Best Beard Styles For Indian Men: Teen, Adult & Mid-Age

What are the best beard styles for Indian men? Well, you are about to find out in this article, precisely. Before we go ahead, we should understand why Indian beard styles need special attention than other beard styles? Because a normal average Indian man’s height is around 5.5-5.6 feet which is below the average for the rest of the world.


So what’s with height and beard? Well, you can not keep a 12-inch long beard while you are below 5.4 feet height. Of course, you can. But, will it look good? So, height and other factors play a crucial role while deciding what can be the best beard style for Indian men!

Here, we have sorted out a few of the best beard styles for Indian men and you must look for it!

Best Beard Styles For A Teenager In India :

Teenage is a time where most of the Indian guys are worried about their beards. They are unsure whether they will be able to grow a beard or not. They are unsure how to take care of that patchy beard, or that gap between the light mustache and chin line! Teenage is a time where most of the guys are confused with their beard styles! Here we are, to help you out!

1. Light Beard With Ultra-light Mustache!


Teens generally struggle to grow a mustache, and they worry a lot. Don’t worry. Good things take time. Beards mostly depend on your hormones and genes, so if have started to grow a beard, you will grow a full beard with the time!

The style light beard and lighter mustache are for teens when they have less growth around the lip area but more growth in the chin and jawline area. So let’s keep it that way. Just grab a good trimmer, and trim the untidiness off. And the style is all good to go.

2. Regular Stubble Look :


A regular stubble look is also best for the teens. Guys around their teenage easily grow stubbles around their cheeks and beneath the jawline. The idea here is to keep it in shape. Again, one will need a good trimmer and above 1mm blades and 4-5mm adjustable blades.

Just trim the beard off with the maximum size available in your trimmer, then slowly reduce the size of the trimmer and trim at your desired size to give the stubble a shape and look.

This is a really low maintained beard style, as teens generally don’t put much attention to groom their beards at that age devoting much time.

3. Keep It Natural :


Natural growth beard is a great style for guys too. Here, at a teenage, keeping it natural is the best way to make the room for growth for your beard. Natural beards for a teenager may look patchy and stubble, in that case just shape it up. Take a razor and draw a desired shaped outline around your beard. Better to be done at a barbershop, any day.

Natural styles of beard provide a very young and fresh look to your face.

Q. What should a teenager remember while growing a beard?


At teenage, people should embrace their beard however it is growing. It’s a phase where the beard has just started to grow. Now, remember, the growth of the beard depends on your hormones and genes.

Genes play a crucial role here. Did your dad or grandfather grow beard well? Then high chances even you will grow beard well. But it will take time and patience. It is not something happening overnight which may turn your facial hair to a proper beard. Allow it the time it demands.

And most importantly, focus on your hygiene and nutrition.

  • Always keep your face clean. Wash it twice every day with a proper face wash which is your type. When the pores are clear and with zero dirt, only then it will grow a proper beard.
  • Have leafy green vegetables in your diet to improve your Testosterone level. Also, have Eggs with the yolks.
  • Have high protein meals at least once a day. Have plenty of meat. If you are vegan then go for beans.
  • Have Pomegranate and gingers. They also help to boost up your Testosterone.

With a boosted Testosterone level, you can see immense changes in your beard growth. The main hormone which controls the growth of your beard is Testosterone. If you can boost it well, without any supplements and just with a healthy nutrition as above mentioned, you will witness significant growth in your beard.

*Most important tip:

A most important tip for a teenager to grow a beard is to clean shave once a while. When your beard is patchy and stubble, your skin beneath the beard gets untidy, as it gets hard to clean it. Clean-shaven skin will allow the water to splash on the dirty pores and clean it. Healthy skin will grow a healthy beard.

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Best Beard Styles For Adult Men In India :

Let’s move into the men section now. When you are no more a teenager, and you are growing a good full-grown beard, now you can style up your beard with so many options. We are going to suggest a few of the best beard styles for Indian men!

1. Stubble Beard :


For the easy goers, stubble is the best beard style for any Indian man. Most of the Indian men have it, and it is effortless. It does not require much maintenance. It generally requires 3 days to grow stubble, so it is also called a 3 day Beard by many.

The best part about stubble is it looks natural. But keeping it natural, it also looks well-groomed. To keep it well-groomed you need less of a trimmer and more of a scrubber. Scrub your face and exfoliate it every day. Since it is a very short beard, your skin is visible. So it requires to clean your skin often.

Also, don’t forget to shave the extra beard off beneath Adam’s apple, maintaining a line. This is what makes it look sharper.

2. Goatee Or A Circle Beard :


A goatee is widely praised by Indian men. It is a versatile style and any of the Indian men having enough beard on the chin area can keep that. In case your mustache doesn’t draw a line with your chin area, you can always be inspired by the great Tony Stark! The style of Robert Downey Jr. also comes under an extended version of Goatee.

It requires a minimum of 10mm beards around the chin area and it is hard to maintain. It requires almost 5 minutes of every day to maintain a good goatee since you need to shave off or trim the area around the goatee to highlight it.

Using a trimmer at zero mm is the best option to maintain your goatee while traveling. But you need a precise trimmer. Trim from your neck towards your chin to give it the shape it requires.

What about a circle beard? Well, if you are lucky enough to have a mustache that comes down all the way to your chin, then you can have a circle beard. It needs the precise look of a circle around your chin and lips. But here, to sharpen the look of a circle beard, you must use a razor to shave off the rest of the beard from your face. That’s the beauty of it.

3. Bushy Beard :


Bushy beard provides a mature and old look to your face. It is where you need to wait at least a whole year to grow a beard. In case you have a jawline that you do not like, it is the best way to create an illusion and have an exaggerated jawline.

It is definitely high maintenance, and it requires all kinds of grooming tools. Beard oil is essential to keep the beard nourished and shiny. A trimmer is needed to shape it every 3 days. Beard wax is also needed to style it up.

If it was 10 years ago, the Bushy beard would not make it into the best beard style for Indian men at all. But today, when Indian men are experimenting with their beards, it is welcomed widely. Also, one can go for a biker’s beard which is an extended version of the bushy beard. All the people with Harley Davidson you meet near the highway just shines with these types of beards.

4. Short Beard :


A short beard is also widely acclaimed by Indian men. It requires good maintenance if you want it sharp. When you have rugged facial hair, you can rock a short beard. Make sure to draw a line beneath your Adam’s apple to make it look sharper. A short beard is definitely one of the best beard styles for Indian men. Simply keep the beard around your neck and cheeks, and keep it well-groomed.

Use a trimmer at the maximum measurement to maintain shape. Use a razor to draw the lines on the cheek. And you are all set.

5. Faded Beard :


Faded beard has to do with your haircut. When you are fading the hair around your ears where it meets your beard, you can fade it a little longer than usual, and come down till your ear lobe. After your ear lobe, your beard slowly takes off, and around your jawline, it gets a full-grown beard. Faded beard is widely admired by Indian men.

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Best Beard Styles For Middle Aged Indian Men :

Salt & Pepper :


Indian Middle-aged men have salt and pepper look in the beards. Embracing the salt and pepper or greyish look is the best thing they can possibly do. It brings up a sophisticated look on your face. Don’t dye your beard, embrace the natural look in your 40’s.

Salt & Pepper beard looks way too sexy if you can pull one-off.

These were all the best beard styles for Indian men! But this is not all. What about maintaining a beard? How to groom it well?

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How To Maintain Your Beard?

  • Wash your face often. Exfoliate your skin. Keep it well hydrated and moisturized.
  • Trim it often to give it a proper shape while it is growing.
  • Keep it clean. Use facial scrubbers and face washes to keep your beard dirt-free,
  • Use beard oils for better growth.

Now, you have every detail on how to embrace your face with a great beard! You know what are the best styles, you know how to embrace it, most importantly, you know how to maintain it.

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