The Age Of Fashion Bloggers And Influencers In India

The Fashion industry is no longer exclusively dominated by magazine or newspaper editors. Now we hear the words Bloggers and Influencers a lot around us. But who are they? And what do they do? They are the ones who made a place in the industry all by themselves. Their core job is to create the emergence of Fashion awareness. By playing the role of influencers, these Fashion bloggers are the ones who currently running the active brand promotions on their individual blogs! In today’s Fashion shows, the front rows we see are mostly filled by influencers, along with a mix of journalists, stylists, and celebrities.



What is Fashion Blogging?

The easiest way to describe a blogger is; he is someone who is known for his blog/website. It was only a decade ago that blogging started growing and getting popular. It made a huge impact on the Fashion industry. Blogging was widely accepted by brands because that made labels and brands more approachable and relatable to normal to people. Talking about Fashion Blogging, there are different types of blogs in the Fashion field. There are blogs catering to – personal style, Fashion business news, lifestyle, Fashion photography etc. Personal style blogs have become the most popular style of blogging since the audience can directly access, the point of view and unique taste of the blogger. The bloggers share their content in the form of; articles, photos, outfits styling, DIY(do it yourself), tutorials and many more.


  • Blogging scenario in India:

Unlike western countries, Fashion Blogging is still a budding industry in India. And it is seen mostly in the metropolitan cities. It is still an alien concept in many remote places in India. When it started a few years back, there was a handful of people who pursued it as a career. As it was not Fast money, and one would have to struggle. But now becoming a Fashion blogger has become a trend. People are more enthusiastic about it, and brands recognize the scope of this industry. Even families are more supportive of this field of work, and are very supportive and encouraging of their children, to choose such a challenging career path. Many surveys say, in few years blogging in Indian will make a Boom.


How to start a blog?

This may sound like a blast, but It’s hard work. And we are not going to sugar coat anything here about blogging. So if you are truly passionate about it, only then consider it. You will also find an endless number of possibilities within Fashion Blogging, in order to make it work. All you need to do is take courage and start it. But before you do, here are a few basic steps to remember before you step into Blogging:


  1. Brainstorm on Interests
  2. Find out your true Niche
  3. Get a suitable domain Name
  4. Create Original content
  5. Socialize to make a presence


It may take a while to grow to become an established blogger. But never give up. If you love what you are doing, then every effort counts, and the time will only make it better.


Who are Fashion influencers:

Influencers do not necessarily have websites or blogs ( like Fashion Bloggers ). Some of them are popular on their social media platforms. And their work is judged by the number of followers they have. These Influencers, tie up with Fashion labels and brands and create content. They have the power to influence people and help them to buy things. Brands endorse them, by inviting them to Fashion shows, parties, events, exclusive trips. On such events, bloggers are expected to wear the Brand’s clothes and promote for them on their respective social media.


To become a known influencer one should have at least 10,000 followers. Depending on the follower size, brands differentiate between micro, maxi and mega influencers. Micro influencers usually have around 10,000+ loyal followers. Maxi influencers have more than 20,000 to less than 1 million followers and Mega influencers have more than 1 million followers.


  • Scope for influencers in India:

Blogging emerged as a new current option. Even now, the scope is average in India. Now with the rising economy, startup brands and labels are gradually growing. Hence the necessity of influencers is increasing. Earlier brands used to endorse mega-celebrities and they would end up spending a fortune on them for promotions. But now, they are more into influencer marketing and getting the same results by spending less. This is why youngsters are pursuing Fashion Blogging as a profession and living life on their terms.


How to become an influencer?

In Today’s day and age, it’s not that difficult to become an influencer. But it’s not that easy either to become a good one, amidst all the competition. Why should anyone follow you or like your page? There should be something informative for your audience that will make them follow you and be influenced by you. Once you create a platform for yourself, start influencing! Create good, quality content with no compromise. And grow your network, by engaging actively with your audience.


Let’s end on the note that, Blogging, is now an accepted and prominent field of work. It involves creating content for clients and collaborating for brand promotions. Most people now follow influencers as opposed to following Fashion stylists or Brand ambassadors. Maybe because one can relate more to a blogger! Fashion Blogging is still fresh and growing fast, within the next decade, the world of styling can be taken over entirely by Influencers. To make the shift, and start recognizing blogging and influencer marketing.


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