Men’s Guide On How To Fill A Patchy Beard Naturally

Growing a full beard on your face is in trend now, and most of the youth is focusing on one. In fact, recently the women started to admire men with a full beard like never before, that they started waiting for ‘No-Shave-November’. But, growing a full beard is not easy and can not be achieved by everyone. Most of the people have a patchy beard that doesn’t let them have a full-grown decent beard which will look ‘Manly’ enough. And they look answers for ‘How to fill a patchy beard naturally’?


Don’t worry, there are solutions. You just need to know the right hacks to follow and you can successfully fill up your patchy beard and groom towards your full-grown beard look.

Why Do You Have A Patchy Beard?


Before we get into the answer of How to fill a patchy beard naturally, let’s get the source of the question itself right; why exactly do you have a patchy beard? There could be a lot of possible reasons for your patchy beard, and we are picking up the most relevant ones for you.

1. Genetics plays the most important role

If you have a patchy beard or any type of baldness, the first question you would be hearing from people is “Did your father or grandfather also had the same?”. And the root of this question is pretty genuine. Your patchy beard can be a cause of your genetics running in the family tree.

Generally, the men get only one X chromosome, whereas the women get two. And many scientists have affirmed this as a valid reason for the increased rate of baldness in men. However, the bottom line is- your genes are responsible for your beard. And you will only get to figure that out from your early to mid-’20s, properly.

2. Hormones, too

After genetics, the most crucial thing which plays the most important role in your patchy beard and baldness are your hormones. Especially, Testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for your sexual drives as well as hair growth in the body.

If your hormone levels in the body are imbalanced, then there is a high probable chance of that being the root cause of your patchy beard.

3. Stress

Stress plays a significant role in your patchy beard too. But don’t mistake one or two days of a hectic day at work to be the reason for your patchy beard. If you are stressed months after months, there are some hormonal changes in your body which further causes the hair loss and which further causes the patchy beard. So, take a chill pill, don’t stress yourself so much.

4. Spot baldness

In India, there are many people who suffer from spot baldness, also known as Alopecia Areata. Spot baldness means, suppose you have a beard all over the face but in some particular spots there is no growth (baldness). Many of the spot baldness goes away with time and many of them require proper treatments.

5. Diet

If you do not have enough zinc and potassium in your diet, then there are high chances that you will develop a patchy beard. Your diet makes what you are. So make sure you eat healthy meals, in proper ways.

So, these were the topmost relevant causes of your patchy beard. Now, the bigger question, how to fill a patchy beard naturally? Let’s find out.

How To Fill A Patchy Beard Naturally?


1. Let it grow

If you have a patchy beard and if you cut, trim or shave your beard very often, you are not doing any good. If you experience a patchy beard, you must let it grow.

Once the beard starts to grow, give it time. Take proper care of it. Wash your beard every single day. Trim the split head if there’s any. Once you let the beard grow, the patchiness will be hidden amidst your full-grown beard. Trim the longer beard with the length of patchy ones. In such a way you can fill the patchy beard with this hack.

You must let the beard grow to cover up the patchiness. In case you don’t like full-grown beard but irritated with your patchy beard, keep the stubble. It also looks good and in style in recent times.

Note: In the process, there will be a time when you will feel like ripping your beard off because you might look hideous. But give it time.

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2. Groom it well

Grooming is a very important thing you need to do to your beard, that too everyday. You must have an advanced electric trimmer to trim your beard from time to time. Trimming your beard time to time will give it a sharp edge and that will make disappear the patchiness within minutes.

Know the Millimetre you are chopping them off, and it is advisable to always start from the longest one available on the trimmer.

You need to brush your beard every day too. Brushing your beard with a beard brush (Not the same with which you comb hair) will only make it look fuller. It efficiently creates an illusion of volume to your beard which hides the patchiness in minutes. Brushing your beard every day is a very important grooming regime. In case you have stubble, no need to brush, just embrace it.

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3. Beard Oil and Balm?

There has been a big conflict around beard oil and beard balms. Do they actually make you grow beard? Do they actually strengthen your beard strands and follicles? What exactly do they do to your beard and why exactly you should use them?

Beard oils are filled with essential oil and they are healthy for your skin. They eliminate the dead skin off your face and make room for your beard to breathe. Inhibiting the essential oils to the hair follicles, it increases the growth of your beard in a healthy way. It boosts up the blood flow to a certain extent so that your beard gets all the nutrients.

The anti-microbial properties have the power to deep cleanse your face so that the skin stays healthy. Also, it makes your beard smoother, and it doesn’t get patchy.

Now let’s talk about balm, which doesn’t moisturize your beard nor nourish it with essential nutrients. But it helps you to style your beard and keep it intact, however, you set it. If you can style your beard well, it gets easier to fill up your patchy beard.  Beard balm helps you to hold the beard style in place and that pretty much sorts out the patchiness.

4. What about the diet?


The main and most important thing to take care of is your diet. Your diet makes you who you are, what your body is. You must take healthy meals in order to have a healthy body and a healthy look. A patchy beard can be a reason for insufficient nutrients, vitamins and proteins in your body (The beard is basically synthesized protein).

  • Protein: First and foremost, your body needs loads of good proteins to have a healthy beard. Especially proteins which have keratin, which further helps your body to get the required Amino Acids. Amino Acid is the main source of your beard and hair, and you must infuse loads of healthy protein in order to fill up a patchy beard. Always rely on fish and poultry for your protein if you are not a vegan. But if you are one, leafy greens, walnuts, almonds, and berries are the prime source of healthy protein.
  • Vitamins: Vitamin A, C, and E are the most important vitamins to grow your beard. The latter two produces sebum which smoothens the beard growth in the facial area. Whereas the former one is a skin repairer. All the Vitamins together can create magic. Carrots, spinach, oranges and lemons, egg yolks are the prime source of such vitamins. Vitamin B and Biotins are responsible for promoting new skin and healthy hair growth.
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids: fishes like salmon, walnuts are good sources of Omega 3 Fatty acids. And Omega 3 Fatty acids are important for your beard.

Last but not the least, you need to have loads of water in order to keep a healthy beard. It keeps the body hydrated and moisturized.

5. Exercise and Rest

When you exercise, you bless your entire body nit only your beard. When you exercise, the Testosterone levels rise up in your body. Now Testosterone is a sex hormone that actively promotes the growth of your muscle, hair, and beard along with the sex drives.

When you exercise, the blood flow of your body increases and every inch of your body gets proper nutrients and oxygen, including your facial follicles. Guess what happens next? Your patchy beard gets eliminated.

When you exercise, you sweat which clears out the toxin from the body and eventually breaks open the clogged pores on your face. Eventually creating room for new strands.

Regular cardio does more to your body than you actually think. In case you want, you can take Testosterone supplements too, but not much advisable at the very beginning.

You mostly got the answer to ‘How to fill up patchy beard naturally’, but there are still a few important points left. You must give your body proper rest. When you rest, the Testosterone level ate soaring high, and doing all the repair works to the body, including growing your beard.

6. Meditation

Meditation is important in 2020. It helps you to clear your mind by achieving the answer you are finding in your mind, which mainly causes the chaos within. It helps you to eliminate stress from your life, and stress is an enemy to you and your beard. So mediation actually plays a crucial role in resolving your patchy beard issues.

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These were the answers to ‘how to fill a patchy beard naturally’. All of the tips together can make you well equipped to battle against your patchy beard. All the best.



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