How To Get Rid Of Smelly Balls – Simple & Effective Ways

Nothing is more irritating and embarrassing than a bad body odour. Don’t you agree? Yes, right? It gets worse when that foul smell comes from your groin area. Probably this is the worst problem that all men face especially during summertime. Smelly balls not only make you seem unhealthy but also leave an adverse impact on your social life. In this article, we will discuss how to get rid of smelly balls easily. 

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Smelly balls often termed as swamp crotch, sweaty balls, swamp balls, are quite natural. It might be a very awkward situation for you as well as for your partner. But don’t feel yourself out of the world. Big man balls often smell bad when they make mistakes in maintaining intimate hygiene. But there might be some other factors that cause your ball sack smell.

So let’s quickly figure out these factors and the best solutions to combat with smelly balls issue through this article. 

5 Reasons You’re Having Smelly Balls : 

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“Why do my balls smell so bad?” This may be the question that frequently arises in your mind, right? It is quite natural. Smelly balls often lead you to an embarrassing situation. So, before discussing how to get rid of smelly balls, let’s talk about the causes of having smelly balls. 

1. Sweating :

Do you sweat more? If yes then this may be the biggest reason behind your smelly balls. Men’s groin area consists of lots of sweat glands that produce sweat. Some amount of groin sweat is natural especially if you are outside for the day-long or if you live in a humid environment. But the fact is that your groin area is always covered with clothes which means the produced sweat can not be evaporated by fresh air.

Therefore the sweat accumulates at the surface of your big ball sacks and keeps it moist for the day long. Moreover, sweat produced by apocrine glands smells musky. This is why big men’s large testicles smell bad when they sweat excessively. 

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2. Stinky Balls Syndrome :

Any men who sweat more may have stinky ball syndrome or SBS. Now the question is what is stinky ball syndrome? Well, the answer is here. 

According to a famous dermatologist Dr. Janellen Smith, the folded skin around your large testicles creates the testicular scent. When the folds of your skin rub against each other some dead skin cells fall off which causes the growth of odour causing yeast and bacteria. It is known as stinky balls syndrome (SBS). In addition to this when sweat produced from your apocrine gland accumulates at the surface of the skin of your sacks, it starts producing a bad odour. 

3. Skipping Of Grooming Habits :

Do you take shower daily? Don’t you? By skipping the habit of a regular shower or not maintaining intimate hygiene you are actually allowing your groin area to smell. Your groin area always keeps covered by clothing and therefore the sweat accumulates over your balls instead of being wiped out by fresh air. Sometimes, this promotes bacterial growth that causes smelly balls. If you are not washing your groin area regularly with soap and cold water we are actually helping these bacterias to grow. As a result, your testicles start smelling. 

4. Clothing Habit :

If you are not choosing the right clothes, especially underwear and pants then that may cause smelly balls. If you are used to wearing tight underwear and pants then this habit of yours can trigger excess sweat in your groin area.  Moreover, if your clothes can not breathe, then lots of sweat at the surface of your big balls accumulate. And now you are already aware of how your testicles start smelling bad due to groin sweat. 

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5. Eating Habits :

Do you know that your eating habits also leave a serious impact on your body odour? So if you are facing the problem of smelly balls then it may be due to some foods in your regular diet chart. Let’s figure out those foods that cause men to have smelly balls. 

  • Consuming Raw Cruciferous Vegetables: Some vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, garlic, and onion contain large amounts of sulphur in them. If you consume these vegetables in excessive amounts then the excess sulphur excretes from your body through sweat. Therefore, you may experience a bad body odour that includes your smelly balls after having these vegetables. We are not against having vegetables. Further, when we will talk about how to get rid of smelly balls we will certainly provide you with the solution to this problem.
  • Consumption Of Excessive Junk Foods: Do you like junk foods? Who doesn’t? Right? These processed foods not only make you unhealthy but also may trigger the problem of smelly balls. These foods contain refined sugar and the presence of excess amounts of sugar in your blood may change the composition of your sweat. When your sugary sweat comes in contact with bacterias at the surface of your skin, they start stinking your groin area. Moreover, junk foods do not have chlorophyll, a deodorizing compound, which eliminates your bad body odour.  

If your testicles smell bad then you might make one of these mistakes. 

Q. How To Get Rid Of Smelly Balls Easily? 

From the above discussion, you may have pointed out why your testicles smell so bad. In most cases, men’s balls smell due to sweat and bacterial growth in the groin area. But it also may be your clothing habit or eating habit, due to which you are facing such a problem. So, now it is time to combat the situation.

Fortunately, it is easy to deal with sweaty stinky balls. There are lots of solutions to reduce the sweat and bacterial growth from your groin area. Here we are listing the best possible ways on how to get rid of smelly balls.  

1. Use Cold Water To Shower :

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We have already discussed how sweat causes smelly balls and promotes the growth of odour causing bacterias in your groin area. So, to combat this situation you have to create an environment that is not ideal for bacterias. Take shower regularly with cold water and thoroughly clean your groin area with soap. After having a refreshing shower dry your balls with a cotton towel. Clean and dry balls do not allow the growth of bacterias. Therefore, this should be your first step to get rid of smelly balls.  

2. Use Personal Hygiene Products :

Despite using soap and water if your private area starts smelling at the end of the day then it’s time to try some intimate hygiene products. These intimate hygiene products include sprays, creams, balms, body washes, or soaps that are specially formulated with antibacterial properties. Using these products you can keep your groin area free from bacterias for a long time.

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3. Use Talcum Powders : 

Now you have known that moisture is the main factor against your smelly balls. Therefore to get rid of smelly balls you have to keep your groin area dry. But it is not possible every time to use a towel to dry your groin area, especially when you are in a public place. Now, what to do? Should you compromise with your damp smelly balls for the day long? Of Course not.

The use of talcum powder can take you out of this situation. Talcum powders help to keep your groin area dry even from sweat. Thus it cuts down the risk of the growth of odour-causing bacteria. Moreover, these talcum powders come with an amazing fragrance that also helps you to get rid of smelly balls. 

4. Wash Your Groin Area With Lemon Juice :

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Are looking for some natural remedies for how to get rid of smelly balls? Then lemon juice might be the best answer to your question. The Groin area has its own pH value. The best way to deal with smelly balls is to restore their natural pH. Lemon, for its naturally low pH value, serves the purpose best. Lemon juice works as a natural cleaning agent due to its antibacterial property.

Take a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and mix it with clean water. Now thoroughly wash your groin area with this solution and dry it. Lemon juice restores the pH of your groin area and prevents bacterial growth. 

5. Upgrade Your Underwear :

Your clothing habits may also lead to smelly balls. If your underwear is not breathable then there would not be any transpiration from inside of your clothes and sweat can not be evaporated. That promotes the growth of bacterias and your groin area starts smelling. So you should always wear underwear that is made of cotton and is not too tight to your skin. Moreover, boxers could be the best option.

You should wash your underwear regularly. You should get yourself new underwear every six months. Have you got new underwear in the past six months? If not, then it is the right time to upgrade your underwear.

6. Trim The Bush :

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Do you regularly trim the hair of your private area? If not, then this unmaintained growth of bush is one of the biggest reasons behind your smelly balls. When you sweat the sweat accumulates at the root of the hairs and keeps your groin area moist. Therefore, you have to face the problem of having smelly balls. So it is necessary to trim your bush regularly to maintain intimate hygiene.    

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7. Change Your Eating Habits :

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We have previously discussed how your eating habit contributes to your problem of having smelly balls. At first, you should kick out the junk foods from your lifestyle. This not only reduces the bad smell of your testicles but also will keep you healthy. Now, what about vegetables? Should you also stop having vegetables? Definitely not. Vegetables are one of the healthiest foods that a man can provide to his body.

Moreover, these vegetables contain chlorophyll that helps to reduce bad body odour. But you also keep in your mind that they contain sulphur too. To reduce the intake of sulphur we recommend you not to eat them raw. Cook the vegetables and consume. Cooking helps to reduce the amount of sulphur present in the vegetables. 

8. Wash Your Private Area With Neem Leaf Paste :

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At the end of our discussion on how to get rid of smelly balls, we have come out with another effective natural remedy. Neem (Azadirachta indica) is well known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties. Neem extract controls the growth of bacterias and thus helps to reduce bad body odour. Take some neem leaves and wash them thoroughly. Then make a paste of it. You may also get a neem leaf paste from any ayurvedic store or from an online store. Now apply the paste on the sweat-prone areas like the underarms, groin area. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. 

These were the best possible solutions of how to get rid of smelly balls easily. 

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Bottom Line : 

At some point in life probably every man faces the problem of stinky and sweaty balls. Stinky ball syndrome affects every man irrespective of their activity level and age. Your bad-smelling crotch often puts you in an uncomfortable situation, especially in a public place. Moreover, sweaty balls may cause bacterial infection, uncomfortable rashes, and embarrassing smell. 

Now through this article, you have known why your balls smell bad and how to get rid of smelly balls. So, you do not have to be one of those men with stinky balls. You should follow the remedies that are stated above to combat this situation and within a few days, your groin area will stop smelling bad. Now you can stay active and fresh for the day-long without the fear of foul-smelling balls. We hope that through this article we have properly solved your doubt. If you like this article share it and stay tuned for more. 



Disclaimer: This article does not represent the views and opinions of medical professionals. It is solely based on research and reference by the author. It does not offer any medical suggestions or advice.

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