Hardik Pandya’s Signature Style In 2020

Cricketers are known for their Fashionable clothing worldwide. In recent times, Hardik Pandya’s style game has reflected his impeccable sartorial sensibilities. The Indian cricketer has never failed to impress us with his fashion game. Hardik Pandya is known to carry unconventional Style statement and adorns luxury brands, this style icon has shelled out some major Fashion goals this year! From high-end brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace, etc. Not to miss his expensive accessories, and his tinted retro glasses, Hardik Pandya’s Signature style wardrobe consists of illustrious, highly fashionable and expensive pieces. 


Hardik’s wardrobe is filled with Luxury labels and signature styles that are definitely Fashion-Forward. Whether it’s a bathrobe, or an airport outfit, or ethnic kurta, this young cricketer has always experimented with some of the most stylish looks that he carried with grace and swagger! His personal style has certainly stood out among his peers.

And in this article, we will decode some of his signature styles that have intrigued us in 2019, so keep reading and you will agree that this young man sure has a knack for dressing in a fun way! Here are a few looks from his best outings that define his fashion sense at it’s best! Take a look. 

6 Hardik Pandya’s Signature Style In 2020 :

1. Graphic Denim Jacket :

Well, let’s start with a denim jacket, a wardrobe staple that most men would have in their closet. But Hardik Pandya’s style of denim jacket is not just any other jacket. With elaborate graphics all over the jacket, this jacket is creating a statement on its own. Hardik styled this jacket over a black on black outfit ( Which is clearly his go-to look ) He never forgets to accessorize his looks, and for this one, he wore his chains along with a baseball cap in black again along with his designer watch on his wrist. 

2. Layering & Street Fashion :

Man jewelry is Hardik’s ultimate accessorizing statement, and in this look, you can see a couple of chains/necklaces and diamond studs. Most of his looks have a standout quality because of his commitment to layer each and every outfit. Hardik Pandya is seen wearing a pair of black trousers with a black shirt underneath an oversized black coat. And for accessories, he is again wearing a hat along with his retro style sunglasses that can be seen in most of his pictures and is definitely a “Hardik Pandya’s Signature style”. 

 3. Black On Black Casual Style :

Even if it’s a casual outfit, Hardik Pandya finds a way to make it a statement style. His sartorial capabilities are sure to be applauded. Here Hardik is seen wearing black skintight trousers along with a black tee with a cardigan tied at his waist. He styled his look with accessories, again a necklace along with his diamond studs. And not to miss the Panama hat that is taking the outfit to the next level. Lastly, he finished the look with a pair of classic white kicks to die for. And once again his retro sunglasses that was seen in the previous picture. He surely knows how to make a basic everyday look pop. 

4. Travel Style – Luxury Brand

Hardik Pandya’s signature style is evident as he loves to don monochromes. He is surely a sucker for luxury brands. As evident by his statement Jacket from Louis Vuitton. Yet again he is wearing a black on black outfit along with a pair of white kicks. And to jazz up the look, he shows off his long chains and rings. He is also often seen wearing hats and caps. In this one, he styled a black classic Panama hat to complete this outfit. As stylish as this outfit looks, it’s good enough to drop straight onto the runway. 

 5. Dressed Up Formal Styles :

Whether it’s a casual or formal look, Hardik Pandya sure has a knack for putting his own spin onto the outfit. Here in this formal outfit that he wore at an event, he is seen matching his shoes with his luxury jacket. Not to miss those retro sunglasses yet again, along with his go-to necklace and studs. Even beneath his luxury coat, a Louis Vuitton shirt is visible, which only goes onto prove that Hardik is all about the Luxury high-end brands. Hardik Pandya’s signature style is surely at the top of his game when it comes to dressing to kill it. 

 6. Luxury Loungewear :

Speaking about luxury Hi-end brands, here’s another number for you. Here Hardik is seen adorning a Versace robe in two different shades, both equally fashionable. Apart from a strong style game, this lad also has great grooming skills. He serves his good body and looks not only on the cricket field but even on his social media. By this look, it’s safe to say that no matter what the occasion, Hardik Pandya likes to keep his style extraordinary. 

These are some of Hardik Pandya’s Signature styles that we have personally loved! From casual looks to formal and lounge, this lad has always maintained his style game strong. He surely has a wardrobe to die for. From luxury brands like Versace, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Ferragamo, etc, he has never compromised when it comes to sartorial dressing. Even if he is wearing a basic outfit, he will jazz up the Not just that, Hardik Pandya is also seen with the most bizarre styles, as hooded-pullovers teamed with a Blazer, but he owns it as he carries his outfit with grace and attitude.

His experimental dressing style has made him a style icon in 2019, and in 2020 everyone is eager to see what this sartorial icon is here to offer to his fans. We can now easily conclude that this cricketer has impressed the fashion police with his extraordinary styles!

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