Best Bollywood Movies Based On True-Life Stories 2019

Bollywood has a very prominent impact on our lives. Like SRK movies have taught the ultimate way of romancing and Salman Khan’s movie has brought us the ultimate definition of machismo. But, recently Bollywood is producing a lot of movies based on true incidents, events, and people’s life. And before we dig into the best Bollywood movies based on true-life stories, let’s understand something.

Recently, on a popular reality show named Hustle, a rapper introduced us to a hard-hitting fact about how we, the normal people need a Bollywood movie to remember our true heroes of the country. The rap song named ‘Agneepath’ was dedicated to Laxmi Aggarwal, the acid attack victim, and warrior, on whom Deepika Padukone’s ‘Chappak’ is made.

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15 Best Bollywood Movies Based On True-Life Stories :

1. URI- The Surgical Strike :


2019 started with a banger! While talking about best Bollywood movies based on true life-stories, URI has to be the first one. Firstly, because recently we had survived the URI attack a few months back, so the wound was still fresh. Secondly, it was a well-portrayed movie.

Vicky Kaushal is a gem, and undoubtedly he has proved it so many times. Paresh Rawal has played a very significant role too. The story was about how the Indian Army faced the URI attack, near Kashmir, and how they retaliated & handled the situation. It’s a must-watch if you haven’t already! Sashwat Sachdev is the person who made the entire movie so top-notch with the background scores!

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2. Gully Boy :


This film has won the chances to get into Oscar Nomination this year, unfortunately, it got out in the game. Many people are saying, it is a copied movie from ‘8 Mile’ which is the Hollywood movie based on Eminem. Let’s understand a few things.

Gully Boy is directed by Zoya Akhtar and acted by Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, and Siddhant Chaturvedi. This film is inspired by the life story of Vivian Fernandes, A.K.A DIVINE and Naezy The Baa. The character of Murhad, played by Ranveer is a mix of both of the Dharavi rapper’s life story.

This film will empower you to follow your dreams, find your inner call, and chase it. This film will fuel you up with emotions and hopes. This film will inspire you from every possible angle with a story so heartfelt. Of course, it has uplifted the Hip-Hop and Rapping culture in India. The Gully-scene is well portrayed.

Is it a copy? No. The way Eminem faced his problems in life and how Hip-Hop came to his rescue, in the same way, Divine and Naezy had also faced similar situations in Dharavi, Bombay. And both the stories are must watch.

3. Super 30 :


Hrithik Roshan is often called the Greek God of Asia. And seeing him in the Super-30 look was a little hard to digest for Hrithik fans. A needy boy from a poor family chasing his dreams and failing, and finally, he finds the true purpose of his life and continues to serve it even today.

This movie is a biography of the famous mathematician from Patna, Anand Kumar. Hrithik had played the character under the same name. If you haven’t watched the film already, it’s a must-watch. It is availed on all the major streaming platforms, go watch it. One of the best Bollywood movies based on true-life stories in 2019.

Anand Sir still teaches 30 students a batch! And most of them have cracked into IIT. According to him, Geniuses are made 30 at a time. Oh, and the best part? Anand Sir is finally going to Cambridge University, to deliver a speech. How proud are we?

4. Kesari :


Akshay Kumar always brings movies in a ratio. One Houseful kind of Masala movie (Sooryavanshi is coming this year!) and around 3 movies are based on true-life stories. Kesari is about a historic event where Ishwar Singh, a soldier in the British Indian Army fighting 10,000 invaders from Pashtun. If he wins or loses, that’s in the movie, and we do not promote spoilers!

But, this movie is truly glorifying for Sardars. How nothing can come in-between their love for the nation is well portrayed in this movie. The ‘Chal-Jhoothha’ dialogue or the legendary singer Bpraak singing Teri Mitti has supported the film from every angle. Teri Mitti is penned by Manoj Muntashir, (Famous Lyricist, and dialogue writer of Bahubali) and the music is done by Arko! This film is definitely one of the best Bollywood movies based on true-life stories in 2019.

5. Mission Mangal :


As already said, Akshay Kumar does movies that bring social message as well as glorifies true stories. Mission Mangal is our very own story of ISRO – Indian Space Research Organisation. Mission Mangal is a story about how India made it to Mars in such a budget, in which even Bollywood movies can not be produced nowadays.

Mission Mangal is about overcoming the obstacles in the way and still finding a Jugaad to reach the goals. This film has the ideology of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. And this film will definitely make you feel proud of your country, especially ISRO.

Mission Mangal has recently released, and now available on all major streaming platforms. Do watch it if you haven’t already. This is definitely one of the best Bollywood movies based on true-life stories. Also, the women – Vidya Balan, Tapsee Pannu, Sonakshi Sinha, and everyone else has nailed it.

6. Article 15 :


Article 15 is a movie which is shedding light on the dark side of our cast system. Article 15 is truly a movie that will shake you with the brutal incidents happening in our very own country.

This movie will tell you how people in the rural areas are still kept under the shoes by the power authorities, suppressing their voices down. Article 15 is also an eye-opening film that will bring us back to the roots, in our constitutions. Where ‘Article 15’ tells us how there cannot be any division in India on the basis of cast, creed, and religion. A very important movie to watch.

7. Batla House :


Batla House is a movie released in 2019 and lead by John Abraham. The Batla House incident took place on 19th September 2008. It was an incident of encounter by a police officer, and also a police officer named Mohan Chand got martyred.

However, as the terrorists were hiding in a hostel full of students, as students themselves, the police officer who fired the bullet was held in custody. What happens ultimately? You have to watch the movie to know it. It is also one of the best Bollywood movies based on true-life stories.

8. Thackeray :


None other than Nawazuddin Siddiqui is playing none other than Baal Thackeray in the movie Thackeray. What else could be a treat to watch? We all are familiar with how Baal Thackeray was the ultimate word in Maharashtra. Entire Bollywood used to love him and show respect.

This movie is controversial. This movie is filled with political views. But if you want to know the story of Baal Thackeray, and his arrogance and his ruling power, you must watch this movie. Thackeray is not a box office hit, but truly a masterpiece.

9. The Accidental Prime Minister :


Played by Anupam Kher who is playing the role of none other than Dr. Manmohan Singh and Akshay Khanna as his media advisor and chief spokesperson. This is also a very political movie. This movie has talked about the Congress party and a lot of other controversial things.

It is mostly open secrets the movie has talked about, but the craft of Anupam Kher is commendable. One must watch this movie for the acting and the political gossip if want. It is also in the must-watch list of Best Bollywood Movies Based On True-Life Stories In 2019.

These were the 9 movies that were based on true-life stories in 2019. But, even before 2019, there has bee a lot more movies which are based on true-life stories in Bollywood. And they all deserve a watch. So here are another few Best Bollywood Movies Based On True-Life Stories!

10. Raazi :


Raazi is a story about an Indian spy spending her life in Pakistan in order to prevent the attacks on India by Pakistan. The real identity of her is now revealed.

Alia Bhatt has played a wonderful craft in the movie, and well Vicky Kaushal. He is a gem. Period. The iconic memes are also originated from this movie where Alia Bhatt is crying and saying “Humko Ghar Jaana Hain!”.

11. The Ghazi Attack :


It is the sequel of Raazi, you can say. In Raazi they talk about how Pakistan was planning to terrorize India in the seaway using Submarines.

And in Gazi Attack, they show how they prevented the attack using the insight information. If you watch Raazi, you also must watch The Ghazi Attack. Both movies are related. Yet, miles apart. Also, this is one of the best Bollywood movies based on true-life stories.

12. Toilet :


Akshay Kumar again. He plays a real character who made his entire village aware of the importance of proper sanitation. This movie is also a must-watch.

13. Dangal :


Geeta and Babita are now anyway ruling the rings. But, if you haven’t seen Dangal yet, let us tell you, goosebump is inevitable at the end. Ameer Khan is again coming back with Lal Singh Chadda this year.

14. Special 26 :


Neeraj Pandey once said in an interview that he uses Newspapers to create his scripts. Special 26 is a movie that will blow your mind. It is simple but filled with twists. A movie which is a must-watch.

15. Parmanu :


John Abraham and his production house never settle without amusing us. How a few groups of people fought the USA satellites and made India a nuclear country in Pokhran is truly commendable. A must watch and of course one of the best Bollywood movies based on true-life stories.

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These were the movies which are the best Bollywood movies based on true life-stories! Every film on this list is a must-watch. So if you haven’t watched a movie out of this list, watch it! Thank you later!

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