A Guide For Every Man On How To Look Photogenic Naturally

Who doesn’t want to look good in pictures? Guilty! We all do. Between men and women, It’s a clear win, when it comes to who poses better in pictures. But In the 21st century, we men are not lagging far behind women when it comes to taking good pictures. When we take a picture, we want it to look perfect! But a picture does no justice to how you may be looking in real. But that’s not all the camera’s fault. Let’s be completely honest, to look photogenic is not as easy as it may seem. Every man out there is wondering how to look photogenic naturally. Therefore the most commonly popped question is, “How to look photogenic.” 

Not everyone is born photogenic, most of us need to make an effort to look good in our pictures. There are a few things that need to be taken care of in order to make that happen. Looking photogenic is not limited to wearing good clothes or good shoes. There are other factors that also play an important role in getting that perfect picture. And we are here to help you get all those factors right, that will solve your query on “how to look photogenic naturally”.


Take Care Of Your Skin Regularly :



Most men like the rugged look on their face and are least concerned about taking care of their skin. But it’s very important to have a well-groomed face for a photo session. To get that photogenic shot you need to ensure that your face is clean and blemish-free. In today’s world, we all have high definition cameras that can capture every single detail on your face. You cannot photoshop every imperfection! And if you don’t want bad skin popping in your photograph then follow a skincare routine. Here are a few tips on how to look photogenic naturally!


  • Wash your face with a face wash twice a day.
  • Use a good face scrub to get rid of the impurities deep in your skin.
  • Use face masks/packs twice a week.
  • Put a water-based moisturizer with SPF to protect your skin.
  • Drink enough water, to stay hydrated.


Follow A Proper Grooming Session :



Grooming Your beard and hair is also just as important as taking care of your skin. You want to look well-groomed on your photo session. A rough unkempt stubble can only make you look messy. So you need to make it a habit to groom yourself regularly, not just for photos. Whether its how to look photogenic naturally or for looking good on a daily basis, here are a few tips!


  • Get a decent haircut that suits you perfectly.
  • Trim your beard or shave it off completely if you like a shaven face.
  • Maintain a mustache and beard style.
  • Keep your nails clean and clip them when needed.


Build A Confidence To Look Good :



If you are wondering how to look photogenic naturally, then here is a secret. Confidence is key to look good in any picture. Being under-confident and nervous in front of the camera is common, but it can only end up giving you a bad picture. So being confident is very important. Now the question is “How to build up the confidence?” Once you master confidence, you will know how to look photogenic naturally. Let’s start with the basics.


  • Firstly, get comfortable with yourself. Start posing in front of a mirror and find out the minor things that need to be corrected in order to look photogenic.
  • Try to learn to smile. Not the awkward one we are talking about the original smile that you have. But if you are not sure, then avoid a smile.
  • Always believe that you are looking your best because that believe brings out the inner confidence.
  • You should be comfortable with what you are wearing. An uncomfortable outfit could be the reason for your lack of confidence.
  • Be happy and content, and show that in your picture.


Posing Tips And Tricks To Look Good In Photos :

Now let’s start with some posing tips that will help you pose properly in front of a camera with confidence and get you the best shots.


1. Know The Best Angle Of Your Face :



Everyone has some flaws and angles that they don’t like. This may not be evident in real life but it could be visible in the picture. In order to conceal them, you need to know how to pose without facing straight at the camera. Turn your head about 10 to 15 degrees away from the camera so your chin and jawline will appear much stronger. You can also tilt your head slightly up or down similarly to get the best shot. Only if you are a professional and have the confidence you can face straight to the camera.


2. Don’t Fake Your Smile :



If you are not comfortable to smile on the camera, then don’t. And it’s totally okay, not every good picture is a smiling one. Talking about how to look photogenic naturally, you need your expression to be natural. Therefore giving an awkward nervous smile can totally ruin the picture. However, most people may look better with a smile in a picture, but it’s not a rule to follow by. So if you are not confident enough to smile in front of the camera then we would suggest you to practice smiling in front of a mirror.


3. Pose With Your Shoulders Back :



Having a straight and upright posture is essential in order to appear confident and photogenic on the camera. Always stand tall and look smart for a photo session. You can do so by pushing your chest out slightly with your shoulders back. This can make you appear taller and muscular in photos. So if you want to know how to look photogenic naturally, then your posture plays an important role. A strong posture can depict a sense of confidence.


4. Try Not To Blink :



People who are not used to taking photos on a flash camera regularly have the tendency to blink when the shutter clicks. And you end up blinking on all pictures! The bright light of the flash can take you by surprise and cause you to blink. So always try to anticipate the camera click.  To avoid blinking in the shot, you can keep your eyes shut until the shutter clicks and can save yourself from having to take another shot. This will help you shoot for long as it’s a lesser strain on your eyes.


5. Practice Your Pose :



Unless you are a professional model, you should know about the best poses currently. When you want to know how to look photogenic naturally, you should first look for some references. You can look for the best poses on Pinterest that will help you pose better. Once you search for men’s poses on the internet if you like a few try them doing in front of a mirror. And you have to practice several times to get comfortable with the pose. Once you are able to do it perfectly you can use it whenever you are getting clicked on any occasion.

So these are a few driving factors that work behind every perfect and photogenic photo. Once you master all these above factors that can help you take great pictures every time. So next time you wonder how to look photogenic naturally, then don’t forget to follow this guide!


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