Dining Etiquette Every Gentleman Should Know

Dining etiquette is one of the most valuable skills that any gentleman should possess, professionally or personally. When you have good table manners, then it makes formal meetings, or even dates, more comfortable and gives a good impression about you. There are some table manners and dining etiquette every man should master, and we are here to guide you. We bring to you the gentleman’s guide to proper dining etiquette. Whether its a meeting with your boss or a date with your fiance’s parents, bad table manners can be very off-putting. Here are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to restaurant etiquette for men

What is Dining Etiquette :

First, let’s get clear on what we mean when we say dining etiquette. Etiquette is how one handles himself in front of others, and a part of etiquette is also manners. Manners is polite and accepted behavior. In that context, Dining etiquette is table manners or eating politely when you sit down with a group or any significant person. Now let’s get on with table manners that every gentleman must know.


Rule #1 Dining Etiquette starts Before The Table :

Dining etiquette starts even before you start your food. Firstly, it is very important to be on time especially when it’s a formal meet. And dress neatly based on the occasion. Once you reach, wait to greet your company, and wait till they sit if you are the host. On some social occasions, if you are meeting with a lady, make sure to pull her chair for her to sit before you do. Once your meal is over, don’t be in a rush to leave the table. Wait politely for your company to finish and stand to leave the table. All these little things matter when it comes to dining etiquette for gentlemen.


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Rule #2 The Napkin belongs on the Lap :

A lot of us tend to leave the provided napkin on the table. But the purpose of the napkin is to avoid dropping food on your clothes as you eat. So once the food arrives, make sure to grab the napkin and place it on your lap, and occasionally use it to wipe your face or hands from food debris. But in case you need to stand up or excuse yourself to the bathroom, just place the napkin, as it is, next to your plate, until you return. And post your meal, use the napkin to clean up after yourself, and wipe away your face free from any food debris. Napkin not only shows good dining etiquette but also that you keep yourself clean.


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Rule #3 Hold the Utensils rightly :

This is one rule most of us ignore. But this is one table manner that every Indian gentleman must know. Some of us are not taught to eat with silverware, so we prefer eating with our bare hands. But that is not right! Practice eating your dinner with cutlery. Use a fork and knife, and start by holding the fork with your left hand, and knife on the right. Eating bare hands or using the cutlery wrong can sometimes be considered as bad demeanor or poor dining etiquette in some high-end restaurants. Also, keep in mind to avoid placing your elbows on the table while you eat your meal with the fork and knife.


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Rule #4 Keep Your Mouth Closed :

When there is food in your mouth, DO NOT SPEAK! Another poor dining etiquette is chewing your food with an open mouth. You don’t want to spit food on your guest, or even show them what’s in your mouth. No one joining you for a meal would want to see or hear you eat, so it would only be a bother. So make sure when you eat, that you keep your mouth closed, and chew your food gently. Take slow and small bites to avoid food getting all over your face. And if accidentally you spit out food, or drop it while reaching for your mouth, make sure to excuse yourself and immediately use a napkin to wipe away the debris.


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Rule #5 Gluttony us Not Attractive :

Lastly, Gluttony, or excessive eating, is not a good trait when it comes to proper dining etiquette. You may be someone who loves to eat, but on formal occasions, it’s best to stick to a normal rate. And when you are overeating, you tend to stuff yourself, and even lean over and eat, all come under poor table manners. Be polite and ask for seconds, and have average amounts of food in your plate. Don’t rush yourself to eat, and bring the food to your mouth gently. Apart from overeating, another problem is over drinking. You may ask for a drink if offered, but avoid going for a second unless you absolutely need to, or you have a company. A gentleman never over drinks.


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So these rules are all you need to know when it comes to dining etiquette or table manners. To sum up, be on time, avoid being messy, use the cutlery right, eat limited, and be polite to your company. These are table manners every man should master, and you are good to go!

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