A Complete Guide On How To Manage Frizzy Hair For Men

When it comes to frizzy hair, men are just as likely to have it as women. If your hair sticks out or curls away from your head, looking slightly puffy, then you have frizzy hair. Having frizzy hair is a common issue that most men deal with. If you have kinky or curly hair then your hair is more prone to get frizzy or drying out. But don’t worry we are here to guide you on how to manage frizzy hair for men. 

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Frizzy hair may be difficult to manage, but making a few changes to your hair care habits can help you tame that frizz significantly. In this guide you will see how excessive, washing, or using products that dry your hair out or regular styling/heating can contribute to all that frizziness. So let’s begin with the most common causes for frizzy hair in men. Keep reading to know more.

Q. What Causes Frizzy Hair In Men?

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Before we get into the causes that contribute to Frizziness in men, let’s first understand a little about hair. Hair is made up of three layers. These layers are the medulla, cortex, and cuticle, from the most inner to the outer layer. When it comes to the outer cuticle, it is primarily made up of flat cells that overlap, resembling the shingles on a roof. This layer protects the inner layers of your hair from environmental damage and helps lock in moisture. 

For instance, when your hair is damaged or dry, then the cuticle raises higher than the hair, rather than staying flat. Your hair gradually becomes more susceptible to damage and weaker when this happens, which eventually contributes to frizz. So let’s discuss these causes that can help us determine how to manage frizzy hair for men.

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These are the following causes that may contribute to frizziness:

  • Weather: The first reason that can cause frizziness is the weather. When the weather is hot and humid, the moisture can cause your hair to absorb moisture and swell. As a matter of which, the swelling leads the hair to become frizzy and bend irregularly. 
  • Sun Exposure: Does your work require you to be exposed to the sun a lot? Then that must be one key reason why your hair is frizzy. The ultraviolet rays from the sun exposure can cause discoloration, frizz, and brittleness of hair. 
  • Excessive Shampooing: Did you know that washing your hair too often can also be the cause of your hair to dry out and get frizzy? That’s right shampooing your hair too often can not only strip your hair of its natural oil, but it can eventually lead your hair to become dry, frizzy, and prone to tangling. 
  • Chlorinated water: Even the kind of water you use to wash your hair can dry out your hair. Therefore avoid swimming too much as it can lead to frizzy hair. If you are looking for ways on how to manage frizzy hair for men then this is one major reason. Chlorinated water in swimming pools can dry out your hair and lead to tangled and dry hair as an end result. 
  • Heating Your Hair: Do you often blow-dry or straighten your hair? Then that is one major cause for your frizziness. To have frizz-free hair, you must reduce the amount of heat you use to style your hair. If you regularly resort to blow-drying or straightening your hair, it can contribute to frizz and eventually damage your hair.
  • Friction: Wearing tight hats or drying your hair roughly with a towel are more causes that can lead to frizzy hair. The friction that comes from these activities can dry out your hair. Doing so can damage the cuticle and also the inner layers of your hair. 
  • Health Conditions: The last but the most important cause that you must consider is, underlying health conditions that could be the cause of your frizziness. A few conditions like anorexia, or eating disorders can make your hair dry and brittle, as a result of malnutrition. In some cases, thyroid disorders can also lead to dryness.

There are other medical conditions as well that can cause dry hair, and we recommend you to consult with an expert before any treatments. 

7 Ways To Treat Frizzy Hair For Men :

Now that we have discussed some common causes that can lead to frizziness or dry hair, let’s move on to a few ways on how to manage frizzy hair for men. These simple treatment options can help you manage frizzy hair at home. 

1. Shampoo Less Frequently :

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Washing your hair with shampoo too often is one major cause of frizziness. Even if you go for a moisturizing shampoo, it can still strip your hair of essential oils if you wash your hair too often. Overusing shampoos can tend to dry your hair out. We recommend you to use it only every 3 days or less often. 

While you can still rinse your hair, avoid shampooing your hair too often. In order to reduce dryness or frizz, try to shampoo your hair only when it feels oily.

2. Use The Right Shampoo & Conditioner :

As mentioned earlier, washing your hair too much can lead to dryness and eventually damage your hair’s texture. To avoid frizziness, finding the right shampoo and conditioner is crucial. As both your shampoo and conditioner play an important role in your everyday hair care routine. The right combination can help you clean your hair as well as moisturize and detangle it.

Even when you cut down washing your hair too much, you can keep an eye out while shopping for a shampoo & conditioner. One easy way is to look out for products that have the terms, “moisturizing” and “for frizzy/dry hair” as these products cater to frizz. Or you can also look for ingredients that include oils like argan oil or coconut oil. 

Lastly, avoid shampoos that contain suflates as they can further dry out your hair.

3. Use Hair Serums :

Men with curly or dry hair are more prone to frizziness. One way to manage frizzy hair for men is with the help of hair serums. Serums are silicone-based and can coat your hair to protect it from damage. Hairstylists often apply a hair serum before styling hair to avoid too much damage. 

Serums can fight dryness and frizz by preventing swelling and helping the hair retain moisture. The best time you apply a serum to your hair is immediately after washing your hair, while it is still wet. Leave-in conditioners also work the same way. 

Look for a serum that has ingredients like castor oil or aloe vera as it is more moisturizing and can protect your hair from frizz. 

4. Leave-In Conditioner Works Well :

Similar to serums, hair conditioners are also designed to provide moisture to your hair. Leave-in conditioners especially work well, as they don’t need to be rinsed out. They are typically more lightweight, when compared to the conditioners we use in the shower as they need to be washed after. Most leave-in conditioners tend to be more moisturizing than traditional conditioners as these can be left in your hair longer. 

5. Hair Oils Are Best :

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If you are struggling to know how to manage frizzy hair for men, then oiling your hair is a treatment you cannot miss. Hair oils can help keep frizz and dry hair under control by giving your hair the moisture it needs. It controls fly-away hair by making your hair easier to manage. You can find many types of oils that can help you manage frizz, and potentially reduce it. Here are a few hair oils that can be used for frizzy or dry hair:

6. Try Hair Masks :

In case you didn’t know, hair masks are a great way to nourish your hair. If you want to know how to manage frizzy hair for men, then there are many treatments. Using a hair mask can provide your hair with ingredients that can keep it moist and provide it with the nourishment it needs. You can either buy a pre-made hair mask or you can use ingredients available at home.

Make sure to use moisturizing ingredients like bananas, honey, or egg yolks as they can nourish your hair thoroughly. We recommend you leave the mask in your hair for about 20-60 minutes to get the best results. 

7. Tame The Frizz :

Apart from the conditioning treatments, another way to treat your hair from getting dry and frizzy is to ditch your regular hair towel. After washing your hair, the wrong towel can spoil your hair when it is in its most vulnerable state. Instead invest in a plush microfiber towel, as opposed to a harsh cotton towel. This way you can prevent further friction, frizz, and breakage. By shifting to a more suitable fabric, it can help dry your hair out without any damage. 

Q. How To Prevent Hair From Getting Frizzy?

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Now that we have discussed the various factors that can cause frizzy hair in men, and treatments that can help manage frizz, let’s conclude with how to prevent frizzy hair. Despite your hair being prone to frizz taking a few measures to minimize dryness and damage can prevent frizzy hair.

  • Avoid Shampooing your hair often, as it tends to wash away your hair’s natural moisture and oils and lead to dryness. If you always wonder how to manage frizzy hair for men, then you can start by shampooing your hair only when it feels greasy. 
  • Avoid Overheating your hair. If you have dry hair, use lukewarm or cool water when you wash your hair, instead of hot water. As a matter of fact, it’s a good idea to reduce blow-drying and straightening your hair if you have frizzy hair.
  • Cover your hair while swimming; as mentioned above chlorine water is bad for your hair and can lead to dryness or frizzy hair. You can still swim while wearing a swim cap to minimize the damage to your hair. 
  • Trim your hair often; one way to reduce further damage to your hair is by trimming your hair once in a while. This way you can cut away split ends and reduce further fraying and the appearance of frizz. 
  • Avoid using chemical or alcohol-based products, as they tend to dry out your hair. You can shift to more natural-based products as they are milder on your hair and won’t contribute to frizz. 
  • Eat a balanced and nutritious diet. Even lack of nutrition can lead to dry and frizzy hair. If you shift to a more balanced diet it can help avoid any nutrient deficiencies that can negatively affect your hair and its texture. Biotin and protein are 2 nutrients that are crucial in the development of your hair. 
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Bottom Line:

That’s all you need to know about how to manage frizzy hair for men. In conclusion, frizz is a common issue that men and women both deal with. It is often a result of dry and damaged hair. When you are more prone to frizzy hair, these few changes in your everyday hair care routine can go a long way. 

Opt for options that are more conditioning for your hair and will prevent it from drying out further. You can see how these few steps can positively make a difference in your hair texture. If your hair is naturally dry then embrace its texture, and make these little alterations to your lifestyle and routine and your hair will be more hydrated and nourished by the end of it. 


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