What Hair Colors Look Best On Men With Dark Skin Tone?

Dark and Handsome is back in the norm! And well, coloring one’s hair is a new norm. Now, how do they go hand in hand? Let’s find out as we talk about the hair colors that look best on dark skin tone. To be honest, finding the right hair color with a dark skin can be quite tiresome. Be sure to pay attention to this article dearly, for awkwardly paired colors of hair and skin can undercut your personality quite a lot!

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7 Hair Colors Look Best On Men With Dark Skin Tone :

Let us get this off our chest first,

Just because you have a dark skin tone doesn’t necessarily mean that all that we talk about in this article applies to you too. This is only to be used as a general guide when it comes to hair colors that look best on the dark skin tone. In the end, it always comes down to how well you pull off whatever you’re carrying.

Now coming back to business, let’s talk about hair colors that look best on dark skin tone. Usually, darker tones with warmer highlights look the best. You also may want to try out warmer colors somewhere around honey-hue or dark red. If you already have dark hair, you may want to try some shade closer to your natural hair color. It makes the transition smoother; Balayage also seems a very good option when considering to color one’s entire hair.

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Here are 7 such hair colors that look best on dark skin tone for men!

1. Plum Cherry :

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This is a very quirky hair color option to choose. Not only does it give you a standout feature on its own, but if complemented well with a suitable stubble and attire, it adds tremendously to your boldness. Wavy medium length hairstyles are suggested for this shade of hair. Not only does it look terribly adorable on a dark skin, but also greatly compliments a well-structured and defined stubble style.

2. Golden Hue Blonde :

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This comes with sterling golden highlights which look magnificent in layered hair styles, especially if short-medium undercut or textured medium length. It adds a very regal undertone to your presence and is one of the most elegant hair colors that look best on dark skin tone. Together with a toned-down earthy or a chic, neon and quirky attire, you’re bound to rock that style at its best!

3. Silver To Pink Ombre!

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For those looking for a straight-out funky look, this is probably the best option for you. This is one of those shades with which you can “Go crazy! Go wild!” Best done on textured short-ish hair or a faded crew cut. This also comes off brilliantly on long locks of hair, adding a certain edge to the one carrying it. Just make sure you don’t need any formal headshots taken anytime soon!

Unless, of course, that’s how you want to come off as – in which case, HOLY COW, YOU ROCK! This gives off energy, youth and vigor to its fullest! Also, this can be virtually combined with any attire and it will always end up looking fun!

4. Chocolate Brown :

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This is for those who want a more sombre, toned down appearance. This goes very well with a matching shade of the skin and can make you look very professional, yet willing to stand out of the line. Hell, take Ranveer Singh or Ali Zafar for instance! Bold, yet sober – and definitely never too much out of the line. That is precisely what this color is all about! This is in fact one of the most commonly used hair colors that look best on dark skin tone.

5. Midnight (Really Dark) Blue :

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This sets the pitch for another very off-beat color. Giving a very regal, yet gothic/romantic undertone, this can increase your gravitas in ways determined by the rest of your fashion. But one thing is for certain, this is certainly going to get you the right kind of attention! Perfect for both formal and informal settings, you can never be wrong with this shade of hair. But perhaps avoid all dark accents in your attire, or maybe just hold them off till Halloween – to play the dark prince or something.

Just kidding! Fashion has always been about self-expression, and looking damn good while you’re at it!  So, with this shade, do what feels right to you, and with a dash of confidence and a pinch of charisma, the day shall be yours!

6. Burgundy :

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Men ranging anywhere between a dark and a medium skin tone can definitely go for this shade of hair! It looks very well suited for someone trying to give out a fresh and playful personality. In fact, men all over the world seem to go with some shade of burgundy or the other, all the time! It usually comes with a brownish tinge, which complements the dark skin beautifully!

On that note, the dark variation of burgundy is usually the most popular. In fact, it is one of the most widely used hair colors that look best on dark skin tone. It is best suited for accented thick hair that is newly groomed and shaded.

7. Salt And Pepper :

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In our personal opinion, we believe that this is probably the sexiest of all the colors you can go for, as a dark-skinned man! Not only is it probably the best of all hair colors that look best on dark skin tone, but the amount of appeal it adds to your entire being is simply unbelievable! I know… I know… You’re already thinking of Milind Soman. Well, it’s actually hard not to!

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This shade not only adds years of maturity to your physical persona but also gives you a certain roughness which in itself looks hard-earned and beautiful. Of course, best combined with textured hair, preferably clipped short (or slicked back!), a similarly toned beard can go a long way with this! And remember, with this look, grooming is most important!

Hair Colors You Should Avoid If You Have A Dark skin Tone :

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As discussed before, it is suggested that if you have dark skin tones, you should stick to the warmer shades of hair. This translates into a big (may differ from person to person) no to the cooler shades.

This includes shades which have a high blue undertone (and also is far off from your natural hair color). There are also some cool (the color temperature kind) shades of pink that you might want to avoid.

All in all, if it’s not warm in its essence or is not very near to your natural hair color, you may want to give that decision some more thought before going forward and getting your hair dyed.

Bottom Line:

These are our take on the 7 best hair colors that look best on dark skin tone. We would love it if you liked some, if not all of them and decided to get your hair dyed to one of these amazing options! Feel free to explore. Just as a general thumb rule, dark skin color and cool hair shade is a big no-no. Stick to the warmer shades and highlights.

Salt and Pepper is a sure winner if you take your grooming seriously. Ombre is also a cool option to take up on in college, or perhaps a long holiday where you go soul-searching on one of those crazy solo trips that you’ve been planning for so long!

No matter which one you choose, always remember – confidence is the key. Wear your smile like armor and may all doors be open to you forever.

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