sitting in silence for two hours or listening to songs.

And your best friend’s peace may come with a long drive, or after binge-watching Friends.

Everyone has a process to calm themselves down, find yours. Find, exactly what brings you peace, and it has to be on your own, without any other person’s support.

2. Learn To Manage Your Stress :


How to become peaceful from inside? Learn how to manage your stress. We all have stress, but it’s the act of the mind by which we can let them go. One should not take the stress and overthink about it, it will only do bad to his mental health.

Managing stress is an extremely important step towards finding your peace. Find your stress buster. It can be a Bubble Wrap or a Punching Bag, both works. But you must find your stress buster.

Always remember, if the situation outside is causing you some problem, taking stress about it will not solve any of it. Instead, keep your mind clear & clean. So that you can face the problem with a fresh mind, and you shall overcome it.

3. Meditation :


This is a must. But tell us one thing honestly, didn’t a picture of a monk popped in your imagination when we said ‘Meditation’?. That’s what we need to change.

According to Buddhism, Mediation is not about sitting in utter silence without uttering a single word. It’s about self-finding. It’s about finding your purpose in a particular situation. It’s about to channelize your thought process in a positive way.

You don’t need to stop your thought process when you are meditating. Instead, figure out the right way for them. Soon, your mind will start guiding you in the right way.

One can sit in silence even in the busiest road of the city, at peak hours, and still can meditate. All it takes is 10 minutes.

4. Nobody Is Perfect :

Do you want to know how to become peaceful from inside? Understand, that nobody is perfect. Not even you. Stop blaming yourself for not being so, at the very beginning. And stop expecting that people are, too. Because none is.

Perfection is a relative matter, and the definition may vary from one to another. So running after perfection is as foolish as running after a mirage.

Learn to accept yourself for not being perfect, at any work. But make sure, each time you do that, you give it the best shot of your life.

When you think about perfection, it irritates you & disturbs your peace. Instead, understand not everybody is perfect, and you will soon have a peaceful sight.

5. Take One Thing At A Time :


Hey there Multi-tasker! How irritating you feel when most of the times your multitasking skill doesn’t redeem to the fullest and there is no work in the list which you gave you 100%. Maybe you gave a good 99, but still not a 100. How frustrating do you feel?

So why not keep your mind at peace, and you start to do one thing at a time. Do it with utmost dedication, and give it your 100%. In such a way, things will become easier and peaceful. Of course, peace will cost you some discipline and time.

6. Put Yourself On Others’ Shoes :


Extremely important hack if you want to understand how to become peaceful from inside. Before you think yourself as the best judge & critic in the world, take a break of 10 secs, and try to put yourself on the other person’s shoe. Think about what they have done, and why, and after going through what.

Such questions will mitigate most of your probable future fights, be it with friends or girlfriend. Understand other people’s perspectives. Be a broad-minded guy who makes room of peace in his mind, not negativity.

7. Allow & Accept :


Think about the person in your life whom you can’t stand even for a minute. You hate him, right? Every time you have a talk with him or her, in your mind you are killing that person. And the negative essence stays in your mind for a really long time.

Does it do any good to you? No. It only kills your positive aura in mind. You channelize yourself through the process of grudge, anger at that time. Why not just think this way, that the person is behaving the best way he knows to behave in. Why not the accept the fact that “Yes, I don’t like him, but that should not affect my mental health”

Why not just accept him or her for the person he is, irrespective of the role he or she plays in your life. Try to allow your mind to accept people for who they are, good, bad, whatever. Life will become a lot more peaceful.

8. Take A Break From Social Media :


Yes. Most of the negativity is coming from your Instagram & Facebook feeds. Where you see people are posting non-sense (which apparently make perfect sense to them), showing off, and you are getting jealous.

Also, when people are genuinely happy in the pictures, you think why aren’t you? Trust us, even they aren’t. Social Media is the Red Carpet of the Internet where most of the people are only glorifying one side of the coin. Also, there are millions of positive accounts too, who radiates good energy to you, but it’s better to take a break from social media when low.

Also, do hesitate to cut off the negative people from your life. It’s a lifetime investment you are doing.

9. Separate Your Personal Life From Professional :


Everyone has stress at work. But keep it to work only. Give importance to your family, friends, relationships. Your job won’t take care of you in your tough times, but they will! How to become peaceful from inside? Separate your personal space from a professional.

10. Unclutter :

Just the way you free your phone’s cache memory, RAM, to boost up the speed & performance of your phone, the same way you need to un-clutter the unimportant stuff from your mind.

Know your priorities. Clear your mind. It can be done with meditation with time. Once you do, there will be enough room for positivity in your mind, which will radiate in your life.


Whenever you want to find peace be it, however, critical the situation is, stand still, preferably in a silent place. Close your eyes, take a deep breathe till your navel, hold that for 3-5 secs, release the breath for 5 secs. Repeat this for 15-20 times. It will instantly calm your mind. Oxygen rocks.

When you have successfully found the hacks on how to become peaceful from inside, it’s time you actually be so! All the best! Have a great peaceful mind ahead!

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