Guys College Outfit Ideas To Rock On The First Day

College! A place where we get the chance to explore so many things in our young minds in academics and personal life too. But among all the experiences we gain, the biggest one we take back is our style sense. You will not look and feel the same as you did when you first joined college. You will see that your whole style game would have changed. The best thing about college is that there are so many exciting things going on all the time, which is one of the greatest opportunities to dress to kill!

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With so many different events you need a versatile and stylish wardrobe to feel confident and empowered. If you want to look cool and make an impression, what you wear matters. The first impression is the last one, and to make the first one amazing, here are a few college outfit ideas to rock on the first day!

Here are some outfit ideas to help you out!

1. T-shirts :

Talking about college outfit ideas to rock on the first day, let’s start with the basics! T-shirts are the most staple attire among college-goers. But you can always style it differently and make it cooler. What is better than being able to express yourself with cool graphics, whether a doodle, a quote, or a simple print that conveys your vibe.

If graphic tees are not your style, you can always buy some solid tees. You can explore with the neck and fit of it, maybe try a v-neck or turtleneck or a simple round neck. Pair it with ripped denim and converse for a classic style. Tees can never go out of style, it’s casual and carefree and gives you just the right confidence you need to rock on your first day in college.

How To Style A T-shirt :

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There are plenty of ways to style a t-shirt. But here are a few ways to style it in the most simple, yet effective way. And at the same time creating a fashion statement.

2. Classic Blue Jeans :

Next on our list of college outfit ideas to rock on the first day, is the perfect pair with casual tees, a pair of classic blue jeans. Blue jeans are truly classic because of their versatility. Consider blue jeans as a must-have in your wardrobe. Don’t wear your 3-4-year-old worn-out jeans on the first day, with stains and fringed bottoms, you will only look shabby!

You want to have a good, and new pair of jeans for college. And it will be an investment because they literally go with anything and everything. There are plenty of other options for jeans in terms of their styles, washes, and fit. Pair your favorite denim with a t-shirt or a formal shirt and you will see heads turn.

How To Style Blue Jeans :

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There are plenty of options in denim/jeans to consider for your first day in college. Here are a few styling suggestions for you to rock. You can go for either a rough edgy look or a boy-next-door look.

3. Chinos :

Not everyone is so fond of denim or Jeans as their sole purpose is to be used for casual and everyday use. However, Chinos are standard trousers that are made with chino fabric, which is very comfortable to wear in any season. They are very versatile, comfortable, and suitable for most days that are to do with both casual to semi-formal occasions.

Chinos are also popular among college students and can be paired up with either t-shirts or casual shirts. We can guarantee that among college outfit ideas to rock on the first day, chinos will definitely make you stand out. A good pair of chinos will give you a very gentlemanly look.

How To Style Chinos :

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Although chinos are not very common in college if you want to rock on your first day in college you should definitely style it properly. Here are a few options for styling a chino!

4. Sneakers :

Most men are judged by their choice of footwear. And when we talk about college outfit ideas to rock on the first day, we are even talking about your choice of shoes, you can wear Oxfords, Derbies or brogues, for formals. But also pay attention to your style of casual shoes too. If you want to wear converse shoes, go for Vans, Converse, Superdry, or other fashionable brands known for their shoes.

Today sneakers are a big fashion statement, especially among celebrities. Converse shoes are the perfect style of shoes for college-going youngsters. Sneakers are stylish and flexible and can be worn for different casual and semi-formal occasions. So in order to rock on the first day of college, you should invest in a good pair of sneakers.

Here are a few great options to style your look with sneakers.

How To Style With Sneakers :

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5. Layering Your Look :

The best way to look stylish on your first day is by layering your outfit. Layering is a styling technique, which is basically clothes on clothes. Each layer works by complementing the whole outfit. Layering is always a good idea if you want to give your look an extra something. By ‘layering’ we don’t mean only jackets or blazers.

You can layer your look with casual shirts, accessories, or scarves. Layering does not only enhance your look but also works by giving you confidence from the inside. You will definitely love these college outfit ideas to rock on the first day.

Here are a few ways to layer your outfit.

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6. Groom Yourself Properly :


Finally, Now you already have an idea what to wear on your first day of college, it’s not over yet. That’s right, there’s more. If you don’t groom yourself properly all your efforts to look good would be wasted. Although grooming may sound like a lot! is not as hard as it may seem. So here are few quick grooming tips that you’re absolute should follow before getting dressed up for your first day in college.

  • Get a nice haircut done. Long or short, both works, but not shabby!
  • Trim your beard and mustache properly. Use a beard wash if you must.
  • Clip your nails neatly. Nobody likes a well-dressed werewolf!
  • Brush up, and use a mint. Wash your face with a cleanser.
  • Apply a moisturizer, or a tinted sunscreen to cover any flaws
  • Take a bath, and wash your hair. Then follow with a deodorant or a nice cologne.

That’s everything you need to know for college outfit ideas to rock on the first day of college. The key is to dress smart, and smell good! Don’t miss out on the grooming tips, as it will only make you look good, not feel good. And if you make a bad impression in grooming, it will stick with people for a while! To ensure that you pick some good clean clothes, and go neatly groomed to your college.

Another last tip is to be confident. The last but must-have trick to rock on your first day is confidence. With confidence and a stylish appeal and attitude, you can create a good impression on your co-students and faculty too. So what are you waiting for? Go and rock your first day of college!

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