Bengali Groom Wedding Outfit Ideas For All Ceremonies

Bengali Groom Wedding Outfit Ideas are not at all easy to find! Brides can have so many options, but what about the groom? Wedding is the most important day in a person’s life. It is a special day when a groom feels important and restless as he begins a new journey in his life. Though a wedding is mostly about a woman looking and being stylish, it is equally important for the man to stand apart as well.


Especially for a Bengali Groom, the idea of perfect wedding couture gets really restricted as the huge amount of rituals to be performed. No matter how much a man opposes, these rituals are an integral part of the tradition. So for all men who are about to take the vows, here are some ideas you can adapt to rock the look in a Topor :

Groom’s Wedding Outfit Ideas For Bengali Wedding :

1. Bachelor’s Party :


When we are talking about the Bengali groom wedding outfit ideas, why should we miss out on Bachelor’s party at all! The party bachelor’s party is probably one of the coolest things to happen for a groom. It is a perfect getaway from all the pre-existing wedding worries when you can let your hair down and enjoy the party. With music, drinks, and friends absolutely nothing can go wrong.

A house party generally calls for chilled out fashion for the groom, with easy casuals and flip flops to go with. The fashion police come in the scene when the party isn’t in the house. Style a hot and sexy look in a dark color bottom paired with a sleek satin shirt or t-shirt with your hair neatly gelled back.

If it’s in the winter seasons, trying throwing a leather jacket or a blazer to stand apart from the crowd. Slip-on some formal shoes or sneakers to complete your bachelorette look. After all, the last fling before the ring.

2. Aiburo Bhat :


This Bengali tradition is a desi way to declare the bachelorette. The family of the groom gathered together to feed the last rice of the bachelorette life of the groom. Though it seems pretty quaint it actually is a massively important ritual which absolutely has to be performed by both the bride and groom.

Ritual of such importance calls for a pretty huge number of crowd hence it is extremely essential to dress up wisely e and comfortably. The best option to go by is a short kurta in shades of orange, yellow or red teamed up with the faded pair of jeans along with easy-going shoes.

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3. Sangeet :

Though not an absolute necessary program in the life of a Bengali family yet owing to the fun of another majority of the families have adopted this ritual as their own. Why should Bengali miss out on any fun? Bengali Groom wedding outfit ideas for Sangeet should be something where the Groom feels easy to move! It’s a day filled with family friends along with loads of dance music and fun. Taking please generally the very night of Aiburo Bhat the sangeet is the life of the party.

 And the chief guest is none other than the groom himself. Hence comfy and casual t-shirt or shirt along with a pair of jeans and dance shoes is the most ideal outfit a Bengali groom can think of on this day. It is expected one to enjoy the most and therefore wearing casual outfits will make it happen with ease.

4. Gaye Holud :


Gaye Holud is one of the most auspicious Bengali rituals that have to be followed in a Bengali wedding. It requires the entire family together around the groom and smears him with turmeric paste. Though at the beginning the process might sound a little barbaric it actually is an integral part of the entire procedure of the wedding.

 The majority of the Bengali grooms prefer wearing a white dhoti along with loosely fit t-shirt but there exist some men who prefer ditching the traditional clothing of dhoti with that of easy-going trousers known as a pajama. The kurta or panjabi is mostly e white or yellow in color which adds to the bright essence of the entire process of Gaye Holud.

5. The Wedding :


The wedding is the most tiresome moment of the entire day. A lot of rituals are conducted during a specific power or Logno. Most men prefer entering the wedding destination looking dashing and handsome with heavy embroidered panjabi or kurta along with a contrasting colored dhoti. Let’s dig into Bengali Groom Wedding Outfit for the D Day.

 Bengali grooms have a serious and major fascination towards lavish and royal shoes and probably that’s why they prefer teaming up this outfit with Nagra traditional Rajasthani shoe.

The list of parts of the wedding when the groom actually has to sit for the main rituals he is made to change into something called a Kancha which is basically and unstitched cloth consisting of a shawl and white dhoti. The majority of the Bengali grooms nowadays do not prefer sitting shirtless for long hours and pair the outfit with loosely fitted white T-shirts or vests.

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6. Bodhu Boron :

Though this procedure is mostly about the bride style sense of the groom also be lightened. In this ritual, the bride is welcomed into her in law’s followed by a process called Kal Ratri where the bride and groom are not allowed to meet each other post-sunset.

The majority of the people believe that the wedding festivities and here but a lot of relatives still stay back and hence Bengali grooms have come up to believe to keep up the fashion game even on such days. You can easily go for a casual Indo Western look by styling a beautiful bright colored panjabi along with your usual faded jeans. Team of this outfit within easy-going flip flops.

7. Bou Bhat :


Bou Bhat is an official declaration where the groom takes up the whole responsibility of the bride. It mostly takes place in the house of the groom where after this the brightness to serve food to all the elderly men in the family including the groom. Bengali groom wedding outfit ideas for Bou Bhat should be related to tradition.

This tradition is an integral part of the Bengali rituals and every man has to follow it. Post a lite shower prefer going for a bright shade of red or yellow colored kurta or sherwani which symbolizes the ethnic side of the tradition along with white churidar pant to give the extra volume and push to the entire outfit.

 Preferably try going on the shoes as for the majority of the ritual you are expected to stay barefoot. This outfit is surely going to out make you outshine amongst the crowd.

8. The Reception :

The last but not the least function that takes place at the wedding of a Bengali groom is the lavish reception. It is mostly hosted by the groom’s side of the family and hence holds special importance to the groom himself. Bengali groom wedding outfit for the reception can versatile.

Most Bengali grooms prefer decking themselves up in a unicolor tuxedo along with very formal shoes. Yet a lot of Bengali grooms still exist who prefer sherwani over a tuxedo. In both cases, both outfits can either be customized or store-bought.

Buying a readymade reception outfit will enable you to have a clear picture and help you to choose amongst a lot of varieties and options. But whereas if you are looking for something custom made specially as per your creativity or if you wish to match your outfit or design along with that of your brides it is preferable to go to a proper designer who will customize your clothing as per needs.

Wearing a typical nagara with heavy embroidered sherwani and a contrasting churidar pants is the perfect and ideal match for a reception evening.

Here, we covered almost every occasion related to the Bengali wedding, but is it only about the groom? What about his friends and especially the Neetbor or ‘Kolebor’? Bengali Groom wedding outfit ideas for the groom is done, now let’s move onto his friends and Neetbor.

Wedding Outfit Ideas For Neetbor :


To be honest, Bengali Groom on his wedding day can not wear much of fashionable clothes but traditional. However, Kolebor or Neetbor can totally flaunt his fashion off. He can wear a nice bright colored sherwani accompanied by a great Nagara shoe. He can also have a Odhni over his neck, hanging in front.

Also, he can wear an outstanding Ghee colored Dhoti replacing the Pajama or Chost pant of the sherwani. Here, he needs to ditch the Odhni. Also, he can flaunt the ‘kuchi’ of the dhoti by holding it in one hand and by not putting it into the pocket! It looks utterly charismatic.

Wedding Outfit Ideas For Friends Of Groom :


If we talk about the D Day only, which is the wedding day, Friends of the groom should look as lit as the Groom, you never know if a Saali of the Groom might have a crush on you! There’s nothing better than a Panjabi followed by a Nagara Shoe. It must be worn with a Dhoti! But if mot comfortable in Dhoti, they can also go with light-colored Chost pants!

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Here we have Bengali Groom wedding outfit ideas that cover almost every occasion! A wedding is an auspicious occasion and it should be done with the perfect style! Always remember to be cheerful with a smile on your face, else all your attire won’t shine as hard as it could! A smile can make a difference! Also, have some loose outfits like T-shirts and Half pants as well in a bag, for the after-party after the wedding!

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