What Do Women Think About Men’s Chest Hair & How To Groom It

Every man out there, with a unique chest-hair style, has one doubt in mind, do women like men’s chest hair? If you have ever wondered the same, then keep reading. As a man, you must embrace your body hair situation. However, a little grooming ain’t no bad thing! There is no right or wrong here, body hair preferences depend on the person. There are women out there who love their men smooth and waxed! While some women love a hairy chest! While some just want it neat and trimmed. Most women prefer a little body hair, whether it’s trimmed or naturally less-dense. Different people, get turned on by different things, so this is entirely subjective to the woman in your life. If you are clueless about what to do with your chest hair situation, here are the different types of chest hair that women find attractive.



Not Too Hairy :

Some women prefer a men’s chest hair, but not too much, instead they prefer it to be barely visible. If your woman doesn’t like too much body hair, then you should consider getting it trimmed regularly. You can try to get it waxed, but not all the way. Avoid getting it completely removed if your lady likes a bit of a stubble situation going on. Leave a few spots hairy still, like the middle of your chest. Some women like a little hair in specific patterns and places. If you are naturally not-too-hairy then don’t sweat it. Your woman probably likes your chest hair, just the way it is.



Hairy All The Way :

If you are Hairy all-the-way, but conscious about it, then you should know that some women find hairy men hot! When it comes to Men’s chest hair, they believe, the hairier the better! So if you’ve got a bushy situation going on there, then don’t worry, your woman might just love it. A hairy chest, spread across the torso and back, is actually considered sexy for some women. All you should do is ensure that your mane is nicely taken care of. You don’t want your hair to be nasty or smell foul. Keep it washed and clean from sweat always. If you are naturally a Hairy man, then cherish your hairy chest!



Smooth All The Way :

If your woman or someone you wish to pursue is into smooth bods, then you’re in for some grooming sessions. Talking about men’s chest hair, some woman like a smooth chest, that is defined and muscular. A smooth torso and slightly hairy arms can turn some women on. The smooth all-the-way chest is popular in film and modeling fields, where she could have built a liking from. To get that well-maintained, hairless chest, you need to groom yourself regularly. Go for regular waxing sessions. You can shave it off too, but if your growth is thick and fast, it will only demand more of your time to keep doing it often.



Flexible Either Way!

In most case scenarios, your woman just loves you the way you are! And it’s up to you whether you want to keep it hairy, trimmed or waxed. If you are confident and carry your chest hair with pride then you don’t have to worry about it. So whether you have a hairy chest or not, your woman will like it either way. Like we mentioned above, it is subjective to the woman you are with. As long as you like how you look, then there’s nothing more attractive than that. Hairy or hairless, a confident man shirtless, is the hottest thing ever, according to most women!


Man or woman, we all have the right to groom our bodies the way we please. Sometimes we do things for our significant others. But you should be confident with how your body looks. If you sport your look with confidence, without making a big deal about men’s chest hair, you will be a hot commodity. Never trim or wax your body only because you think that is attractive. Do it if you personally want to give it a try or do it for a loved one. Always remember, being comfortable in your own natural skin is the most attractive trait in a man, that woman love.

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