FAQs About Co-working Space System In India

You ever thought that your office can be portable? We mean, not your laptop or gadgets. Actually a workspace, which you can call the office, and you only use it for the time you actually need it. And pay for the time you actually need it (Or, a very minimal rent). Yes, Co-working Space System in India has bloomed.


Co-working Space is like having an office in the city, wherever convenient, whenever convenient. Basically, in today’s time, people do not need a 24×7 office where everyone needs to come every day.

It’s pretty much work on-the-go or freelance from home. But it is also necessary to have an office space to conduct meetings with clients or brands, or whoever is your business associates. What to do then? Co-work!

Q. Why Does India Need Co-work Space System?


It is once believed that land is a free gift of nature. Yet as modernization is dawning upon the people of the world, the scarcity of land is a common issue that almost everyone has to deal with.

With the limited amount of land that is available we have to do a lot of work within that itself. One such problem is because of the excessive growing number of enterprises currently in the country.

Office spaces are an investment that needs to be done very wisely. Hence comes in the scene of sharing office space. Sharing office space is the millennial concept that is now overtaking the world. It is economical and smooth which serves its purpose perfectly without having to compromise on the amenities of the office.

Q. What Is A Co-work Space?


Co-working space is an efficient way of sharing the physical office space without having to bear all the consequences of actually owning a workplace all by yourself. Sharing office space is much more than using a used table or electronics but it also allows you to curb down some serious cost issues relating to your office.

Finding a perfect office in India can be a little harder than you imagine especially if you are in a tight budget. Co-working space thus comes to the rescue which allows you to utilize a lot of the amenities without actually having to pay a huge and hefty sum of money for it.

The most common and frequent ones who prefer a Co-working space are the freelancers who generally hire an office space whenever it is necessary for them. It is a brilliant thing to work out on as the positive side of Co-working is more than that of the negative.

Q. What Are The Different Types Of Co-working Space System In India?


As a budding trend Co-working office space is now emerging as a favorite amongst many people. This trend has led to co-working coming up with various kinds and types that allow people to fit in properly without having to compromise on their work. Here are the few types of co-working space –

1. Specialized Co-working Space :

As the name suggests specialized Co-working space is for special cases where it infuses newer start-up companies in order to increase the creativeness of the employees.

For the majority of the cases companies having similar product lines come together in order to have a fulfilling office sharing space experience.

Most companies preferred having specialized Co-working space in order to infuse and bring in newer and fresher perspectives into the work. It is extremely recommended and preferred by those who wish to expand and grow their enterprise.

2. Conventional Co-working Space :

The conventional Co-working space is a special type of Co-working system that basically targets start-ups for themselves. This kind of Co-working Space System in India has seen a massive hike in the last few years due to the exposure it promises to provide young entrepreneurs with their work.

It mostly has a very easy going and young vibe along with amenities like air conditioning, modern electronics and technology, beverages at call and laid back conference rooms.

This allows more and more young start-up ventures to collaborate and share their working space which ultimately proves out to be extremely beneficial for their productivity e as a whole.

3. Sophisticated Co-working Space :

The sophisticated Co-working space is a very work-related Co-working space. In this case, you will only get to share your working space with people who believe in hard work but also in recreational sports which helps to attain more productivity.

This kind of working space prefers having fancy furniture sporty cafeteria and easy-going ambiance which makes the customers and the clients extremely easy going and comfortable. Hence if you opt for a sophisticated co-work space system in India you are about to get a dash of sporty vibe with it. This is opted by more and more offices in India, as Google’s H.O has inspired.

Q. How Does Co-working Space System In India Work?


The most common users of a Co-working system are a self-employed, or freelance employee. Few enterprises use the spaces to give the employees equipment, space, and services that they generally or usually can not afford.

Bigger businesses often use Co-working facilities to give office space when they possess more than the usual employee count working. Therefore the business may maintain a certain number of memberships to the Co-working service.

For example, if you are a start-up and you are operating well enough from you and your partners’ houses. But still, when you are going for an investor, it’s not appealing enough to meet at a Café. That is when you need a Co-working Space System in India. There’s no commitment. Just the benefit of it.

Here are a few of the most commonly provided facilities in case of a co-work space system in India –

  • 24/7 access
  • Wi-Fi (Must!)
  • Printer or copier or fax machine
  • Kitchen, bathroom or lounges
  • A Reception along with a receptionist to handle a little portion of your workload.

There are many more amenities of a Co-working Space System in India, but these are the most basic ones. Basically, if you know what id cloud hosting of a website, it is the same. Almost similar!

Q. Who Actually Needs A Co-working Space System in India?


Though a proper Co-working space isn’t just restricted for certain people to get the majority use of this facility is enjoyed by specific groups of people, they are as follows –

1. Start-ups Or Young Entrepreneurs :

The first and foremost group of people who are most likely to be in a dire need of a Co-working space is the start-ups. Though the space of the working space is generally dependent on the number of people working in the start-ups yet if you are a part of a start-up you are most probable to opt for Co-working space instead.

It is believed that in the latter part most start-ups tend to find their own reliable office and shift yet, in the beginning, it is almost impossible to afford their own address.

For the most obvious reason, the budget of the start-up is usually less which makes the option for Co-working all the more reliable and resourceful.

It is a perfect example to opt for if you are looking for a low budgeted good working environment in order to increase productivity and create awareness amongst your team means without having to worry about the financial issues.

Co-working spaces definitely cheaper and efficient in their own way which facilitates the start-up to a good extent thus making it possible for everyone to work harder.

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2. Freelancers :

The concept of freelancing is mostly about working in no specific enterprise but in all throughout the market. This makes the freelancer roam around and not have a specific working space.

And that is why a freelancer when getting bulk work mostly craves for temporary office space to deal with his work. This is where you will find the importance of Co-working space.

Co-working office space is a blessing to a full-time freelancer who doesn’t have a specific time for doing the job. You can just walk in any time of the day get your job done and walk out, it can get a seamless as that.

Most importantly they do not have to worry about other crucial factors that are considered while thinking of during setting up office space.

3. Others :

Keeping these two types of workers side anyone who is required of temporary working space is advised and recommended to opt for shared office space instead of going for renting one.

Q. What Is The Average Fee For Working In A Co-work Space In India?


Co-working in India can be both easy on the pocket as well as hard. Depending upon your preferences of locations and immunities the prices keep on changing. Yet the basic average fee is as follows –

  • Bangalore & Chennai: for a city like Bangalore & Chennai the average cost of sharing in office space can vary from ₹500/- to ₹5000/- per day. More the rent better the amenities!
  • Mumbai: For the city of dreams you can get hold of your shared office space at the minimum of  ₹550/- a day. Yes, that cheap!
  • Kolkata: You can totally grab your deal in Kolkata for about ₹600/- per day. For a city like Kolkata, you get great proximity from every important location of the city too.
  • Delhi: In Delhi, you get a Co-working Space System at as low as ₹450/- per day. That is less than a meal for two in a normal Restaurant.

These were the major metro cities of India. It’s not that only Metro cities have the Co-working Space System in India, there are many more cities that have adapted to this thing. And the rates are similar to these 5 major cities in India. Yes, there are options to pay for a day, pay for multiple days, or even a month. Of course, the more time you use it for the lesser you will need to pay.

Q. What are the Advantages of working in a Co-working Space System in India?


There are loads. Let us summarize the best of the advantages for you to understand its immense popularity and adaptation.

  • No Lump-sum Investment: There’s no lump-sum investment to buy an office or rent one with high-security deposit and long term contracts.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility is important and Co-working Space provides you every bit of it. There’s every single amenity availed from furniture to WiFi in the office. Get in when you need it. Get out when you are done. Pay just for the time you use.
  • Better Impression & Productivity: You make a good impression even if you are a start-up. It’s always about making a good impression at first. So don’t worry about the cacophony of CCD when you have the next big meeting with your client.

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Q. What Are The Disadvantages Of The Co-working Space System In India?


There are not many disadvantages to the young generation.

  • It’s not a 100% supplement of an actual office environment: Yes, it’s not. It will never give you either the warmth of your own office or the smirk of being in charge of the control. Both don’t happen in a Co-working Space. You miss that essence.

Keeping this single point aside, it’s the best deal to crack.

Some Of The Best Co-working Space System In India :


Best Co-working Spaces in Mumbai :

  • The Placye – Mulund West
  • The Hymn – Chuim Village
  • Bombay Connect- Bandra
  • Kolaba Social – Lower Parel
  • Geekout- Andheri

Best Co-working Spaces In Delhi :

  • 91 Springboard
  • Innov8
  • Social Offline
  • Investopad
  • The Studio
  • Incuspaze DLF Cyber Greens Gurugram

Best Co-working Spaces In Bangalore :

  • Bangalore Alpha Lab
  • CoWork Café
  • Bangalore Coworking Hub
  • Cobalt BLR
  • Cowork India

Best Co-working Spaces In Pune :

  • The Mesh
  • Regus
  • E-Loft
  • Entrepreneur Facilitation Centre and Development
  • Breathing Room
  • Level 212

Meanwhile, Co-working Space in India has kicked in for all the good reasons! It’s time to adapt something really meaningful and fast. So, young India, what are you up to?


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