How Is Fashion Journalism As A Career In India 2021

In this digital era, especially standing in 2021, you have got plenty of opportunities to make your career on. The mundane cubicles are only mundane when you don’t like your job. And if you like your job, Monday sickness never arrives! This article is about one of the prominent career which always stayed in time. We are going to discuss fashion journalism as a career in India.

In India, the fashion industry has always stayed on a high. And so did fashion journalism. But, what is it exactly? What is fashion media? Is it a good career? How to get into it? Let’s begin.

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Q. What Is Fashion Journalism?


What is Journalism? Journalism is a production and curating of events, widely known as ‘News’, and channelizing them through a proper medium like television, newspaper, digital platforms and more. Simply put, Journalism is the job where the person is curating news about a particular event and letting the mass know about it with facts and details through various mediums.

When all the events, facts, and the news is focused on and around the fashion industry, then it becomes fashion journalism. Where the journalist is focused to curate news related to fashion and let them reach the mass through the combination of best possible media. That’s it.

Now, it may sound easy, it is not. You should have the quality to identify news or event which is worth capturing or writing for. You should have contacts to know about the venue for such events. You must have the skills to take photos and write about the fashion you are covering. You or your company must know how to channelize the piece of news in the best possible way that a large portion of the mass gets to know about it. In short, it requires a skill-set.

Q. Who Is A Fashion Journalist?

Who is a fashion journalist? A professional who performs activities like curating fashion news from the spot, writing a story, editing the same, take pictures of the latest fashion going on, research the trends in fashion, history of it, conduct an interview, have a sense of designing and more. Simply put, a journalist whose world revolves around fashion.

From the Music Industry to Bollywood. From the business world to street fashion, fashion has always been everywhere. Fashion can be influenced by a particular culture or choice of styling. So fashion journalists must cover almost every field to cover their stories.

A fashion journalist must have contacts with the people in the industry. From photographers to event managers, from hairdresser to style designers, all. They must conduct a PR quality in them too.

A fashion journalist takes note of anything happening in the fashion industry. And through his eyes, the common public gets to know about the trends about fashion, and whatever is going on.

A fashion journalist has wide opportunities now to evolve in the market. As the world has gone digital, the ‘media’ is pretty much under control with tools like Blogs, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time.

Q. Why Become A Fashion Journalist In India?


Fashion Journalism as a career in India can turn out to be very fruitful if done in the right way. Why? India has gone digital, and we can only praise Jio for that. Now when there are a large number of people have got their eyeballs glued to the screens, the target audience for any fashion journalist is huge.

That’s the first thing sorted, audience. Secondly, there are large pools of events happening all across the nation. From Lakme Fashion Week to what not. You can get at least 3 to 4 big stories to cover every weekend. And they are big stories. So less struggle to create news out of nothing.

That’s the second thing sorted, source.

Finally, now fashion is everywhere. Especially if you are living in Mumbai, you get to click at least a dozen events a day happening with celebrities. And all the celebs are carrying fashion stories with them. In fact, the pop stars are so much wrapped up into fashion. From Badshah to Diljit Dosanjh. In fact, take Karan Johar and Ranveer Singh for example. Even if you be a pap who only clicks Ranveer’s photo can end up having at least 3 hit stories a week.

So that’s the final thing sorted, reach and the periphery.

So fashion journalism as a career in India is viable enough.

Important Qualities Of A Fashion Journalist :


First thing first. You can be a fashion journalist without any degree as well. Yes, you can be. But, question yourself first. Are you that good? Do you know everything it takes to step ahead in this game where loads of other journalists are doing their best each day?

That’s why having a degree in fashion works pretty smoothly. Most of the people will not even ask your degree but work. But your learning will affect and reflect in your work. So educate yourself in this field before getting on.

Fashion Journalism as a career in India can turn out beneficial for you if you have hammered at the right places and nourished yourself with a few qualities. Such as,

1. Sense Of Fashion :

A fashion journalist must have a sense of fashion in him. One needs to be imaginative, and think with a wider mind. One must be organized, and well informed.

2. Research :

You can only grow in a field like this with loads of research. In your career, you will conduct loads of interviews and meet loads of new people from the world. You must research and do your homework. You must know the history of a fashion, the current trends, who set them ablaze and everything. Well informed is the term.

3. Techniques :

One must know the techniques to get in touch with people from the fashion world and know the techniques of writing news or capturing one. Newsgathering and reporting techniques are must here.

4. Well Communicative :

A Fashion journalist must have to be excellent in communication. In written and in person, both. Decent English is a must. Writing skills needs to be on point. And photography skills should also be good.

5. Do Well With Digital Media :

Gone are those days when people were only consuming fashion news from weekly magazines. Now there are blogs and Instagram, where the news byte gets viral even before the event is over. So one has to be good at handling digital media platforms. The caption game needs to be on point.

These are the basic criteria to get into fashion journalism in 2021.

Q. How To Become A Fashion Journalist In India (Degree Wise)

If you have an immense sense of fashion and a good storyteller, you can be in this field. After 12th, one can go for a fashion journalism course. There are Bachelor’s Degree courses like B.Des. (Fashion Communication), B.A (Hons.) (Fashion Media Communication).

One can also learn online from several web courses available. In fact, if you get yourself into Journalism and Mass Communication After 12th, and get a master’s, you can also excel in Fashion Journalism. Provided, you have the sense and capability to develop the techniques required in fashion field. (You already know what!)

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Top Colleges To Study Fashion Journalism :

These all the colleges provide you with Under Graduate, Post Graduate degrees along with other courses. But if you are eager to learn, always start Googling. You will understand if you can grow interest in these courses or not. Information is pretty much available in 2021 if you are curious enough to hunt it down.

Q. How Much Money A Fashion Journalist Makes?


For starting, you can get a package of 2 to 3 lakhs an annum. Which is roughly around 20K a month. That’s for a fresher is quite okay. But the ultimate game begins when you get into the field and hustle. The better you get at your work, you get paid more.

There are options to do freelancing too for several News Papers, Magazines, TV channels, Blogs, YouTube pages, Instagram. If you are good, you can start your own media too.

Q. What Is The Future Of Fashion Journalism In India?

In one simple word – Competitive. As there are Print Media which includes News Paper, Magazines. There is Television. But most importantly, there are Blogs, MicroBlogs (Tweets and Insta posts), there is Pinterest, YouTube. And the fun part is India is not losing it’s readership of Newspaper much. Unlike the USA losing 10% of their newspaper readers annually. That’s not the case in India. Every platform is well equipped and modernized.

Now here is another important question. All the YouTubers and Bloggers who are doing fashion journalism, are they well educated about fashion? Or they are just utilizing their viewership? Most of the fashion bloggers and Vloggers do not know much about fashion, or its foundation. They might have lakhs of subs, but they also need to educate themselves in the fields they are covering.

With that said, If you are opting for Fashion Journalism as a career in India, and you educate yourself and equip yourself with the needful skills, you will rock!

So what are you waiting for? 2021 has got tech, availability, reach and a vast amount of fashion going on 24×7. If you ever wanted to make fashion journalism as a career in India, this is the time.


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