Should You Follow Trends Or Remain Classic?

In this modern world where everyone is chasing fashion trends, it’s really difficult to remain classic. Trends change every day, every minute and every second. Before you get a chance to know about a trend and try it, it already becomes old. The idea of “fast fashion” summarizes the idea of trends quickly and constantly moving from the runway to retails. It also highlights the FAD(short-lived fashion) than the CLASSIC. Being trendy doesn’t always mean being stylish, you can be stylish by embracing classic fashion trends. In order to make yourself fashionable and stylish, you need to know what looks good on you first, rather than following the trends blindly.



Here are the few reasons why being classic is way better than being trendy.


Classic Isn’t Boring:

When we hear classic fashion trends, we think about basic clothes like solid t-shirts, jeans etc. Some people find these basic clothes boring and out of trend which is not true. The definition of classic clothes varies from country to country. There’s a wide no of classic clothes available in the market. So if you are a guy who likes to mix and match his clothes, then you should definitely buy some basics. And you’ll never get bored with your fashion because Classic clothes never go out of trend.


Stand Out From The Crowd:

Like we said earlier in today’s world where everyone is following the trend, if you wanna stay classic or be classic you’ll stand out from the crowd. First, know the type of clothes you like and make your own signature style and embrace it. If you are confident enough to pull off the look, you’ll definitely be seen apart from the crowd. As an example, celebrities like Pitbull & Gerard Butler have been wearing high waist trousers and classic suits for years and yet they are considered to be fashion icons among us.


Gear Up Your Standard:

Why do most of the celebrities wear a classic suit or a tuxedo in any red carpet event? Have you ever noticed anyone wearing trendy off the store casual trends in any high-profile event? No, because a man’s best self comes out only when he wears classic ensembles. Not only for any event, but you can also wear classy stuff in daily life like in your office or any casual meeting anywhere. Some classic fashion trends that Men wear to events are suits, Co-ordinates, Jackets, and formal trousers.


Comfort Is Important:

The key to looking good in any outfit is your confidence. And confidence comes when you feel free and comfortable wearing them. Therefore comfort is very important. What’s the point of wearing trendy clothes if they are not comfortable to wear. Maybe the color or the silhouette or the type of details it has makes it uneasy for you to carry. Rather you end up with an unpleasant body language. Instead, you can wear something classic which is comfortable to wear and put a confident smile on your face.


Quality over quantity:

You must have heard this one before because it’s true. Choosing a few quality pieces is always better than buying so many trendy, yet quality compromised pieces. Because you get so bored of these trendy clothes after wearing a few times and you dump them. Rather you should consider every purchase as an investment and invest in some classic fashion trends. And this is how you won’t ever waste your money. Your wardrobe is your investment, put your mind and heart into it.


Every person has a different aesthetic and style sensibility. Always being updated with the latest trends is no less of being classic. It’s just how you present yourself to the world. If you are someone who loves the runway trends and want to update your wardrobe regularly then, you should stick to your plan. Because fashion revolves around a cycle so which was a classic 10 years back can be a trend today and vice versa. And that is what we call classic fashion trends. So never compromise on your wardrobe setting. Follow the latest trends, but also gather some classics that never grow old. You need to have the best of both to create a balance in your wardrobe.


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