Does Using Hair Dryer Cause Baldness In Men?

Today one of the most commonly asked questions, “does using hair dryer cause baldness?” Well with the current generation, there exist a lot of problems specifically on the body. And among them, hair loss is something that every other man is facing nowadays. Especially when there are so many movies made on men’s baldness, we thought to address it in a useful way.


Hair loss has become widespread today which is attacking not any specific gender but to all. There can be a variety of reasons, why people suffer from hair loss but the most common belief is because of using hair accessories. There are a lot of hair accessories involved in using chemicals thus causing your hair to shed.

But, what else causes hair loss? A hairdryer? Let’s find out.

The Hair Loss Story :

Products like hair gel, hair wax, using a flat iron can be harmful to your hair health as a whole. Amongst all of these speculations, a very common question persists. Whether a hairdryer can lead to baldness for hair loss?

To be honest the answer to this question lies in your hands. Excessive use of any product can prove out to be harmful and it is no different from a hair dryer. There can be various people use a hair dryer on a daily basis as well. The main trick for using a hair dryer without compromising on your hair health is by knowing how to do the process!

The majority of the people failed to understand the process itself and do it wrong which causes you to lose much more hair.

Does Using Hair Dryer Cause Baldness?


As mentioned previously if you use your hair dryer too much! chances exist of you losing your hair. Therefore a couple of precautions are important and necessary to be adapted.

  • The first step you can take in order to not let your hair dryer affect the health of your hair is by using the cool mode. Almost every modern hair dryer comes with both hot and cool air. Hence using the cooler air will cause less damage to the hair thus causing less hair fall.
  • Another important thing is to keep the hair dryer at a certain distance away from the hair. You should definitely maintain the distance and try drying the hair closer to the tips rather than the roots. Direct heat for hot air near the scalp can dry away moisture, which in turn will make your hair dry.
  • The damage caused to hair can be irrecoverable as well. The easiest way to deal with this problem is by conditioning your hair beforehand drying or oiling it so as the hairdryer does not make your hair dry.

Though there isn’t any evidence that proves that using a hair dryer can directly cause hair fall but the fact that it dries up your scalp can result in hair fall, which may lead to baldness.

7 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Falling Out :

1. Because You Are Super Stressed :


It is believed that health is all interconnected. A part of the body always affects the other. Any kind of trauma similarly has a direct link to hair fall.

Stress is a very common trauma that the body faces. This results in malfunctioning of the body thus causing you to lose a significant amount of hair. Mental health is indirect sync with body and therefore keeping up with it is necessary to maintain the health of your hair.

Stress makes your cuticles be pushed upward so as they fall prematurely causing you the problem of severe hair fall. Therefore it is extremely important to deal with stress so as not to make this hair fall a permanent thing. Not sure about ‘does using hair dryer cause baldness’, but your stress does.

2. You Are Not Eating Enough Protein :


Considered to be one of the most important elements in the human body protein is extremely crucial for the whole system. Lack of protein can cause severe damages in the body as in whole but can affect your hair health the most.

It is believed that after a month or so when your body detects deficiency of protein it draws nutrition from your hair. Protein in your hair growth pleases a significant role that allows and promotes hair growth and keeps the hair healthy. Therefore it is extremely crucial to remember to consume enough protein for the body as well as for the hair. Also not sure about does using hair dryer cause baldness, but lack of protein does.

3. You Are Styling Your hair Too Much :


Styling and experimenting with your hair can be a fun thing to try. Yet there remains some kind of precautions that should be taken in order not to harm the hair. Products like wax, gel or even styling tools including blow dryer or hair straighteners can affect your hair adversely.

Hence you should be really careful as to what product you are using and how much of it. Excessive use of any of the above-mentioned styling products can result in damage to hair which with furthermore use can lead to severe hair fall which might not be temporary in nature.

It is completely understandable that you choose to style your hair with accessories one so while but using it every day throughout to be really harmful. Rather after conditioning your hair you should let it a dry or use natural methods for curling or straightening your hair which doesn’t compromise with your health of the hair.

If you ever worried about ‘Does using hair dryer cause baldness’, be more worried about hair sprays and hair waxes. Only exceptions are naturally made products with the lowest chemical possible.

4. You Have Vitamin Deficiency :


Generally, deficiency of Vitamin D & B is also the main cause of hair loss. If you witness sudden or gradual hair loss, chances are there that you have vitamin B deficiency. How to boost up your Vitamin B without popping pills? Have starchy vegetables! Have fish oil and fishes, they are enriched with Vitamin B. Also, one can rely on fruits which are not citrus in nature.

Also, not all Vitamins are good for your hair. If you have excessive vitamin A in your nutrition, you will lose hair too. So keep the vitamin A in level.

What about vitamin D? It is clinically proven that loss of Vitamin D can enhance your hair loss. How to refill the Vitamin D level in your body? Have Eggs and Avocados. Have Chia seeds every morning empty stomach. Don’t shy away from cheese in your meals. Have different types of nuts in your diet to dose up your vitamin D.

With all the important Vitamins in level, you can control your hair fall.

5. You Are Smoking Cigarettes A Lot :


Nope, if you thought you are only goofing up with your lungs when you are smoking excessively, you are wrong. Smoking is actually one of the major reasons why your hair is falling. Does using hair dryer cause baldness? A little. Does smoking cause baldness? Hell yes!

How to get rid of smoking? There are no hard and fastened rules following which one can leave smoking completely. All have their own strong guts to stop smoking, or at least minimize it to the least. You have to be headstrong that “I AM NOT SMOKING!”, if you succeed, give yourself a lavish treat. That will motivate. Or ask your closed ones to keep you motivated.

6. Hair Products Are Really Bad :


Show us one person who has used hair gels excessively and didn’t face hair issues. Just one. It is impossible that your hair will get unaffected by such harmful products you put on your hair. Hair wax and hair sprays are also part of it. Hair colors have ammonia in it which is a great enhancer in hair loss.

Make sure to shift to healthy hair products. The organic companies bring you 100% natural and organic hair products without much chemical. Rely on them if you want to save your hair. As already said earlier, does using hair dryer cause baldness? A little. Hair product? Way beyond.

7. You Are Getting Older :

With age, people lose their hair. It is natural. But it can be controlled with specific lifestyle choices. Positive lifestyle choices can boost up your entire health, and your hair is a big part of it. Having organic and healthy food can eliminate most of the bad elements in your body, and a clean healthy body will help you to have better hair.

Fighting age is tough, but if you stick to a healthy lifestyle where you have good nutrition, proper sleep and know how to keep your mental peace intact, you are all set to live life in your own terms. Getting older will become just a number that time.

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These were the top few reasons of your hair loss including hair dryer. Does using hair dryer cause baldness? Yes. Do all the other above points do? Yes, they harm even more. But, let’s talk about how can one take care of his hair at home? There’s no need for a weekly spa, it’s all under budget. Don’t worry!

How To Take Care Of Your Hair At Home?


There is plenty of home remedies one can have to take care of his hair at home.

  • Message With Essential Oils: Messaging your hair and scalp is the most satisfying. No one can deny that. But while messaging it with essential oils like coconut oil, onion oil, lavender, almond, or sesame promotes betterment of your hair. Also, hot oil treatments can also work on your scalp very soon.
  • Eggs: If you can, have eggs on your hair. Just take an egg, break it, take the yolk and egg white in a mixture and apply it on your hair. It directly nourishes your hair with all the important Vitamins and minerals it was lacking. If not preferred raw eggs, then apply egg oils on your head.
  • Use Aloe Vera And Neem Paste: Aloe vera and Neem Paste together work like wonder. Applying this mixture will promote your hair growth in a positive way. This kind of mixture helps to maintain great hair growth even at night.
  • Henna Strengthens Your Hair: Henna is also a great element for your hair. It provides extra strength for your hair. Once the hair is strong enough, you will not need to worry about the hair loss problem anymore. – Source

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These are all the hacks to prevent hair loss at home. Along with the hacks to strengthen your hair, too. We hope that you have found this article helpful and got the answer if hair dryer causes baldness in men.

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