Can You Remove A Tattoo Naturally And Painlessly?

Out of the various things in the world, that has changed with time. Art is one of the most affluent things amongst them. Some of these up permanent and eternal while some are just temporary. Then there is such art that promises to be with you forever is your tattoo. But have you ever wondered, is it possible to remove a tattoo naturally and painlessly without all those scary laser treatments? Well, here in this article you will find all.


Most people believe that the human body is like a blank canvas that can be filled accordingly. The most interesting thing about getting a tattoo is that you can engrave it almost anywhere in your body. It comes in a variety of shapes images sizes and most importantly different colors.

It can be almost anything that you want. Be it a photograph of your favorite singer adjust a quote that defines your life tattoo artist can bring it all in life on your skin. But just like all the good things it possesses, some people exist around the globe that tend to take this decision extremely hastily. So much that they mostly regretted in the future.

One of the biggest myths that need to be busted is that a tattoo is a permanent mark on your skin. Though it can be said so there are few ways through which you can actually remove a tattoo permanently and painlessly. Let’s divert attention to the removal of tattoo naturally:

Remove A Tattoo Naturally And Painlessly :

1. Citric Acid :


It is believed that lemons have a higher amount of citric acid as compared to any other fruit. They are also believed to work wonders in order to remove a tattoo naturally and painlessly.

Lemons have natural bleaching properties which help to remove tattoos without compromising on your skin. This implies that your skin shall not get burnt or even damaged due to the entire process. It is done naturally and has been showing results positively for a lot of people who have opted for this solution.

For this process, you need to add some salt into a few tablespoons of lemon juice and then dab it to your skin and leave it for about half an hour. one of the first and foremost things to remember in this process is that it isn’t an immediate process.

Natural things take time and so will this but it is believed that you can expect to see the results of this trick within a few weeks itself. The entire process is directly proportionate to how much big your tattoo is. The more elaborate the tattoo the more amount of patience and hard work is needed. So with Citric acid, it is possible to remove a tattoo naturally and painlessly!

2. Salt :


Another very commonly found natural way of removing a permanent tattoo is by applying common household salt. Salt contains sodium chloride, which helps in removing stains on the skin. Add 3 tablespoon of salt to some water mix it well, soak up some cotton or cloth and then apply it on your tattoo. Keep it that way for the next 30 minutes and wait for a few weeks to see the results.

For the majority of the people, this process takes about one week to show its result. Salt contains enough minerals that penetrate inside the skin and breaks up the inner structure of the tattoo thus making it possible for you to remove a tattoo naturally and painlessly.

3. Honey :


This natural way though does not magically completely removes a tattoo yet it is still believed to have done wonders for those who wish to lighten their tattoos and finally remove them completely.

It is a very slow process and most ideal for people having tattoos which are really old and very small in size. Honey has various medicinal properties which also along with removing your tattoo enhances the quality of decision making it better and repairing the damage.

It moisturizes the skin from inside. In order to make honey effective on your tattoo mix it with some yogurt and aloe Vera juice till it becomes a thick paste. Apply it on your tattoo and wait for about 45 minutes after which you can rinse it off with some warm water.

Though the first few tries will not seem to make any difference with consistent usage, you will spot the difference in the lightning of the tattooed area very soon. You should keep repeating the process over and over again so as to get the best probable result.

4. Sand Powder :


Another product that can be used to remove a tattoo is sand powder. In this method of tattoo removal, you do not have to apply any paste for over a period of time. This is one the most efficient way of removal of tattoo marks on the body and is still relevant as of today as well.

In this method of tattoo removal, the skin has completely exfoliated the mixture of sand powder along with little bit of aloe vera so as to not harm the skin in any sense. This mixture is then applied on the skin to exfoliate it with the help of a grinding stone. Both of these products are easily available in household works and works wonders for the removal of the tattoo.

The basic procedure of working is why cleansing the skin cells containing the ink of the tattoo in such a way that it sheds thus lightening the tattoo and finally dealing away with it completely. It is important to note that this method might take some time and hard work as well in order for you to remove a tattoo naturally and painlessly.

5. Hydrogen Peroxide :


Though with the name or the sound like a chemical reaction supposedly to happen it is actually considered to be one of the most effective and best ways to remove a tattoo naturally and painlessly from the skin.

For this case you need to begin by exfoliating your skin thoroughly so as there is no deposit of dead skin cells after which you should apply this. Soak little bit of cotton into do hydrogen peroxide and dab it on the area of the tattoo and keep it there for about 20 to 25 minutes.

This process will ensure that your tattoo gets a shade lighter with every wash and allow you to achieve completely tattoo-free skin within a couple of tries. It is recommended to apply moisturizer immediately after this process so as to not experience any kind skin rashes or infections.

6. Aloe Vera :


It is believed that aloe vera is one in all God gifted products that have a positive effect on almost every problem. Aloe Vera along with vitamin e supposed to do wonders to your skin in such a way that it helps to get rid of freshly imprinted tattoo.

It is specifically recommended for those who realize their mistakes soon enough and wish to rectify it immediately. Though it does have a significant effect on tattoos which are done freshly it still has very minimal effect on those of old tattoo. Therefore it is advised to use it accordingly.

7. Makeup :


The last and final resort that almost anyone can very easily adapt to is makeup. it is a very wrong belief that the entire concept of makeup is just specifically for women and men cannot enjoy the benefits. The last option that you can always rely on and which shows you that you can very easily remove a tattoo naturally and painlessly is the help of that Foundation that you have been using.

Cover of the area of the tattoo with the help of a very good Foundation that will blend on your skin without any hassle and which will immediately hide the tattoo and do the needful. It is recommended to go for a Foundation base which is good and does not harm your skin so as to not cause skin infections or rashes. It is also advised to opt for a waterproof Foundation because you never know what conditions you might be in.

When it comes to removing a permanent mark on the skin the number of options available to you can be less. But owing to the huge amount of natural minerals and medicinal properties of a lot of easily found household items it can be done very efficiently and effectively. the above mentioned are the few of the most commonly used and believed to have worked naturally adapted process to remove a tattoo naturally and painlessly.

There is always a scientific and technical way to deal with painless tattoo removal. There are a lot of ways the entire process of removal of a tattoo can be done with the use of natural ingredients. This is to avoid more harm, as the body already gets harmed with other chemicals due to getting inked.

However, a tattoo is done for a lifelong period of time. So in case you just want to play it safe, there are a few ideas to keep in mind. It is okay that you are unsure about your tattoo or you have gone through a severe heartbreak! And you want to remove your tattoo! It’s okay, it is natural. But what are the smart way out?

Go For Semi-Permanent Tattoos :


Semi-Permanent Tattoos usually stay with you for a really long time, around 8-10 weeks! And they are available in less than a couple of bucks! So before getting permanently inked on your skin, make sure to try out a semi-permanent one to understand whether you are ready for this type of commitment.

Semi-permanent tattoos are like those tattoos from our young age where we need to press it against the skin and apply some water, just it’s more sophisticated!

In case you anyway need a permanent tattoo to be removed, you already have all the home remedies available with you!

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