South Indian Groom Outfit Ideas For All Ceremonies

The wedding season is in full swing! And in this article, we bring to you, some interesting outfit ideas, if you are a soon to be south Indian Groom. When it comes to the authentic South Indian Groom outfit, it is quite different from what you see in North Indian Weddings. 


Weddings in South India are very different from those in the North, not just the rituals and traditions, but even the attires are completely different. From the South Indian Bride to the South Indian Groom and family, the choice of dressing is different. Hindu weddings, in general, have a number of rituals and customs, with a symbolic and noble sentiment. And South Indian wedding rituals and traditions are no exception.

South Indian Groom Outfit Ideas For Different Ceremonies :

1. Nischitartham :


The engagement, or as it is popularly known as Nischitartham in South Indian weddings. The wedding rituals start early with the Nischay Tamulam ceremony (mostly during the engagement) wherein the families fix the date of marriage. In this ceremony, the couple exchanges ring. The Groom wears a simple Sherwani or a Dhoti Kurta for this occasion. Another option is a Kurta along with Nehru Jacket. However, a classic Kurta-pajama can be the ideal choice for a traditional engagement ceremony.

2. Odugu : 

Before the wedding ceremonies begin, the next ceremony that takes place is Odugu or Upanayanam. It is the ritual of the sacred thread ceremony for a Hindu boy, that symbolizes the end of his boyhood and initiation to manhood before marriage. When it comes to the South Indian Groom Outfit for Odugu, he is seen draped in a traditional dhoti/lungi with a vest in a cotton and silk blend. The groom looks graceful in the traditional attire for south Indian grooms. He then changes into a yellow/mustard colored cotton dhoti and shawl of South Indian traditional attire.

3. Mehendi/Haldi :


When it comes to South Indian Groom Outfit for Mehendi Function, a Sherwani or Kurta Pyjama will make for a good option. A Mehendi ceremony is a pre-wedding celebration at Hindu weddings. You should ideally stick to shades of yellow for a Haldi Function. Whether it’s South Indian attire or North Indian attire, Mehendi Outfits have always been in mustards or yellows. Bright and pastels are a great option for this function. Even your bride will match your outfit with something in yellow. The Mehendi ceremony is usually where Mehendi/henna is put in the hands and feet of the beautiful bride.

4. Sangeeth :


Followed by the Mehendi function, is the sangeet! A bit of fun, and music, as the name “sangeet” suggests. It is a celebratory event during a South Indian wedding, with both families. The musical night celebrates the union of the couple and is usually a day before the wedding. The groom can dress up in a classic jodhpur suit, or wear a Nehru Jacket Kurta and Pyjama set in a bright/glamourous shade. This is usually a dressy event with dances/music and performances. For the South Indian Groom Outfit, you can even wear a fusion attire with a blend of western styles for this occasion. 

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5. Snathakam : 


The morning of the wedding, or a few hours before the Muhurtam of the marriage, is the ritual of Snathakam, that is performed in the house of the groom. In this ceremony, the groom is made to wear a silver holy thread as a tradition. Again for this ritual, the groom is seen in a classic Dhoti-shawl attire in Kanchi-silk or Pattu fabric. This is one of the most preferred looks for a South Indian Groom Outfit.

6. Kashi Yatra : 

Followed immediately after the Snathakam is a fun ceremony, known as Kashi Yatra. This is a ritual where the groom pretends to leave and not accept the marriage proposal. And the father and brother of the bride stop him and convince him to marry. In this ceremony, the groom wears the same outfit as he wore for the Snathakam, however, a few accessories are added! A pair of traditional wooden slippers and an umbrella and a cloth bag, as if pretending to leave

7. Edurukolu :


Just before the main wedding ceremony starts. There is another ritual that is performed, namely the Edurukolu. This is where the bride’s family welcomes the groom’s family into the marriage hall. The families’ gift each other and welcome the other side to the wedding. For this event, the South Indian Groom outfit can go for a more western or fusion outfit. For example, he can wear a 3 piece suit or a black-tie for this event.

8. Pelli :


When it comes to the Pelli or Marriage, India has an ample number of traditional Indian outfits that one wears for the function. However, in a South Indian wedding, you can find golden and rich silk fabric. The Groom is seen wearing a dhoti and vest along with a silk wrap around him. The fabric is usually silk or Kanchi Pattu. After the initial ritual and Jeelakarra-Bellam, the couple changes into white cotton dhoti for the groom. The wedding goes on with the following functions : 

  • Mangal Sanam: Before the bride and groom step onto the Mandap, they both get ready for the wedding with a holy bath/Mangala Snanam. 
  • Jeerakalla-Bellamu: The Jeelakarra Bellam ceremony is vital in Telugu Weddings, which is a blend of Cumin seeds and jaggery. The couple places this on each other’s heads, above the curtain.
  • Muhurtham: This is an auspicious moment when the groom ties the sacred thread around his bride’s neck. Also known as Thali or Mangalsutram
  • Vivaaham: Then the wedding goes on with the Priest reading more wedding chants and other rituals go on for another few hours like Talambralu, Kanyadaanam, Appagintalu, Arundhati Nakshatram, The Ring Game, etc. For all these rituals the groom is seen wearing the same dress. 

9. Vratham :


The last function after the wedding is the Vratham. This is a puja performed by a priest along with the newlywed couple. Where they pray as a married couple in the Vratham. In this ceremony, the South Indian Groom Outfit is just a traditional kurta and dhoti/Pyjama or he wears a dhoti with a vest and cloth wrapped around him. After this function, the couple is officially a married couple!

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That’s everything you need to know about the South Indian Groom Outfit for Telugu weddings! It is an elaborate number of functions and the couple switches many looks, which can get hectic. But the family’s help and support make it all easy! Every ceremony has a beautiful meaning that brings families together, welcoming the new member to the family. And dressing according to the ceremony is one way to actively be a part of the functions. So if you are attending a South Indian wedding, we hope this was a helpful guide to dress better. 

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