20 Affordable New Year Party Destinations For Indians

New Year is just a couple of weeks away, & it will be the start of a new Decade. For the souls who love to spend the new year on a vacation, here are some affordable new year party destinations for Indians. Admit it, Indians love to party, and they party hard. Also, Indians love to travel and they travel with their hearts on their sleeves. So what is better than letting you discover 11 Affordable new year party destinations for Indians!


We know, few of you will settle for places within the country & few of you want to fly overseas. Don’t worry, we have got all of you covered!

10 Budget-Friendly Party Destinations In India In 2020 :

For the ones who want to travel in the country & party hard! And also don’t miss the below article before you pack your travel bag.

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1. Goa :


Considered to be the party capital of the country Goa is the ideal destination to spend your new year. The warm beaches, the casual attitude, the welcoming bars, and hills compel you to spend the new year with a perfect blend of everything all at once. Goa surely is a traveler’s paradise. With various different types of hotels and hostels to avail, it is definitely the destination that you need to tick off your bucket list.

2. Pushkar :


If you are looking to spend your new year away from the crowd yet enjoying most of it this little city situated in Ajmer in Rajasthan is ready to offer you its beauty and tranquillity. With forts and temples that date back to the early civilizations you get to experience history and culture along with the amazing lip-smacking cuisine Rajasthan has to offer. This destination on a new year is a must for those who wish to have fun but do not compromise on the travel aura.

3. Ooty :


Considered to be one of the most romantic destinations of South India this little hill town has created quite a buzz in the last decade. Already claimed for the peace and serenity that it provides this destination is for all who want to welcome the new year in a little different style than usual. The tea gardens along with the green hilly roads of this place will definitely take your breath away and make it a perfect choice to welcome the new year. Hotels with private cottages or homestays can we found in abundance in a place like this allowing you to enjoy your privacy totally. Ooty is definitely one of the affordable new year party destinations for Indians!

4. Diu :


If you are looking for affordable new year party destinations for Indians, this little union territory in the state of Gujarat is one of the most underrated tourist destinations in the country. The place offers an ambiance in a vibe that will get your mood set to welcome the new year with a bang. The casual attitude, beautiful forts, and amazing shopping area, Diu is sure to make you crave for more. Lay back on the golden beaches or discover by getting lost in narrow lanes of this town you can never have enough of this city. You can easily retire at any hotel as the choice is ample.

5. Pondicherry :


Considered to be the French Capital of India, this little Union Territory is your getaway to France. The town is an ideal place to spend your new year with the people whom you love. The narrow beautiful lanes are mostly covered with bright colored paints giving them a unique look and adding to the pre-existing beauty. The colonialism can easily be experienced with a laid back attitude of the natives, easy-going bars and gold soaked beaches. The number of Airbnb and hotels in the area makes it all the more preferable.

6. Manali :


There might be a handful of people who do not like the Himalayas. The mountains get all the more gorgeous especially during the winter seasons. One of such winter wonderland is created in Manali. Manali is an affordable new year party destinations for Indians, don’t worry. This hill town gets covered in snow allowing all the tourists to snuggle in while enjoying the blissful environment. It is mostly off-season hence, the crowd is relatively less allowing you to enjoy privacy without having to compromise on enjoyment. It is preferable to book your stay beforehand as a few hotels close down in winter too.

7. Kodaikanal :


A perfect road trip begins abruptly. Nothing better than ditching work for a few days and driving through the lush green ghats of south India, only to discover a hill station like Kodaikanal. The town has its own charm and will make your stay worth it. With tea gardens, mystic air and completely peace you can welcome the new year in a healthier ambiance. With camping and bonfires, this place will be engraved in your memory forever. The town has a number of cottages to crash into which offers enough amenities to suit your needs.

8. Delhi :


Absolutely don’t want to miss the party culture of the new year? The capital city of the nation will surely not disappoint you in true sense. The capital city has places that hold many of the country’s best new year’s eve parties. With concerts, restaurants, and pubs the options available for you are actually unlimited. There is a little bit for everyone. Be it stand up comedy, rock show concerts or simple disco, New Delhi vibes into an enviable ambiance during this phase. Definitely a completely worthy place to be during the new year. Yes, Delhi is one of the affordable new year party destinations for Indians. 

9. Gangtok :


This little mountainous town in Sikkim might seem very faint but when it comes to recreation, it stands apart. The town has numerous bars and clubs which stay open till late, especially during the new year. A perfect getaway for anyone who isn’t looking to burn a hole in the pocket is this. The cuisines of this city along with the humility of the natives is something which will make you visit this little hometown again and again. With comfy hotels to stay in, it is the best low budget trip without compromising nature.

10. Kasol :


One of the most unique destinations in this list has to be Kasol. The little city is situated in Himachal Pradesh and promises to give you a very different kind of new year. With DJs and parties right under the starlit sky, your idea of clubbing shall totally be redefined. The bonfires and hiking options allow you to soak in the thrill of the destination.

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10 Budget-Friendly New Year Party Destinations Outside India In 2020 :

For the ones, who want to fly off overseas! In a pocket-friendly way, of course!

1. Bali :


The most commonly searched result for a budget-friendly international tour during winter absolutely has to be this Indonesian place. Well, Bali tops the list of affordable new year party destinations for Indians – Overseas. The blue water, lavish hotels, and scenery that will take your breath away is an amazing way to welcome the new year. Bali offers a variety of recreation to all its tourists. From chilling on the beach to hiking the mountains, this destination has everything. To add on to it, it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. This makes Bali all the more desirable amongst the people of the globe.

2. Vietnam :


A major underrated country in South Asia, which deserves to be popularized is Vietnam. The rich heritage of this country has drawn many people over the years. Be it the humility of the people or the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City the country has varied options to explore. The quaint beaches and the uncountable Buddhist pagodas make it possible for you to remain calm. The Angkor Wat is also an architectural delight for anyone looking offbeat.

3. Thailand :


Considered to be one of the affordable new year party destinations for Indians, also a friendly accessible international destination, Thailand is the place to be in the new year. The beautiful beach or the skyscrapers you can feel it all in this country. The pubs and clubs open their door to uncountable new year parties in Bangkok, whereas beach parties and shacks are available in places like Pattaya or Krabi. With a crowd willing to sway away and welcome the new year with a bang, you’ll lose yourself in the young and vibrant energy and ambiance of this country. It is recommended to book up your accommodation previously as the crowd can be concerning.

4. Russia :


Not many people consider it an option to choose but Russia turns into a winter wonderland during the new year. The capital city of Moscow dresses up beautiful right before Christmas and hosts parties in famous pubs and breweries to enjoy. The thick layer of snow and snowfall will absolutely bring out the child in you and let it be your best new year celebrations. Away from the crowd in tranquility and blissful ambiance, welcoming the new year is an amazing idea.

5. Singapore :


What is about the new year, than to fulfill all your dreams. The South Asian country is famous for being a luxury hub and shopping center. The destination provides amazing accommodation options that allow you to explore the street food along with luxurious malls all at once. The modern architecture and cultural diversity in this area is something that has attracted tourists from all over the world for centuries. Though it gets a little crowded during this season due to the temperate climate, it is undoubtedly is an option like no other.

6. Greece :


Though most people in the world mostly associate Greece with history, some tend to overshadow the presence of rich culture and diversity existing in this country. The capital city of Athens holds such lush greenery along with an urban chic feel that its next to impossible to miss it out. The friendly attitude of the people is said to be another attracting power. Santorini, the most famous island in the country is said to host a huge number of tourists as it is extremely pleasant. The houses are all white with the backdrop of the blue water and turquoise beaches. This place will ensure that you spend your new year a bit differently than others.

7. Egypt :


The kingdom of pharaohs has had a tourist count that is increasing every year. The culture, history, and cuisine of this African Country has marked its territory in the world map. Visit one of the wonders of the world or cruise through the longest river in the world.

8. United Arab Emirates :


The first thing that comes to the mind when talking about the Arabic nations is Dubai. The city famously known for its skyscrapers luxury living and nightlife is a perfect destination to spend your new year. With parties and events which specifically take place during this time to lighten up your new year.

9. Turkey :


Istanbul is the only city in the world that separates two continents by the Bosporus strait. This Turkish capital city is an ideal destination to be in during the New year. Perfect ambiance vibe and atmosphere you are sure to enjoy the city to the fullest.

10. Jordan :


Another middle Eastern country that deserves attention is the city of Petra. The rich heritage and history along with the pleasant weather is the most unique waste to celebrate the new year.

So these were the most affordable new year party destinations for Indians all across the world! Where are you heading this new year’s eve with your friends & family? Share this article with your friends, family, & loved ones and decide where to go? If by any chance it is Goa, we will pray for you to succeed this time!

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