How To Become A Men’s Fashion Blogger In India

Do you want to become a fashion blogger? Then you’re in for some good news! Fashion blogging is currently the big thing now. And if you are wondering how to become a blogger, we will help you figure it out. But is it that simple to become a men’s fashion blogger in India? No. First, you need to have a good command over your fashion knowledge. You can gain knowledge and experience in fashion by pursuing a professional degree from some known Fashion Colleges in India. However, it’s not the only way to learn about fashion. There are plenty of other ways too, but getting into a fashion college makes your learning lot easier. Since people of similar mindsets work together and take inspiration from their surroundings.


Here are the top 5 fashion colleges in India to learn fashion:

  1. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi
  2. Pearl Academy, Delhi
  3. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai
  4. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore
  5. Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune, Maharashtra


What Is Fashion Blogging In India?



Having a fashion degree is not enough to become a men’s fashion blogger in India. Fashion blogging is not necessarily a primary subject that is taught in fashion colleges in India. But if you are one of those who always wanted to become a serious fashion blogger, now is the time. You can find minors in a few colleges in India with blogging. However if you want it as a major, then good news! Harvard University has added Fashion Blogging as a subject in its Business School programme.

The easiest way to describe a men’s fashion blogger; is someone who is known for his blog/website, where he expresses his own unique fashion sense. A fashion blog can work in various ways. Below are some of the most popular one.


  • Personal Style Blogging is about individuals who showcase their personal style about latest trends through a picture or video content.
  • Style Icon And Fashion Consultants are the bloggers, or stylists who find success in showcasing themselves as style icons and consultant. Where some may review products and become experts in recommending new fashion trends or creating style guides.
  • Fashion News Bloggers are the ones, who write about the fashion news inside the industry and also cover different topics about the financial & business type of the fashion world.
  • Lifestyle blogging is currently in trend. They mix fashion posts with their lifestyle posts, where they talk about family, food, travel & decor etc.
  • Fashion Photography Bloggers are the ones, who just portray their work through photography and most fashion photography.


How To Start A Men Fashion Blog In India :



Firstly let’s be clear on one thing, to start and run a blog is not as easy as it may seem. It will be a struggle at first to create your place, but gradually you will fit in. It should be more than just work, It should be something that you pursue out of passion and true interest. You will also find an endless number of possibilities within Fashion Blogging, in order to make it work. All you need to do is take courage and start it and you will find yourself enjoying it. But before you do, here are a few basic steps to remember before you step into Blogging.


  • Find Out Your Niche In The Market :

Frankly speaking, there are millions of fashion blogs on the internet. If you want to become a men’s fashion blogger in India, it’s going to be a challenge. So it’s very important to identify why you are different from others, what are your strengths, what you love to do the most, altogether you have to find your true niche first. Only when you have a unique selling feature will you be recognized. Otherwise, you will get lost in the crowd. And certainly, you do not want that. Before you get into the industry do some Brainstorming and S.W.O.T analysis. That’s how you will be able to find your niche.


  • Decide A Solid Name And Get A Domain :

When we talk about Fashion blog, we don’t just mean on social media. That would be an Instagram blog. By blog, you need a website, where you can showcase your work. “What’s in a name” – William Shakespeare. Maybe this is applicable in other field but we believe in the fashion industry this doesn’t work. A NAME is very important when you start a blog. As we said earlier while doing brainstorming and S.W.O.T analysis do decide a very simple yet catchy name for your blog and get a domain from either Godaddy or Bigrock.


  • Make A Great Website :

Once you got the domain, next is to build the website to become a men’s fashion blogger in India. If you want to make a professional blog we would recommend not open it on Tumblr or Blogger. There are other platforms to open a website but WordPress is the best, it’s very easy to open a website here and have a huge collection of pre-designed themes that can help you to make a good looking website. And forget a hosting from Bluehost.

However, we are just providing you the best options that most of the bloggers follow.


  • Publish Your Best Contents :

Once you set up a blog now the most crucial part comes. What to post? Most of the time fashion bloggers don’t bother about the content and post whatever they feel like. But that’s not the right way to do a post. Always keep quality over quantity. Do one post in a week but that post should have to be best. If you follow this simple mantra you will definitely do better than others. Pick quality content and regularly share it for your subscribers and build a solid fan base.


  • Socialize And Promote :

Now comes the social media part. Now are making good content but that’s not enough. In order to best you have to promotions, by promotions we mean to do something that makes your website known to people. Keep your eyes open to competition. The best way to do that is finding other fashion bloggers in your niche who are doing pretty well. Have a good relationship with them and do collaborations with them. And also keep interacting with your readers and followers. And ensure that they are liking the content you post.


Perks Of Being A Fashion Blogger In India :



So far we have only talked about fashion blogging as a career, profession and technicalities about how to start a blog and all but the main thing is yet to come. But apart from doing well in the career part of it, it also has its perks in your social life. Let us tell you about the perks of pursuing this field that will make you want to become a men’s fashion blogger in India immediately. Here are the few best that fashion bloggers in India enjoy.


  • You Get To Do What You Love :

Nowadays getting a dream job is nearly impossible. So people who pursue fashion blogging out of interest can be able to do what they like to do all the time. What could be more satisfactory? And when you love something, you do it with all your heart.


  • You Get Noticed :

As your blog grows, you grow along with it. You get noticed by the public. People start recognizing you as a Fashion blogger and treating you as a celebrity. This feeling is the most precious thing that you can earn in your lifetime.


  • You Get Brand Endorsements :

Ever wondered how do fashion bloggers get their clothes? When you are famous brands start approaching you for their promotions activity. You get branded apparels, lifestyle products etc for barter, if not commercial based.


  • You Make Money :

There are plenty of ways to make money out of fashion blogging directly or indirectly too. Below are the popular ways of how fashion bloggers make money through blogging.

  1. Affiliate Marketing.
  2. By sponsored content.
  3. Collaborations.
  4. Classes and consultation.
  5. Sell your own products.
  6. Photography & other creative services.


  • You Get Invitations To Big Parties :

This is one of the best perks of being a fashion blogger. You get invited to big parties like Fashion shows, celebrity parties, Brand launch parties etc. And the treatment you get there is no less than VIP.


Why Instagram Is Important For Fashion Bloggers :



Are you curious about how to become a fashion blogger on Instagram? Instagram is not just social media for people to kill some time. The younger crowd has made a shift from Facebook to a more fast-paced picture sharing app, Instagram. Where creative heads come together and share content. According to a survey it evident that most of the Instagram accounts are business profile, means people are using it for business purposes.


Instagram Statistics In 2018 :

  • Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users.
  • Worldwide over 500 million Instagram users are active every single day.
  • There are 4.2 billion Instagram likes per day.
  • To date, more than 50 billion photos have been shared on Instagram.
  • Video posts have 38% higher engagements than image posts.
  • Instagram is the 2nd most commonly used platforms on the internet.
  • 50% of business profiles post regularly on Instagram stories.
  • 75% of social media influencers believe that it is the best platform for influencer marketing strategies.
  • There are over 1 million advertisers on Instagram since the platform started advertising in 2015.
  • Instagram has the highest interaction rate than any other platform.
  • 51% of the users access the platform daily.
  • 60% of users get to know about new products on Instagram.
  • Instagram is growing 5 times faster than other social networks.
  • There are 16.6 million Google searches for “Instagram” in every month.
  • 98% of fashion brands use Instagram.

Source: 1 & 2

Those are a few reasons why Instagram is currently the best platform for Blogging right now. However, you cannot depend on a single platform to grow your blog socially. You must invest time and research to create your presence on different platforms. This way your visibility is secure in all directions. Your primary should be your Blog/website, and next should be the social media platform.


When To start Fashion Blogging?



There’s no perfect time or day to start blogging. It may be the current hottest work, but however, it depends on each individual to become a men’s fashion blogger in India. It may be a shift from your regular work life, and it won’t be easy at first. But you have to be consistent and original from the beginning. Only then you will be able to create a mark in your niche. Becoming a men’s fashion blogger is not as simple, it will take effort and time. And it’s never too late to pursue fashion blogging as a career.


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