Best Affordable Chunky Sneakers For Men Under 100$

Have you noticed that Chunky sneakers for men are back in trend all of a sudden? There is a saying, ‘Old is Gold’. Chunky Sneakers were ruling the fashion industry in 1995, and then slowly it went down following the popularity graph, and slick minimalist sneakers came to trend.


Today, when Bollywood and Hollywood Celebrities are wearing the Chunky sneakers, especially the Rappers’ and Hip Hop community gave this movement a huge boost. Now, let’s find out the best chunky sneakers under $200 for you.

Yes, understand one thing. Chunky sneakers cost you a lot. So finding a budget chunky sneaker is tricky, but you have got our back.

Why Chunky Sneakers Came Back To The Market?


If you notice fashion closely, fashion has a tendency to come back after 3 decades. Chunky Sneakers were a big thing in the 1990s but eventually, the minimalistic sneakers swooped in the market and everyone went gaga over it.

The huge bulky sneakers made a comeback and the hip hop community has a big contribution behind. Since most of the hip hop stars across the globe started to wear these chunky sneakers, they again came back to fashion and companies started to re-introduce their chunky sneakers in the market. People started buying and it again topped the fashion chart. That is how and why Chunky Sneakers made it back to the market of fashion.

Is It The End Of Minimalist Sneakers?


No, not at all. Minimalist sneakers have their own market to flourish. People who like thin and ankle line sneakers will not like the chunky ones, so eventually they will stick to the minimalistic sneakers. Both the type of sneakers will co-exist as both the type of sneakers look cool.

It is not the end of minimalist sneakers at all. They will persist in the market as they used to do. Chunky Sneakers, on the other hand, is gaining loads of popularity since it is kind of reinvented newly, and the young generation is going crazy over them.

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7 Affordable Chunky Sneakers For Men Under 100$ :

1. Reebok Insta Pump Fury :


One of the very first kind of sports footwear that Reebok has again and again introduced in the world market was the chunky sneakers that became a huge hit amongst the people. Very recently this old friend has been seen to make a comeback and therefore Reebok is trying its best to keep up to its once held reputation in regards to chunky sneakers.

One of the easiest wear and preferable and recommended sports shoes of Reebok is the Reebok insta pump Fury. This designer sports shoe comes with great cushioning along with the cut-out design that not only impresses the eyes with also feels great in the feet. All the more reason to try this amazing sneaker out is that it did not compromise on the style without having to put much more worry about comfort.

To add on to this becomes at a retail price of about $90.

2. H&M Mesh Trainers :

Another name that has to be absolutely mentioned in the world of sneakers and sports footwear is the H&M Mesh Trainers. This Swedish brand has a chain of clothing and accessories that ranges to such a variety that almost everyone has something or the other. But when it comes to introducing chunky high kicks, H&M outdid itself.

The company introduced the mesh trainers that are absolutely minimal in appearance but are designed in such a way that the performance is sure to take you by surprise. The comfort which these pair of shoes has to offer has been the main reason why it still is on the most popular rack. The design is such that it challenges almost every outfit and easily beats them in the matter of style quotient.

You can grab a pair for yourself at only $39.99.

3. Zara Maxi Sole Trainers :


It can come out as a shock to many people as Zara has made it to the list, yet this enormously reputed fashion brand doesn’t shy away from coming up with surprises. Zara has successfully made its way to the list of chunky kicks for all the right reasons and there’s no denial involved with that.

Zara is a brand coming from the fashion capital and they made sure to churn out the best version of the sneakers. The thicker than the thick sole and the mix of material is something that sets this shoe apart from others. It costs less than $100 and it is a great buy. Also, Zara’s discounts are something sort of drool-worthy.

4. ASOS Chunky Sole Trainer :


With a thick sole and vibrant green strokes on the shoe amidst white, this sneaker is an iconic kick to wear. The brand, ASOS is considered to be the fashion Mecca of the Internet. Also, very uniquely, this brand has an online bargaining option with the designers.

The shoes are extremely trendsetting, but this one especially can be the perfect ‘first chunky kicks’ in your wardrobe.

This is light yet chunky which will strike a very good balance if you are someone who is new to these sneakers but also you can not control yourself from wearing one. ASOS Chunky Sole Trainer is the one.

Also, it costs just right on the budget.

5. BERSHKA – Contrast Mesh Sneakers :


This shoe has a bold fluorescent gel air chamber which sets it apart. The sole id white and the top goes gray. And the stores of neon just looks appealing. This is a chunky sneaker under $100 which you must have in your wardrobe. BERSHKA is a brand which pledges to take care of the need of its patron, so don’t worry about the comfort at all.

6. Pull And Bear – Technical Trainer :


This is another shoe that costs around $60 and which makes it an immediate choice to get it into the cart. The high neck chuck sneaker has a unique high neck design which looks amazing on you.  The base color of the shoe is white and on top, we can see some work of gray. The exaggerated sole and uniquely designed laces will make you buy these kicks immediately.



CAT is a brand you can rely onto. This gray kicks are something amazing to wear, also some element is this show makes is versatile enough to wear with various clothing options. Perfectly fit workwear it is despite being so much fashionable. This too costs below $100.

These were the kicks one should look for while looking for chunky sneakers within $100. All of the kicks are from elegant brands and each and every sneaker will look good on you. Which one you are getting in your cart?

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