Main Causes Of Insomnia And Why Men Suffer From It

Have you ever had sleep troubles? Do you find it hard to fall asleep, Or stay asleep, or do you wake up earlier than you planned or unable to stay active after waking up? If your answer was yes to this, then you probably have Insomnia. Insomnia is a common sleep disorder, that can spoil the quality of sleep. It can drain your energy levels, spoil your mood, and impact your health too. It disturbs your day to day life, reducing work performance, and overall well being. This sleep disorder may differ from person to person, but the causes of insomnia remain the same.



It is recommended that most adults need at least 6-8 hrs of sleep a night. In some cases, adults can experience a sleep disorder that is short-term insomnia, which only lasts for days or weeks. This often happens as a result of stress or a traumatic incident. But you don’t have to deal with sleepless nights for long, because just a few changes in your lifestyle and habits can help resolve insomnia.


How Much Sleep Does Everyone Need?



Do you know, how good night’s sleep impacts your health? Like we mentioned before, the amount of sleep each individual needs is different, and there’s no specific rule as to how much sleep one should get each night. On average, one can consider seven to nine hours of sleep a night, “ideal” for adults. Children tend to sleep longer since their body needs much better quality and duration of sleep as opposed to adults. More than the amount of sleep you get, what matters more is if you feel well rested or not. If you feel like you got enough sleep, that shows that your sleep quality was good. But if you are not having a complete sleep, it means that the quality of sleep is bad, or probably you’re not getting enough.


It won’t be long enough before you start noticing symptoms of insomnia and before it starts affecting the normal functioning of your everyday life, you should keep a check of your symptoms. Keep reading.


Symptoms Of Insomnia In Men :



Insomnia is easily recognizable, but people often neglect symptoms of insomnia. But disturbed sleep could also be a result of an underlying medical condition. Therefore it’s recommended to keep a check on these signs and symptoms associated with insomnia that you should regularly monitor.


  • Trouble falling asleep at night
  • Waking up earlier than desired
  • Waking up in the middle of the night
  • Daytime fatigue or sleepiness after a night’s sleep
  • Irritability, anxiety or depression
  • Lack of concentration
  • Tension and frequent headaches
  • Gastrointestinal Issues
  • Feeling of tiredness throughout the day
  • Worrying about sleep


Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation can cause other symptoms that can eventually spoil your peace and happiness. You won’t feel refreshed after waking up, your focus on work is hampered, and another symptom of Insomnia is a sensation of sleepiness and tiredness throughout the day. Here are a few causes of Insomnia that you can monitor and avoid.


Causes Of Insomnia In Men :



There are many causes of insomnia in men, could be as a result of stress or anxiety, or even a deep-rooted medical condition.  Chronic insomnia is often a case of stress, or life events or bad habits that can disrupt the peace of mind. However, when you find out the underlying cause of insomnia, it is easy to resolve the matter. Therefore it’s essential to understand some of the common causes of insomnia that most adult men face.


  • Stress :

This is no surprise, stress is a common reason for chronic insomnia. Most adults are stressed about day to day work, health, financial situation, and family. They may not show this stress during the day, but it can keep their mind active at night, causing insomnia. In some cases, adults have to deal with traumatic life events like, death, illness, divorce, or loss of a job, etc, which can also keep them up at night.


  • Work Schedule :

Another cause of insomnia in adults is a hectic work schedule. Are you taking up more work than you can handle? Then that could be the reason that you are unable to sleep at night. Your body acts as a biological clock with circadian rhythms. And if your sleep-wake cycle is not balanced, it can lead to insomnia. A bad sleep cycle can disturb the body’s metabolism. This is often a result of working at very late or early shifts.


  • Sleep Habits :

You cannot blame insomnia if you follow bad sleep habits. Because of an irregular bedtime routine and napping, it can disturb your sleep timing. If you have an uncomfortable sleep environment, like watching tv or computers, or smartphones, it can keep you up at night. Even bright lights in the room or uneasy bedding can interfere with an adult male’s normal sleep cycle. Avoid any stimulating activities before bed to be able to sleep well


  • Eating Habits :

Most people make the mistake of eating too much before bed, eating heavily late in the evening can keep you from falling asleep at night. Because when you eat too much, it can lead to physical uneasiness when you lie down. You can experience heartburn, a backflow of acid and food from the stomach to the esophagus after eating can keep you up at night.


Above are some common issues that are the causes of insomnia or elevate the symptoms of it. But there are medical conditions too that can be the cause of insomnia in men. These can often be the use of certain drugs or medical treatments that can disrupt a peaceful slumber. Keep reading.


  • Medications :

A lot of prescription drugs can interfere with peaceful sleep, like antidepressants, medications for asthma, and medications for blood pressure. These medications can often disrupt sleep. A few pain medications, allergy or cold medications can cause insomnia if used for a long duration.


  • Medical Conditions :

Another cause of insomnia is certain Medical conditions. Conditions that are linked to insomnia are chronic pain, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and asthma, etc. These conditions can keep one up at night. Therefore it’s recommended to get professional help in such cases.


  • Caffeine Effects :

Do you love having coffee, tea or any other caffeinated beverage at night? Then you should stop it right away. As drinking caffeinated beverages in late evenings or night can keep you from sleeping peacefully at night. To avoid a hot cuppa unless you have some important work to attend to or study at night.


  • Mental Health Disorders :

Lastly, another medical condition is mental health disorders that can interfere with peaceful sleep. A few mental health disorders are anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc are a few conditions that can disrupt peaceful sleep. A lot of mental health disorders can trigger insomnia.


Health Tips For Insomnia :



Now that you know the causes of insomnia, here are a few health tips that can help relieve symptoms of insomnia. If you are having trouble sleeping, then first check with your personal doctor if you have any underlying health condition that is causing insomnia. But if you are having trouble sleeping due to lifestyle, habits or stress, then below are a few tips that can help you prevent insomnia.


  • Avoid Taking Too Much Stress :

Try to reduce the amount of stress you take at work. See if there’s a way to relax more and work less. What is the point if you are all work and no play? Work should not be keeping you from living peacefully, it should help you grow.


  • Follow A Balanced Sleep Cycle :

Ensure to sleep and wake up at the same time every day, whether you are a night owl or an early bird. Too many fluctuations can disrupt your sleep and the body’s sleep cycle. Your bedtime and wake time should be consistent even during the weekends.


  • Stay Active During The Day :

If you have had a dull and lazy day throughout, your body has not strained enough to fall asleep. Therefore stay active, as regular activity can induce better sleep at night. Avoid taking naps during the day to be able to sleep better.


  • Avoid Consumption Of Caffeine And Alcohol :

Having too much to drink regularly is another bad habit that can keep you from sleeping well at night. Having a drink once in a while is okay, but drinking regularly can not only mess with your physical health, but even your mental well being. Cutting down on alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine can induce better sleep.


  • Create A Relaxing Sleep Environment :

Lastly, make your bedtime peaceful and comfortable. Don’t bring food or Television entertainment to your bedroom. Let the bed be only for sleep or sex and nothing more. You can even follow a relaxing bedtime routine, take a warm bath, or read instead of browsing in your phone or play some soft relaxing music.


When To Consult With A Doctor :



If your condition is serious, or none of these tips can help you rest easy, it is a clear signal that it’s time to talk to your doctor. This way you will be able to identify the root causes of insomnia and work on getting the right treatment that is required to prevent insomnia. If you delay this more it can only make it worse. So first identify your symptoms and immediately consult with a doctor.


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