Couple Tattoos: Are Matching Tattoos A Good Idea?

Getting a tattoo, is a gesture that shows that your commitment has just sealed the deal! For most couples, this is a ritual that showcases their love and loyalty towards each other. In the heat of the moment, getting a couple tattoos with your bae can sound romantic, however, there are few things you must consider before your rush to the tattoo parlor.


In simple words, both Ink and Love, mean lifetime commitment, and since your tattoo won’t fade, make sure you get it with the right person.

Couple Tattoos are a popular concept, from celebs to normal people, have gotten matching tattoos with their partners. And over the years the trends have also switched in this area, from designs to sizes. Couples find this gesture very passionate, and a way to express their love for their partners.

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Couples who rush into this and later separate often find themselves in a dilemma, to cover up the tattoo or get it permanently removed. But those who are in it for the long run, often find this as a symbol of forever of their love and relationship. Want to know if you should get a couple tattoos or not? Keep reading to understand if it’s a good idea.

Is She The One? 


First, ask yourself this question, is she the one? No matter how long you may have been together, you must have the confidence that this will be the person for whom you will permanently get inked. Yes, you can always remove the tattoo or cover it up if it doesn’t work out, but it is a huge task. Therefore all you need to do is a little soul-searching, to determine if she is “the one” for whom you want to go through the physical and emotional step.

Once you do, you will feel even more love towards your special one. Now you will have a permanent mark that symbolizes your love with your couple tattoos.

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What Tattoo Should You Get? 


If you have decided to go through with this, don’t settle for the common designs. The problem with stereotype couple tattoos is that they lose their true meaning. So many people have repeated this tattoo that there’s no special element left. Tattoos are permanent and removing them is a painful process, therefore you should get something that is symbolic, or meaningful, rather than something even an 8-year-old would be able to crack.

For example, instead of simply getting each other’s names tattooed, a couple tattooed their partner’s interests or characteristics. Or something very personal only both of you know. This will add a secret meaning to your matching tattoos. 

Do You Have A Story Together?


A common mistake most new couples make is, they go into it without knowing each other well. When getting a couple tattoos, make sure you have a good journey to talk about, especially when people ask about your tattoos. Whatever tattoo you get must have a connection with your life and journey, only then will it have a true meaning. Most often people get tattoos that they have no proper explanation to, either because it’s nothing unique, or that it’s a common design that needs no explanation. 

This Is A Long Term Tattoo


Consider this to be a long term tattoo, therefore, yet another reason to get a meaning design as couple tattoos. Consider this factor before you rush into this. The design and the tattoo in itself is a long term symbol of your love. Therefore choose wisely. Don’t get a tattoo that you might regret 5 years down the road. It’s a pain to get it reworked or to remove it, not to forget, an expensive process. If you are confident about your tattoo and about your partner, then what’s stopping you? Go get it done right away.

Where(Placement) To Get A Tattoo?

Last but not the least. Another important factor when you are getting couple tattoos is placement! Yes, that’s right. You may argue that how does body placement matter? But it does, since it’s a shared tattoo, you might want to plan where you want to get inked on your body. If it’s a placement that is too personal/private, you might not even be able to show them off to your partner’s work friends. Or if your location doesn’t match, it makes no sense!

You can both get it on opposite wrists, or on the same place on your back. Do it in a place that is less private so you can show them off together as a couple. 

Couple tattoos is a simple, yet a strong way of telling your partner how much they mean to you. You can either go simple or go all out. It is a small way of connecting each other even if you are far apart. Whether it’s 2 pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, or lock and key, or a tattoo that symbolizes her character, get something meaningful that shows her how much you love her. Now that you have considered all these steps, we hope you make the right decision!

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