Top 5 Most Inspiring Movies Of Bollywood

Movies can be very powerful when we talk about evoking various emotions within us. Bollywood movies are very entertaining, but they also reflect perfectly on the society and its layers. Some movies can make us cry, and some make us laugh, while some are created with the motive of inspiring you. The crux of such movies is often the story of a character, who has survived through hardships and emerges victorious. These Hindi movies can inspire you to change your life and ways. So if you are ever feeling down or discouraged, then here are some of the best motivational movies in Bollywood. Read on to know more!


Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013) :

Nothing is more inspiring than watching a movie that portrays the real-life journey of someone who is now successful. This movie portrays the story of the world champion runner and Olympian, Milkha Singh. The story revolves around the struggles he faces before he emerges successful. He starts with fears and vulnerabilities, but with hard work and dedication, he transforms into a star athlete. The movie teaches youngsters, to never give up no matter what the situation is, to be disciplined and dedicated towards your goal. This movie is right up your alley if you love good ol’ inspiring movies in Bollywood.




Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011) :

This is not just a blockbuster hit, full of fun and drama, and not to mention, great music! However, ZNMD is not just an entertaining film, but also an inspiring journey. It talks about 4 friends and their unique journeys. They face challenges along the way, but face them with an optimistic approach. As the movie title suggests, You Only Live Once, and you don’t get another chance at life. This movie inspires one to live, love and enjoy life to the fullest with your near and dear ones. ZNMD is one of the best motivational movies in Bollywood.




3 Idiots (2009) :

Talking about inspirational movies in Bollywood, we cannot miss out on 3 Idiots. If 3 idiots have taught us one thing, it’s to face every problem with courage, ‘Aal Izz well’ as they say it. The motto of the movie is to chase excellence and not the success. When you excel in what you do, success will follow. The story revolves around 3 friends and their journey through college. The movie played a major role around the time, to teach children and parents, that college is not all about getting grades, but to chase your dreams. This movie can boost confidence in every young adult out there, struggling with making future plans.




A Wednesday (2008) :

Among the best inspirational movies in Bollywood of all time, A Wednesday made its place. This movie is a wake-up call to all the citizens of the country. The movie talks about a common man, who takes the responsibility of cleaning the filth in the society, onto his shoulders. The movie has a sequence of events that unfold on a particular day, Wednesday. It teaches every Indian residing, to not be vulnerable, and be aware of what’s right and wrong. To stand up for your loved ones and protect them when it’s needed. If you are into thrillers, then you should definitely watch this one for inspiration.


Lakshya (2004) :

If you haven’t watched this one yet, then add this to your list. Lakshya is one of the most motivational movies in Bollywood yet. The protagonist is a good-for-nothing, reckless and lazy, young lad, who is not serious about life. His journey in the army validates his identity and worth. He serves the country religiously and dedicates all his work towards it. This movie will remind you of the meaning and worth of life, and the responsibility of protecting it. Filled with action, and inspiration, this movie will help you get serious about your goals and dreams.




These are some of the best inspirational Bollywood movies of all time. These movies have kept us on the edge of our seats. And gave us a glimmer of hope and positivity. Sometimes all we need is some motivation to get going. And these Hindi movies bring us just that! Empower yourself and give yourself a little boost with movies in Bollywood like these.

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