Beginners Guide For How To Pose Like A Male Model

Modeling is a work of art. The crucial part of being a model knowing how to pose right. But not everyone knows how to pose like a male model. There are some things to keep in mind when it comes to posing for pictures or editorial shoots. The key elements of your pose are hand positions, facial expression, and overall body posture. 


Your body posture matters, whether it’s for a straight pose, or leaning against something. Posing sharp for a picture often exudes confidence and strength. So here are a few techniques of Body & Facial poses for men to enhance your pose game. But first, let’s begin with how to become a professional male model. Keep reading to know how to become a male model

How To Become A Male Model :

You must have wondered How male models look so well-groomed and fit. It’s not as easy as it may seem. They put a lot of dedication and hard work to look that way and to stay in shape. With just the right amount of grooming, fitness regime and fashion sense, anyone can look like a male model. Most people have the misconception that you need to have an ultra-fit body with 8-pack abs, to be a model. But that’s not the case. All you need is a decently fit body, but more importantly, the attitude, body language, and style before you learn How to Pose Like a Male Model. 

1. Improve Your Diet & Exercise :


If you want to get in shape, you need to make a bit of sacrifice in your lifestyle. Getting in shape is not as difficult as it may seem. You can start by avoiding processed food and oily food. Every body type needs a different diet, you can consult with a nutritionist to get advice for your body.

Prefer home-cooked meals over outside food, saves money and calories! Whether you have a gym or not, workouts at least 4-5 times a week with basic body exercises. You don’t need a bulky or extra muscular body to be a perfect male model body. With a lean, slightly muscular body you can guide you on How to Pose Like a Male Model.

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2. Personal Style & Grooming :


When it comes to How to Pose like A Male Model, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. Grooming is one of the most crucial things that make male models stand apart. Models are very conscious about how they look. They take care of every small but notable thing about their appearance. They always pay extra attention to having the perfect skin and never do they have a bad hair day.

Secondly, dress stylishly and always accessorize your outfit. Most professional male models wear designer labels and combine it with good designer jewelry. The right jewelry accessories can accentuate the look of a modern male model. Don’t forget that to look like a male model, one should always update themselves with the current fashion and trends. 

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3. Right Attitude & Energy :


Your energy will determine the type of male model you will become. If you want to know how to pose like a male model, then first decide on the type of male model you want to look like. If you don’t want to be a male fitness model with an amazing physique. Then you can always opt for becoming an editorial male model. A commercial model or an editorial male model might not have the physical attributes of a runway model, but he has the style and attitude for photoshoots. Positive energy and enthusiasm in any project that comes your way will showcase you as a promising male model.

How much do the male models make? This is an often asked question. While female models make more on average. Male models also make a decent pay scale. The highest-paid male model makes about 1.5 Million dollars in a year.

# Posing With Body Posture :

1. Angle Your Frame Forward :

Talking about poses for men, this one comes first. If you want to look broad in the shot, keep your shoulders squared. To start with, you should avoid angling your shoulders sideways, as it can make your profile appear slimmer. As a beginner, it’s better to enhance how your body looks. One of the primary rules of modeling is to maintain firm and straight shoulders. So keep your body relaxed and facing forward.


2. Flex Your Muscles :

Doesn’t matter whether you have a lean muscle or a buffed bod, tightening your muscles is always an attractive look in pictures. Slightly tighten your core, as it will slim down your waist and enhance your upper body. When your waist looks slimmer, it makes the chest look wider. Altogether, it straightens your posture, by lengthening the whole appearance. Tightening your core is one of the preferred poses for men.


3. Lean Against A Wall :

This one is probably the easiest option when it comes to posing techniques. You can either lean your back or sides of your shoulders against a wall. When you lean, you automatically get comfortable in the pose. Position your arms accordingly along with this pose. You can even try different styles with your legs. Bend one leg as you lean against the wall. There are many possibilities.


4. Position Your Hands :

Another significant part of posing is using your hands right. It’s not enough to maintain the right posture and ignore your hands. You could either place them in your pockets or cross your arms across your chest. Another way to use your hands is by placing it on your attire, to adjust your shirt buttons or your tie. Lastly, you could also use your hands to place it somewhere on your face, cupping your chin, or just pushing your hair back.


# Posing With Facial Expressions :

1. Narrow Your Eyes :

Facial expression is a crucial part of the techniques of poses for men. And the most frequently used pose by male models is the eye squint. Wide sparkling eyes, is more of a woman’s thing. For men, it’s always better to rock a bit of a squint. It makes you look deep and mysterious and evokes curiosity in the picture.


2. Avoid Raising Your Chin :

If you raise your chin too much, then you should know that it can broaden the appearance of your chin. Instead, slightly angle it downward and forward, this way it removes the double chin. Instead of raising your chin, one of the best techniques of poses for men is to use the neck to look taller. So raise your neck, while keeping the chin pinned down.


3. Don’t Make Eye Contact :

Don’t directly look into the lens of the camera. Instead, look past the camera. One way male models pose is through the expression in their eyes. So choose a point above or beyond the camera, and focus on that point. It gives a more natural look to the picture. You can even show some teeth in the shot. Not too many teeth, but just enough to reveal your teeth.


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How To Walk Like A Male Model :


Now that you know how to pose like a male model, let’s understand how a male runway walk should be. While walking, a male model should always look straight up. Looking down or sideways can make you look under-confident. If looking at the audience can make you nervous, create an imaginary spot to focus on. Take long and steady strides, this will make you look taller and slimmer. Don’t keep your arms stiff, as you walk, your arms must swing naturally by your side. The walk needs to look effortless and smooth. Keep your shoulders pulled back, but relaxed. Keep a reduced, but normal pace. 

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Along with the body language, even your face matters on the runway. When it comes to facial expression, as it is mentioned above, practice a few expressions before a runway walk. Try to keep your expression as natural and as subtle as possible. To become a runway model, the height standards are generally between 5’11 and 6’2. However, this is only applicable to models who work as fashion and runway models. But some brands and agencies can be picky and set a minimum height at 5’11.

Concluding with:

So that’s the basics you need to keep in mind when it comes to how to pose like a male model and how to look like a male model. Becoming a male model is the current rage. These are the updated guidelines to become a male model in 2020. With these tips in mind, whether you want to be a runway male model or an editorial male model, anything is possible. With the right attitude, sense of style, and lifestyle, nobody can stop you from becoming the next top male model!

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