A Brief Story: Indian Fashion Designer Wendell Rodricks

Wendell Augustine Rodericks; or better known as Wendell Rodricks, is one among India’s best-known Fashion Designers. As the Fashion industry mourns the loss of this ace Designer, his remarkable legacy is applauded. This article is an ode to India’s pioneer Fashion Designer Wendell Rodricks after his recent demise. 


After living a short 59 years, the Fashion fraternity has lost a true legend, in the words of the Fashion Design Council of India. The entire Industry mourns the loss of the country’s most iconic designer Wendall Rodricks.

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Iconic Fashion Designer Wendell Rodricks :


Wendell Rodricks was known for his outspoken, minimalist and experimental design. Apart from being a talented designer Wendell Rodricks was also an active social and environmental activist, author, and philanthropist. He was also a wonderful human being and a friend to many. He was honored with the Padma Shri award as a recognition for his creations. Fashion designer Wendall Rodricks is the name that has pioneered the idea of resort wear in India. He has also advocated eco-friendly Fashion.

Designer Wendall Rodricks has also written several books, among which is his autobiography, “The Green Room ” which was published in 2012 which gave an insight into the Fashion world. He was a celebrated Fashion writer who has contributed to Ace Fashion magazines like, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Femina, etc. 

An Uphill Battle: Minimalist Designer Wendall Rodricks


With a country and market where bling and heavy embroidery predominated for decades, Designer Wendall Rodricks has shown that minimalism can work. He started his label in 1985, and he was labeled as the first resort wear designer in India. When his collection finally hit in 1993, it was eco-friendly, minimalistic and resort wear. As opposed to a market that preferred embroidery and loud designs, his designs attracted foreigners to India in his design sensibility, designs that were very calm, very yogic in nature, and spiritual. 

An Ode To The Multi-dimensional Designer Wendall Rodricks :


Wendall Rodrick’s garments clearly stood for his love for his Goan roots and culture. Even though his designs were all about minimalism, his attention to detail was noteworthy. Creating small details and effects on the fabric itself is a trademark of designer Wendall Rodricks. His designs can be seen as having generous fluidity and pleats, making the fabric do all the talking! The attention he gave to tailoring shows his expertise in creating intricate details that stand out. Extended silhouettes and subtle use of colors and details show his intrinsic couture. 


From bold cuts to fabric layering and multicolored stripes, defining his love for tropical collections are signature to designer Wendall Rodricks. His creativity added with eco-friendly fabrics and natural dyes has opened the fashion world to eco-friendly fashion in India. It’s easy to say that designer Wendell Rodricks had a versatile design sensibility in couture that was beyond the ramp.

His love for handlooms drove him to revive the age-old weaving technique of kombi sarees in Goa. And his endorsement to Khadi in Goa made the fabric a style statement, apart from promoting the craft. As Lakme Fashion Week noted, “a unique signature style of blending ancient Indian geometry with Goa’s relaxed style.”

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The iconic designer Wendall Rodricks may have gone too soon, but his artistic legacy lives on. In 2016, he handed over the design reigns to his prodigy, Schulen Fernandes, as he made a dramatic statement as he said, “We don’t want the label to die when the designer goes,” The Pioneer Fashionist’s Fashion sensibilities, couture styles, and resort wear will inspire many in the Fashion industry, and his name and label will live on. 

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