Does Love Remain The Same Even After marriage?

What is love? The elated feeling of romantic love we all feel deeply. But can it last? It’s the one question most people ask themselves. The answer is YES! Science tells us that romantic love or “real love” can last! So here’s more about how does love remain the same even after marriage. 


Most people are cynical about the prospect of romantic love, and whether it endures over time and through obstacles. Around 50% of marriages in the US end in divorce, which can make most people question if love can last? However, when it is a long-term partnership, with romantic love, it tends to succeed. The love fades into companionship and the couple remains in love. How long does the first flush of infatuation and intoxication and emotional experience really last in a relationship? 

The assumption is that it withers with time, but science has proven otherwise. The love in the hearts of many has been known to last for a lucky few. So what is it that we need to do to make this lasting love and passion attainable for more of us? 

5 Reasons True Love Never Changes Even After Marriage :

Romantic love can last the course of many years, even forever. It is a positive function in the brain that helps it understand and pursue romantic love. In a long term relationship, one might often wonder,” does love remain the same even after marriage.” Despite all odds, like troubles and misunderstandings in a few relationships, a study explained that our brain, in long-term relationships has goal-oriented behavior to attain rewards.

These rewards are a result of love and include stress release, reduction of anxiety, feelings of security, calmness and a union with another. If the love you share with your partner is true, then it can sustain forever, but to determine whether that is true or not, here are a few facts of a loving relationship that lasts over time. To understand better, keep reading to know more. 

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1. A Sense Of “Love Blindness”


They say love is blind, and in this case, it is true! When a couple is in love, they say that it makes us idealize and maintain positive illusions about our partners. For instance, irrespective of what it may appear, you always see them as good looking, intelligent, funny and caring! Your partner is a total “catch” to you and only helps you remain happy over time.

If the question is does love remain the same even after marriage? Then you must understand that when we first fall in love with someone, we worship everything about them and hence maintain a sense of “love blindness” which can also remain in a long-lasting passionate relationship.

2. There Is Always Something New To Try :


One way to ensure does love remain the same even after marriage, is always trying new things together. Boredom is bad for any relationship that is long-term, as it can become a major obstacle to lasting romantic love. One way successful couples keep things interesting is participating in new or challenging activities that can often help in self-improvement. Studies suggest that these couples experience the most intense love and as a result maintain a strong physical and emotional attraction to each other. 

3. Being Independent Of Each Other :


In a long term relationship, it is obvious that couples tend to start depending on each other, it is a result of the partnership for security and stability, however, this can dampen the erotic spark, explain experts. If the couple sees each other occasionally doing their own thing or taking charge or control of things without the other’s involvement, it can keep the spark going. The element of neediness can hamper desire, when the desire is strong, then there is radiance and confidence in the couple. 

4. Passion For Life Drives Passion In love :


Psychologists answer to does love remain the same even after marriage, is yes. They say that couples who have a strong passion for life are successful in maintaining long romantic relationships. Science shows that individuals who exhibit excitement for life and passion towards their approach to daily life can evoke strong emotions in their relationship and intense feelings over their loved ones too.

So if you want your long term relationship to have love always, then make sure to be passionate about life and your emotional energy will improve in work and personal life. Surveys suggest those couples who have the most frequent and satisfying sex tend to have long term and loving relationships

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5. Invest Time And Energy Into The Relationship :


When you asked a couple of years ago, does love remain the same even after marriage? Then the answer would have been different, as individuals used to look to marriage for safety and security. However the societal standard has shifted, and men and women now only enter into marriage for personal fulfillment and self-actualization.

When you get married for such reasons, the marriage can be much more satisfying for both the partners. This way you can ensure that you and your partner can invest more time and energy into your relationship for it to be successful. As long as each partner is able to put ahead, more of their resources into the relationship, it becomes a self-expressive marriage that can have a better success rate.

Concluding With…

Don’t get married just so that it can serve your basic needs for companionship. There is so much more it can offer when it comes to self-improvement. These days psychologists suggest couples get married as a source of self-fulfillment. As it can be a driving force for long-term romantic love. As long as both partners are willing to put more of their efforts and passion into the relationship. It can become more satisfying as well as good for personal well-being. 


Recent studies show that desire and passion are much stronger and enduring than we suppose them to be. Couples often make the mistake of reassuring connection, as we don’t understand the needs, and send out distorted messages and advice, when what our partner needs is emotional presence. Studies have been telling us for years now, that love is the logical solution for survival in this world, and satisfying your emotional needs and much more, along with self-development are key ingredients in love. 

Once you understand the bonds of love, in the current generation, and shape it to your own relationship, you can have a love that lasts a lifetime. Then you will never question “does love remain the same even after marriage?” You will have a love that makes you feel stronger and passionate. 

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