Best Date Night Hairstyles For Men – Short, Medium & Long

Do you desire to look sharp and feel confident for your date night? Or do you just want to stay up to date with the latest trends in men’s hairstyles? Well, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have for you, all the hottest hairstyles of this season. Keep reading to explore some of the best date night hairstyles for men, that are sure to grab your partner’s attention!

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In this article we bring to you some of the popular men’s hairstyles from short to medium and long length that you must try in 2021. Whether you like to have an edgy look, or a subtle look, you will find a hairstyle that will make you stand out, and look confident. So if you are looking for a trendy new hairstyle to impress your girl, then here are a few options to choose from among the latest styles for date night hairstyles for men. 

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Q. Why A Good Hairstyle Is Important For Your Date Night?

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Did you know that grooming is one of the essential factors to have a successful date? That’s right if you want to set a good impression, a good hairstyle is key. A stylish hairstyle will give you the confidence to dress up and look presentable. The confidence that comes with a good hairstyle will give you a strong impression on your date. 

Whether it’s your first date or a date after years of dating, it’s always a good thing to charm her like it’s the first time. Your self-grooming and attention to a stylish new hairstyle will play a key factor for your date undeniably. Just as you plan your outfit, groom your beard, and clean your shoes for your date, spare some time to get a stylish hairstyle or groom your hair from among these latest styles for date night hairstyles for men. 

# 5 Best Short Hairstyles For Date Night For Men :

If you are a man who prefers to keep his hair short and neat, then this one’s for you. Short hairstyles and very much in style, and more so than before. This is for those men who do not prefer messy hair cut, and would rather have a more trimmed look. This look will give you a professional, clean look, and it is quite popular among men. It has a gentlemanly look that sets you apart from boys. So here are a few short date night hairstyles for men.

1. Buzz Cut

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If you are someone who wants to commit to this look, then it is perfect for you. The buzz cut is just the look for spring-summer as it has less maintenance and no muss to worry about. It’s a pretty much-sorted hairstyle, as the name suggests. However, if you want to choose, the only choice you have is how short you want to go. Whether you want a buzz close to the skin or about half an inch of fuzz, it depends on what suits your face structure well. 

2. Round Cut

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Do you have a more angular face cut? Then you should try the round cut. Especially if you have curly hair, this round cut with a modern style will accentuate your face shape. This haircut is one of the best date night hairstyles for men who have short hair. It’s longer on the top and fades down to the skin. To avoid it from looking too bushy, you can occasionally trim it on the sides and top to have a more neat look. 

3. Grown Out Buzz

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If you like the buzz cut, then this is just a slightly grown-out buzz cut. It’s pretty much even all around the head without being too close to the skin. If you are nervous about getting a full buzz cut, then try this one out. As it has a less extreme look compared to the typical buzz cut. This is perfect for those who are more self-conscious about their head shape and hesitate to get the typical buzz cut look that is close to the skull. 

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4. Crew Cut

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The crew cut is a popular short haircut that is one of the best date night hairstyles for men. If you are looking for a neat and well-groomed haircut then this is the one for you. If you have short hair, you can never go wrong with a crew cut. This simple version of hairstyle can keep your hair neat and tidy all over, with little to no maintenance. If you don’t want to go for the typical crew cut style, you can wait for it to grow out for a chopped crew style that is slightly longer.

5. High & Tight Cut

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Got a good square head shape? Then the high & tight look is just for you. This is a classy gentlemanly look without the commitment of the cropped look of the buzz cut. Unlike the close to head cropped look of a crew cut or a buzz, the high & tight has long enough hair on the top to work up a style. You can refer to the classy neat look of Ryan Gosling from “crazy stupid love” for this particular haircut.

# 5 Best Medium Length Hairstyles For Date Night For Men :

Is medium hair more your type? Then this section is just for you.. Not to mention that with medium length hair, you have a vast range of styling options that can completely transform your look. If you want to adorn flowing locks or a suave slicked back hairstyle, we have all options. With styling you can go for a stylish hairdo with an addition of fade or undercut that can redefine your features. Keep reading as we reveal some of the best date night hairstyles for men with medium length hair. 

1. Bro Flow

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This one is for the men who want to sweep the ladies off their feet. This is one of the most charming hairstyles that women cannot resist. The Bro flow is a windswept charming hairstyle. It’s a perfect date night hairstyle as it is sure to leave bae admiring you. This haircut is easy to maintain and is an effortlessly cool style that is perfect for medium-length hair in men. 

2. Quiff

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It’s safe to say that we have shortlisted some of the most stylish hairstyles for men among our medium haircuts list. If you love a polished, confident style with a defined look then the Quiff is just for you. All you need is a styling gel, a brush to push back that hair to create a volume on the top and sleek the sides. This hairstyle will give your hairdo a defined wave with the curve on top. If you want a more bolder and dramatic quiff, you can just amp up the height of your quiff to redefine it. 

3. Pompadour

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If you are a sucker for those classic hairstyles, then we have got a classic hairdo for you that is just right for medium length hair. The pompadour is a sculptural look that will give you the classic Elvis’ look. You can make this look even more dramatic by blow-drying your hair and combing upwards creating a height. It is a voluminous look that has a stylish shape. The pompadour together with your confidence is together one of the best date night hairstyles for men, that is sure to impress bae. 

4. Slick Back

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Some men prefer less fuss, and a classic slicked back hair. The suave and sophistication that this hairstyle brings has the power to elevate your appearance. This is without a doubt a hairstyle for gentlemen. And not to forget it’s versatility that will help you wear it at any event, and is particularly charming for a black tie event. You will need a generous amount of hair gel or mousse along with a toothed comb (to pull back the hair), to achieve this hairstyle. 

5. Tousled Messy

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Ladies sure have a thing for the messy hairdo. The Tousled is a blown-out messy look, that is perfect for that ‘I woke up like this’ look. If you have medium-length hair, you can occasionally leave it messy for an effortless appearance, this look is youthful, charming, and fresh. While some men are blessed with those soft waves that fall naturally, you can always style it to achieve that laidback look. You can even run your fingers through your hair to tempt your bae with those messy strands. 

# 5 Best Long Hairstyles For Date Night For Men :

In current trends, a lot of men are seen to adorn long hair. If you have had the patience to grow out your hair? Then we are sure you would make an effort to style it right too. And what better time to style your hair than now, longer hairstyles are in fashion, now more than ever. . So here are some of the best date night hairstyles for men who have long hair. Long hair in itself is a statement, and the right hairstyle is a great way to express yourself. 

1. Surfer Hair

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Let’s start with one of the favourites among long hair. Yep, you guessed it right, the surfer hair is one of the popular go-to long hairstyles. It’s fuss-free by definition and is an effortless look. Just let your hair grow long and leave it messy. The only maintenance you would need to do is an occasional trim and blow dry it for some natural waves.

2. Long Slicked Back

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If you are thinking that the slick back look is only for medium-length hair, then you are wrong. The slicked-back style is one of the easiest styles with long hair. This long hairstyle is for those men who want to keep their hair in a neat and tidy look. All you need is some styling products like hair gel or a hair tie. You can slick back your hair and leave it open, or in a ponytail or bun, whichever suits your style. 

3. Wavy Style

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Are you looking for a free-spirited, messy hairstyle, that is fun and all about adventure, then the Wavy style is just for you. If you are a sucker for Harry Styles’s wavy locks, then it’s not too difficult to achieve. This look works best for those with naturally wavy hair. However, even if your hair is a bit shaggy then this style is flexible as it is more on the messy side. With this style, you can just wake up and leave your hair in its natural state for a more effortless look.

4. Rough Look

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The rough and tough beard look is next on our list of long hairstyles for men. This style has a rugged beard to go along with a long, sweeping hairstyle. Apart from the length, the beard plays a crucial role in the look. Gives you a more rockstar vibe if you ask us. Despite the long length and messy hair, it has a fairly versatile style. And you can experiment with a different beard style that suits your personality best.

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5. Man Bun Or Knot Style

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The next one is a favorite for men with long hairstyles. It gives you a unique style, That oversized knot with tapered sides. The knot or bun style may not be the most common men’s hairstyle anymore, However, it’s a stylish look for men with long hair. And not to mention it’s a stylistic touch to tidy up long hair. We promise you that this hairstyle will grab you some extra points from the ladies. 

Q. How To Style Your Hair For Date Nights?

Now that we spoke about some of the best date night hairstyles for men with different length hair, let’s get to styling. Most styling requires some sort of a sleek styling tool or a gel that can help you achieve the perfect hairstyle you desire. 

  • Flat Iron: When it comes to that sleek look, a flat iron is the best styling tool to flatten hair and give you a nice classy look. The flat iron is a perfect straightening tool that can help straighten naturally wavy or curly hair. Even the most stubborn curly hair can achieve some of these sleek hairstyles just by using a flat iron. 

Kemei KM-329 Hair Straightener

  • Blow Dryer: Remember some of the blown-out, effortless styles we talked about? If you don’t have naturally voluminous or wavy hair, it can be difficult to achieve such looks. A hairdryer can be used for more than just drying your hair after a wash. You can even achieve some nice waves with a blow dryer and a styling comb. 

Nova NHP 8100 Silky Shine 1200W Hot & Cold Hair Dryer

  • Hair Mousse: If you have less volume, and desire a good volume then it’s about time to use a hair mousse. A hair mousse is perfect for when you want a good hold on your hair. And trust us when we say it will work to hold your hairstyle in place. Every man should have a hair mousse as it offers a volumizing effect that can enhance any hairstyle.

Enliven Hair Mousse For Men

  • Hair Gel: Desire a wet look? That looks great with a slicked-back hairstyle? Then you need a Hair gel. It tames wild hair and keeps everything in place yet soft. In some cases, hair gel can also add thickness and body to every hair type. 

Man Arden Hair Styling Gel – High Hold With Wet Looks

  • Hair Wax: If you want a Gel-like look, but don’t like the sticky feel, then try a wax. It provides a softer hold and also gives great hold to your hairstyle. Most men prefer wax over gel as it gives a reasonable hold and doesn’t make your hair feel heavy and leaves it looking rather natural. 

The Man Company Brawn Hair Wax – Almond & Argan Oil


These are a few products you need to add to your shopping cart if you want to start exploring some of the above mentioned hairstyles. No matter what hair type you have, a little styling goes a long way. And your lady is sure to be impressed by your efforts. 

Bottom Line:

That’s everything you need to know about date night hairstyles for men. You know without a doubt that she would doll herself up for you, so why not put in a little effort to look charming for her? Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, these hairstyles are perfect if you style them well. Just a collection of styling tools and you can achieve any of these hairstyles for your date night and sweep her off her feet. 

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