How Fake Instagram Followers Killing Your Account

Are fake Instagram followers killing your account? YES! They Are. Haven’t you ever been tempted to multiply your Instagram followers by 10 times? Surely you must have seen YouTube videos or have read articles where it claims & actually gets you Instagram followers. Well, they say ‘Real’ Instagram followers.


By ‘Real’, they mean ‘Not Bots’. In fact, most of them do not promise ‘Real followers’ so you definitely increase the numbers of bots in your followers. Fake Instagram followers killing your account badly. You are thinking what’s the harm? We are going to enlighten you exactly what’s the harm.

Can One Buy Fake Instagram Followers?


Yes. Fake Instagram followers are easily available by multiple agencies where you just need to pay as little as $10 for One Thousand Instagram Followers, which is costing you less than a rupee for each follower. Ezlikers, Perfectlikers, Socialfollow and there are so many more website & apps which provides you with this service.

Also, many websites and apps claim to give you free Instagram Followers, that is even more harmful, as your follower will definitely increase, and so will your following list. You will need to follow at least a hundred people to earn coins and later redeem them. The worst part is, your account is insecure from the moment you log in with your Username & Password.

The agency which is giving out followers is also using your account to follow others and increase their followers without you even knowing. That is a breach of privacy and trust.

 So, paying money is the safest option amongst all, but not at all a wise one, as at the end of the day fake Instagram followers killing your account.

If you still want to increase your Instagram followers overnight and harm your account, we are going to give you more solid reasons to not do it.

7 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Followers On Instagram?

Well, there are plenty of them. One should not buy Instagram followers ever, firstly for moral issues, secondly, it harms your account. Let’s sum it up with some solid reasons.

1. No Real Engagement :

How will you feel if you have 100K followers on Instagram? Great, right? But how will you feel when from that 100K followers, you get only 90-100 likes & 12-14 comments on your post? How embarrassing will you feel?

That is the harsh reality when you buy followers. When followers are bought, most of them are bots. So they are not going to engage anyhow. And the rest are normal accounts which don’t even know that it followed you! So there are no chances of them to come and engage in your posts either.

And if your Instagram account doesn’t have engagement, Instagram will not anyway entertain your account in the very first place. If it doesn’t have engagement, no brands will reach you to perform paid promotions be it you have 1M followers! And less than 1% engagement!

Engagement: On Social Media, Engagement means when people engage with your posts, as in Like, Comment, Share, Repost, Tag and other activities where they are not only scrolling past your post, but also enacting upon.

Without Engagement, your fake followers are ultimate of no use. Fake Instagram followers killing your account as there is no engagement, so your account’s algorithm is on the bad books of Instagram.

2. Will You Like Bot’s Comments?

The simple answer is, NO. Nobody likes Bot’s comments. Bot comments are mostly spam, and once your comment section is ruined with spam messages, no one would like to interact there, not even the real followers you had before.

Bot comments inappropriate things on your posts! Which might make you feel really uncomfortable. 20 years down the line, maybe Bots will be infused will smarter Artificial Intelligence, and they will be able to talk to you as properly as Google Assistant, but the time is still yet to come, till then you will actually not like Bots commenting on your posts. So Red Alert!

3. Because Instagram Takes Away The Fake Followers :


Do you want 10K followers on Instagram? You can easily spend some money and buy them! It’s easy. But things get worse when Instagram searches your Fake followers and removes them. Instagram runs plenty of purging operations where your fake followers will be taken away by Instagram, and eventually, you will lose them soon.

Why wasting money? Fake Instagram followers kill your account very badly, as once the followers are taken away your account’s algorithm gets negatively affected, and eventually your account faces trouble to even grow organically.

So buying Fake and Non-Engaging Instagram followers are no way worth it. Instead, you can focus on your content and interactions to enhance your followers in an organic way. We will get to the topic where you will get to know – how to get real followers on Instagram organically.

4. You Can’t Be An Influencer :


There’s a myth that if you have 100K Instagram followers you can be a great Social Media Influencer and earn tons of money through it. Well, that is not the case.

Any brand does not fall for the number games, all they see is engagement on your posts. If you have 20K followers only, but you have a 10% to 20% engagement rate, you are good to go to influence those 2-4K people who regularly engage with your posts.

Fake followers will not bring any engagement to your posts, so it is worthless to have them anyway. Fake Instagram Followers kill your account so bad that even in the future, you will not be able to grow organically. So, Don’t buy them.

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5. Why Violate The Terms Of Use?


It is strictly prohibited to increase your Instagram followers by wrong means. There are cases, where Instagram understood an account is increasing followers using fake followers, and Instagram had eventually banned the account permanently.

So why gambling with your social reputation. You can eventually create another ID, but what is the point of spending money behind that suspended account anyway?

6. Spam Alert :


Basically, how the agency’s business model work who provides fake followers is pretty simple. The people who want to buy followers, they provide them either in exchange for money or their credentials or sometimes both. In the later case, they get access of their account, by using which they can follow other accounts (From your account) who further want to buy followers.

Also, if a company wants to sell something, be it Supplement or Local One Night Services, they also advertise through the bots which are in your followers’ list. So your Instagram account gets loads of spam messages which you will hate. Fake Instagram followers kill your account is such ways. So why opting for it?

7. Can’t Make Money, Anyway :


Alright, so if you buy fake Instagram followers-

  • They are not engaging in your posts, as they are bots.
  • The engagement difference between a real account and your account will be seen and understood.
  • The brands will not fall for the number, they will fall for the engagement.

And there is no engagement! They are only numbers! So, you anyway can not make money out of it. On the worst condition, Instagram will take away your fake followers once they run a purge operation.

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These were the top reasons which explain how fake Instagram followers kill your account! Now, we don’t want to disappoint you. If you want a good number of followers on your Instagram, being our patron, you definitely deserve to have them! The question is – How?

Well, here you go.

How To Get Instagram Followers Organically?

There are various tricks and hacks! But the best ever suggestion we would like to give is…

Rome wasn’t built in a day, not even in a night! But in decades!

So, you need to have patience, and know the hacks, and pay them well!

1. Content Is The King :

Your content will make the difference! If you have good content in your account, people will anyway come to your account and see them! If they will like, they will follow you and engage! Work on your content.

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2. Use Hashtags!


Hashtags help you to categorize your content. Suppose you are someone who uploads posts about fashion, then use fashion-related hashtags. Just Google best hashtags for fashion, and you will get plenty of results to select from. Use 5-6 hashtags of more than 1M mention, 5-6 hashtags of above 500K mention, 5-6 hashtags of 250K-500K, 3-4 hashtags of 100K to 250K, and a solid 8-10 hashtags of below 100K mention. Also, you can focus on less than 5K mentions too.

This will make your post visible in most of the communities related to fashion. Remember, your post will only have a few secs to appeal on the trending searches, so make sure it’s appealing.

3. Post Regularly :

Yes, you need to be consistent. Post regularly, even if it’s one post. It’s great if you can post 3-4 posts a day! But posting regularly will get you to Instagram’s good books.

4. Use Stories :


They are the biggest tool for them who wants to grow. Use 10 hashtags on stories, mention people, use music, make it look appealing, and do it every day. Stories are the ultimate game-changer.

5. Engage :


Also, Instagram is a community, so you must engage with other people in the community as well to grow. Just like the ‘Hi, Watsup!’ is capable of you have a great conversation at a party, so does on Instagram.

These were the simplest but useful hacks for all of you, who want to grow on Instagram but with Organic followers.

FAQs :

Q. Can you buy real Instagram followers?

Instagram is a social media that allows people to discover themselves. It is extremely tempting to increase your Instagram follower count and people have come up with ways to make it happen. More followers on Instagram indicate more awareness amongst the people of the web.

 Though most people like generating organic crowd, a few like the numbers to increase drastically. To satisfy this, people mostly incline in buying Instagram followers. There are various agencies that provide Instagram followers at a minimal cost to whoever is seeking.

Though at the beginning it might seem to be like a good idea in the later part you will realize that these Instagram followers are mostly either bots or inactive users. The problem with having inactive followers is that they won’t engage in your posts. These agencies who provide you with followers also look out for others to be followed.

You can easily follow the people they are offering to get a follow back naturally with minimal cost and insurance of post engagement in the future. Hence to answer the question you can indirectly opt for real followers on Instagram.

Q. Is It Legal to Buy Fake followers?

Firstly, Fake Instagram Followers kill your account. Secondly, it is illegal. Instagram can ban your account the moment they feel like once they know you have broken the community guidelines and terms of use, as both prohibit the act of buying followers by any means.

Q. How much does it cost to buy followers on Instagram?

There are many sites who provide such services. And in most cases, it will cost you less than a rupee for every follower, sorry, fake follower. One can get 500 followers in less than $7. It varies from site to site, but this is the average. But friendly reminder again: Fake Instagram followers killing your account.

Q. Do buying Likes & Comments on Instagram is bad?

Yes. It is bad on so many levels. Firstly, morally. Secondly, technically! As they’re not your real engagement. Thirdly, once you get caught, you are screwed by Instagram. Fourthly, it harms your real engagement too. So you tell me, how bad it is?

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