Bollywood Heartthrob Tiger Shroff Diet Secrets And Fitness Routine

One of the recent celebrity sensations in Bollywood is Tiger Shroff. The young star kid has wowed us with his performance ever since he hit the silver screen. Not only is this young actor known for his acting, and dance, but he is also known for performing all his stunts. He kicks, splits, backflips and punches and makes it look super-easy in his amazing physique. His chiseled body with lean and strong muscle is every guy’s #bodygoals! Thanks to his well-built physique, and strong muscles and cuts, he is able to do his stunts with great strength and efficiency. Want to know the secret behind his vital physique and distinct cuts? Then read on to know the celebrity diet and fitness plan of Tiger Shroff.


Low Body Fat Percentage :

Tiger has a very low percentage of body fat, which is around 8-12%. Lean muscle is very in now. And most men bulk up at first and miss out on reducing the body fat. Tiger is all muscle, and his trainer says that his lean physique can be given to his hard work and discipline at the gym. Along disciplined training, Tiger Shroff never misses his workout sessions. He hits the gym 7 days of the week! No excuses. His celebrity diet and fitness routine run all through the week. His low amount of body fat can be a result of never taking an off.

Workout and Fitness :

Not only does Tiger Shroff workout at the gym, but he is well versed with Martial arts too. Which he performs on a regular basis. He is an ardent follower of martial arts legend, Bruce Lee. Practicing martial arts regularly has helped build his chiseled body. He also practices kickboxing and gymnastics on a regular basis. The gymnastics helped improve the elasticity in his body and help to tone his muscles.

Don’t Limit Yourself :

And sometimes for fun, Tiger is seen playing other sporty games as well, like football. Want to be fit like Tiger Shroff? Then get active and sporty to improve the elasticity in your body. Tiger believes that just following a celebrity diet and fitness routine is not enough. He thinks indulging in other activities is also helpful in building a body. All the sports he plays also helped to maintain his great physique. Celebrity diet and fitness plans are well-balanced. But you need to discipline yourself to remain active and fit on the everyday basis

Fitness Driven Lifestyle :

Tiger Shroff chooses to live a disciplined and simple lifestyle, despite being a star kid. His self-taught discipline is the greatest driving force behind his near-perfect body. Another crucial part of his lifestyle is partying, being a star kid. However, Tiger avoids drinking and smoking as he believes it can negatively affect his workout sessions. He has stopped any activity that can result in creating a barrier between him and his fitness. Being a star kid brings luxurious parties and many occasions his way. But he yet remains focused on his body goals.

All-Inclusive Diet Plan :


Coming to another important pillar of Tiger’s body is his diet plan. He is a proper non-vegetarian, and most of his meals include chicken or eggs. His diet for bodybuilding is packed with many protein foods, like lentils, grains, and meat. He starts his day by eating 8-10 egg whites along with oatmeal. And his lunch goes with boiled chicken and veggies, on the side of brown rice. Tiger snacks during the day on dry fruits and nuts. And his evening snack includes a protein shake, and the last meal of the day is fish and broccoli.

Following a Celebrity diet and fitness plan is not easy, but if you give it a shot, you can get a body like them too! All you need is focus and dedication, and it can result in a ripped body in no time. So starting today, control your diet and portions and hit the gym regularly for a fit and healthy body like Tiger Shroff.

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