Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Body Odor For Men

Who is used to listen “You stink! Take a shower, man!” and you actually do stink and want to get rid of it. Well, if you can relate then this is an article about you. And, we are here to help you out. Body odor is a very unhygienic thing, and the good news is you can get rid of it with some home remedies, or as we call it ‘hacks’. So here we get you some home remedies to get rid of body odor.

We understand, nobody likes to stink. And we also understand, you take a shower daily (Also, some of you don’t!), and still face the issue of body odor. That’s perfectly okay. Let’s understand step by step about how to get rid of it.

What Is Body Odor?


The natural act of your body when it heats up is to release sweat so that it cools down your body. Now, you might have this misconception that your sweat smells of the bad scent. No, sweat is usually odorless.

Then the question arises that, why does it smell so bad? Because when the sweat glands in your body release sweat, and it gets mixed up with the bacteria present on the surface of your skin, the bacteria break down the protein of your sweat and turns it into acidic form. And that stinks!

Now let’s get back to what is body odor? Odor can be good as well as bad, and hereby referring to ‘body odor’, we mean the bad odor of the body only.

When the bacteria break down the sweat in specific acids, it starts to stink. And that stink is body odor.

What Are The Causes Of Body Odor?

So now, you have a clear and vivid idea about what body odor is. Let’s get in-depth about what are the causes of body odor.

1. General Causes :

Under general causes, we can say your hormones level, the environment you are in, things you eat, medication you undergo, puberty shift, and any underlying situation causing you to sweat more.

These all can fall under the general causes of body odor. Like, if you eat more cabbage or asparagus, it is clinically proven that your body odor gets harsh. Different hormone levels cause different odor, mostly they are bad.

2. Stress :

Yes, if you stress a lot there are high chances that your body odor will inflict to smell stinky. As your mind experiences some stress, there’s some change in the hormone in your body. This eventually causes your body to sweat more, and with more sweat, the bacteria in your skin get more sweat to turn into acid and they smell more stinky.

Also, people who have a disease to sweat more experience the same problem with the body odor.

3. If You Are Diabetic :

When you have Diabetes, an element named ketones gets secreted in your blood and urine at a dangerous level, which further comes out from sweat, and that stinks. Also, it makes your breath stink as well.

4. If You Wear Socks :

This is also known as athlete’s foot where your feet sweat a lot. When your feet sweat a lot and you wear socks, it absorbs the sweat but the adjacent skin and its bacteria still get to break it down in acidic form, which stinks.

That is why your socks stink so much! But yet, you have to wear them! Don’t think of not wearing a pair of socks. We are getting your solutions too once the end of the causes.

5. Lack Of Vitamins :

Lack of essential vitamins in the body can cause your sweat to stink. If your body lacks essential vitamins and minerals, they tend to stink.

6. Skin Infections :

If your skin experiences a new kind of infection then also it can make your sweat stink. As the bacteria present on the skin gets doubled, so does the smell. Simply that.

7. Most Importantly, Being Non-Hygienic :

The last but not the least is not being hygienic enough can definitely make you stink. You should change your clothes and innerwear regularly, as well as cleanliness is very much important. Clean your armpits, apply deodorants and be hygienic in every way possible.

Now, let’s get into the most interesting part! How to get rid of your body odor naturally! What are the hacks? Let’s find out.

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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Body Odor For Men :

Here, we bring you the home remedies to get rid of body odor. Let’s find out how you can simply eliminate the stinky smell around you, and bring a fresh aura around.

1. Clean Your Armpits!

The first and foremost thing to do is clean your armpits. If it has hair, shave it down. Or trim it, but remove it. Because of the hair, the sweat tends to stay for longer than it should and can not get evaporated. So, as a result, the bacteria get more time to turn it into smelly substances. Cleaning your armpit is the first home remedy you should follow.

Give it an anti-bacterial soap so that the bacteria die. You know what happens next if there are no bacteria.

You can also apply some deodorant or antiperspirant. Both work fine. Also, you can use the new age roll-ons which promise to keep your armpit odor-free for hours.

2. Tackle Your Foot Odor :

When you wear socks, it gets difficult for the sweat to evaporate and as a result, the bacteria do their job for longer. So always wear a clean pair of socks every day. Always. You can also apply some talcum powder of antiperspirant in your feet before wearing the socks.

Dip your feet in hot water regularly, it kills the bacteria. Without the bacteria, there’s no smell. Say no to the shoes with plastic lining. Plastics are great to capture sweat.

Clean your feet with antibacterial soaps too. Go for pedicures at home! Here’s more about pedicures at home for men!

3. Get Your Own La-Tomatina :

We became obsessed with ZNMD where they had shown the famous La-Tomatina festival in Spain. This is time you bring your own tiny La-Tomatina to your bathroom.

Tomatoes are anti-bacterial. The juice of the tomato works wonders on body odor. Talking about the home remedies to get rid of Body odor, we must mention the superb qualities of tomatoes. Tomato kills odor-causing bacteria. Tomato causes your sweat pores to shrink down, and it doesn’t sweat much with narrowed pores. Squish 7 to 8 tomatoes in your bathing water, preferably lukewarm water, and clean yourself! Especially armpits.

This method minimizes the chances of your body odor.

4. Get Yourself A Tea Tree Oil Toner :

Tea tree oil is a natural astringent. Which causes your skin to sweat less automatically. It is also antiseptic. If you put tea tree oil directly on the skin it may have some serious allergic reaction, so always mix it up with water.

Once you mix it up with water, apply the concoction on your armpit, chest, and neck. These are the hot spots where you sweat like a pig. If you apply to these places, chances are high that you can eliminate the smelly odor off your body.

5. Make A Paste Of Lemon And Baking Soda :

Baking soda successfully kills most of the harmful bacteria present on your body. Lemon has a property to lower your skin’s pH to the minimum which further makes it difficult for the bacteria to survive. They get killed. And as well as baking soda is also an odor buster, so you can mix some baking soda with lemon, create a paste and apply it on the skin. Especially underarms. Put the paste there and keep it for several minutes, then take shower.

With a minimal pH level on skin, the bacteria get killed so live an odor-free life.

6. Apply Apple Cider Vinegar :

Apple Cider Vinegar is the most versatile product which can help you from so many angles. If you take it with hot water before meals, it helps you to maintain a fit body. If you apply Apple Cider Vinegar on the skin, it helps you to minimize the pH level as well as kills harmful bacteria available on the skin.

Dab cotton in some apple cider vinegar then applies the cotton over your armpits. Let it soak. Then take a shower. It will automatically balance out the pH levels and help you to stay odor-free. This is one of the best home remedies to get rid of Body odor.

7. Drink A Lot!

No, not alcohol. You ain’t so lucky yet. Drink loads of water. As you sweat a lot your body loses out on the water, and without water, your body doesn’t act accordingly.

But in case of body odor, when you drink more water it flushes out the toxins from your body. And toxins cause your sweat to smell! It’s not the bacteria all the time.

If you keep yourself enough hydrated that the toxins get flushed out, you automatically clear that out.

8. Apply Baking Soda :

If you feel that you sweat all along the day and you smell all along the day, then understand the most amount of body odor is caused by your armpits. Baking soda is an odor killer. To create a paste of baking soda and corn starch and apply under the arms.

And leave it there all day long. It will not feel as uncomfortable as it may sound, in fact, you will not even understand much. But what you may understand is you are not smelling anymore.

These are the best home remedies to get rid of Body odor for you. Now, let’s understand another important aspect of body odor. How does your diet affect it?

Can Your Diet Cause Bad Body Odor?


Yes. It can. After all, we are what we eat, remember? Having too much Alcohol, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Asparagus, red meat, spices can bring that foul smell in your body odor.

So, your diet can cause bad body odor. Take all these foods and drinks in the limit, and keep yourself well hydrated. Have loads of nuts and berries as they tend to make your sweat smell sweeter. Your diet ultimately can cause good odor too!

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So these were the home remedies to get rid of Body odor. Now battle your B.O with these hacks and never stink anymore! Thank us later!

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