Best Affordable Fashion Sneakers That All Men Should Have

Every guy should have different pairs of shoes. From casual to formal, He should dress according to his outfit and the occasion. Among the classic shoes that every man should have, are sneakers! Sneakers are currently a hot commodity in the Fashion and Style industry. A lot of top labels and brands are bringing the hottest and most elusive kicks to the market! Sneakers are the go-to choice of footwear for most style-conscious men. Whether it’s styled with a classic pair of blue jeans or even a lounge suit, it’s okay! Because sneakers are the current latest trend that everyone loves!

But since sneakers are the hottest commodity, they can be pretty pricey, especially from “resellers’ “sneakerheads” and “hypebeast” etc. All this makes it almost impossible to find a good pair of sneakers for a decent price. But apart from the signature resold and vintage models, there are other affordable fashion sneakers that all men should have. But before we get into that, here are a few things you should know about sneakers.


What Are Sneakers :



What are sneakers? You probably already know. But technically, sneakers haven’t always been fashion shoes. There were initially referred to as athletic shoes, gym shoes, or runners shoes. But today they are also widely used for everyday wear. Sneakers are shoes that have a flexible sole, made of rubber or synthetic material. The flexible sole comes from, a dense rubber, and appropriate tread for function and absorbability. The aesthetics are sporty and preferably for active wear.

Sneakers are however mostly worn with a casual outfit! Being that it is comfortable and flexible, it is a very versatile form of footwear! Sneakers’ sole is mostly made of rubber or synthetic material. The upper part of the shoes is typically leather or canvas. Among sporty or athletic shoes, the sneakers are probably the most flexy and soft shoes made with canvas. With the rising demand for these shoes, we recommend you go through some affordable fashion sneakers that all men should have. Enough about what sneakers are, read on to know about the history of these fine shoe invention.


History Of Sneakers :



Sneakers, or athletic shoes, have been coined many a name back in history! From sneakers to trainers, tennis shoes, even plimsolls. No matter what you call them, they have made their presence in our wardrobes and lives! The influence of sneakers has also been flamed by the influence of the NBA and hip hop and other advertising media. Let’s jump to the 20th century, where athletic shoes began to be increasingly used for outdoor and leisure activities. Initially designers from the British company, J.W Foster & Sons designed and produced the shoes for running in 1895. The company sold its running shoes to athletes all around the world.

Later These shoes started to become more than just running gear! Around the turn of the 20th century, these shoes were referred to as sneakers and became prominent with Americans. During the interwar period, the running shoes were made to be marketed for various sports. Sneakers grew to be endorsed by many sportspersons and it grew steadily. From usage in sports like jogging, basketball, football, rugby, to be running shoes. The term “athletic shoes” was coined. But as times changed, manufacturers have tailored these shoes to fit the purpose. The more these shoes became comfortable, the more people preferred them!


How To Style Your Sneakers?

You may have realized by now that these shoes are the go-to affordable fashion sneakers that all men should have. Like we mentioned above, manufacturers have added additional functionality to sports shoes for specific requirements. But if it’s just a casual pair of sneakers, then the design part of it comes into play! Here are a few classic sneaker styles that you should know!


1. The Classic White Sneakers :


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Let’s start with the most popular style of sneakers! Maybe it’s all thanks to the sleek and classic appearance of it. This makes it the perfect pair of shoes to go along with any outfit and for most occasions. When shopping for the right pair of white sneakers, find something with a minimal design and subtle detailing. Loud patterns on white sneakers can hamper its versatility. Therefore keep it classy and go for high-quality styles. These shoes are definitely on the top of our list for affordable fashion sneakers that all men should have. Here are a few tips to style it!


  • How to style it :

Talking about the styling part, white classic sneakers are probably the easiest! You can team it with a pair of straight-fit black/blue trousers and a white t-shirt. That was for an easy and everyday ensemble. You can even make it more classy, by tucking in your tee and trimming the trousers right above the ankles to be an ankle grazer. This will only accentuate the look of the shoes. You can make the look more casual and stylish by swapping your pair of trousers with ripped denim. To up the formality of the look. You can wear your shoes with a relaxed material suit. This only works with white kicks, none other sneakers can make the look work.


2. The Fashion Runner :


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Next, on our list of stylish shoes are the Fashion Runners, they are lightweight, breathable and incomparable when it comes to their comfort levels. They are definitely one among the affordable fashion sneakers that all men should have. Fashion runners are comfortable and stylish shoes too! Most people might own the Adidas runner shoes in their wardrobe. These kicks usually have a contrast sole. The originals may be pricey, but there are many reworked originals that are in the market!


  • How to style it :

Talking about how to style them, here’s your guide. The runners tend to be very stylish and can be styled with slick looks. They have subtle or stand out detailing, which should be styled with a contemporary outfit. You can style it with straight fit chinos, and a casual solid tee. Layer it with a jacket to bring a bit of style to it. Another way to style it is with a pair of stylish joggers and a tee along with a denim jacket. You can wear these shoes for any casual occasion. Unlike the classic white sneakers, these may not work too well with a boardroom/office outfit. They work best for college students and teenagers going out for a date look.


3. The High-Top/ Basketball Shoe :


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Next is the high-top sneakers! You may be wondering if they are still in fashion. But high-tops never really fell out of style ever since the 1950s. These shoes found their place in menswear, thanks to icons like Elvis Presley and Mcqueen. The high-tops are among affordable fashion sneakers that all men should have. The most iconic design comes from Converse’s Chuck Taylor All-stars. Most people already have these in their wardrobes, but if you don’t already, then I suggest you do. Since these are one of the most successful sneaker designs made in history.


  • How to style it :

Styling a pair of high-tops can be challenging, since the design stands-out. You can style the high-tops or basketball shoes with a pair of straight-leg trousers, and a casual shirt. You can wear it with a short or long-sleeved shirt, for a date night. Every man would have owned a pair of Chuck Taylors in his life. There are 2 versions, one is a high-top and the other is the same old sneaker style at ankles. If you want to keep it simple, go for a monochromatic look. Or an all-black outfit with the shoes as the highlight of the look.


4. The Slip-On :


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Next is the classic slip-on style of sneakers. These are probably the most affordable fashion sneakers that all men should have. If it’s one thing that these shoes promise, it’s the comfort and ease of the style. It is the most stylish and elevated staple for street fashion. With the laceless construction, this style is super casual and low profile. This casual style is best-known thanks to the Vans authentic slip-on range of shoes in 1966. These shoes are every gentlemen’s footwear staple.


  • How to style it :

To style, the slip-ons are easy too. You can style it with an all casual look or even a semi-formal style. They are such a versatile style that they work well with shorts too! You can wear them with lightweight chinos or a pair of classic trousers and a shirt. Layer your shirt with a sweater vest for a more formal look. If you want to take it up a notch, team it with a classic overcoat for a stylish look. Keep the shoes monochromatic with your outfit, to blend in with a classy attire.


5. The Athletic Sneaker :


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Next on our list of affordable fashion sneakers that all men should have is the athletic sneaker. This style is very prominent in sports. It’s got a sporty exterior and acts as a stylish, sporty pair of sneakers. It’s a must in every athlete’s wardrobe. But not only are these shoes good for sports but also for other looks. Every modern man can style these shoes with his outfit every day. Their design stands-out and can be the dominating feature of your attire. Most sneaker brands release select designs every season. The most popular athletic running shoe was designed by Nike. Not only are they stylish but they have comfort and functionality too.


  • How to style it :

Unlike the statement shoes, this athletic style of sneakers can be styled with any look. You can team them with a pair of classic straight leg trousers or jeans. Along with a white polo shirt, these shoes will stand out. To add more style to the attire, you can add a jacket or throw on a bomber for the outfit. Stick to neutrals like indigo, grey or black and kee the shoes the highlight of the look! You can even find them in bright and neon colors to add an extra edge to your ensemble.


These are some of the most stylish, hottest and elusive kicks in the market. Not only are they stylish, but they are also the most affordable fashion sneakers that all men should have. Sneakers are now the go-to choice of footwear for most style-conscious men. They may be the casual alternative to smarter footwear styles like oxfords or loafers, but they are a mandatory style for every man’s wardrobe. Fill your wardrobe with kicks that suit your style the best.


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