9 Must-Have Accessories For Every Indian Guy

There are so many essential things in a man’s life. Right from the time of waking up to getting back to bed, a man indulges in so many accessories. And every accessory plays an important role in our life. Here, we have chalked out the top 9 must-have accessories for every Indian guy.


From a wallet to a power bank, what are the most essential accessories every man would need in his day to day lives? We have picked up the top 9 for you.

9 Accessories That Every Indian Guy Should Have :

1. Wallet/Card Holder :


A wallet is definitely one of the must-have accessories for every Indian guy. You put so many things in your wallet and it is just not for carrying cash. We, Indian men, carry so many important documents in wallet including documents like Driving License and Debit Card, Credit Card, Metro Cards and so many things. Often we also put some important keys in the section where we put changes.

However, as the world is going digital, many people are shifting their preferences to Card Holders which pretty much suffices the purpose of a wallet. On top of that, the special metal casing safeguards the magnetic strips on your Debit and Credit card, so a better security too.

2. Belt :


Most of the Indian men love to wear a belt, and that makes it the number two in the list of must-have accessories for every Indian guy. A belt is not only to hold your pants tight with your waist. A belt brings a sophisticated feel to your dressing sense. Even if the pant is fitting just right, most of the men tend to wear a belt just to look better. Also, it helps to create a significant bridge between the bottom wear and the top wear.

Having at least 2 pair of belts in your wardrobe is necessary for any men in the world. It is definitely a must-have accessory.

3. Cufflink :


Cufflinks are for the important occasions of your calendar on which you must slay with your looks. Unless you are a business tycoon, or very famous personality who often wears formal clothing. The shirts which require Cufflink are also very premium, and once you pin the Cufflink in the wrist, you look way more appealing immediately.

A Cufflink will make you look presentable and important at the same time, adding some charm to your persona. A Cufflink is definitely an accessory to have in your wardrobe to use on those days where you want to make a move. Be it on personal level or professional level.

4. Sunglasses :


Sunglasses are one of the must-have accessories for every Indian guy out there. A Sunglass is very important for your style statement. Also, you must protect your eyes from the dangerous UV rays of Sun in Summers so that your vision stays healthy.

However, sunglasses are not only meant for Summers, they also protect your eyes from the wind blast and dust in the day to day lives. Getting back to fashion, a Sunglass can change the entire fashion game of yours, so definitely a Sunglass is a must-have accessory in your wardrobe.

There are so many types of Sunglasses available in the market. If your want to follow the best Sunglass trends for you in 2020, here’s a link you must follow!

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5. Power Bank :


Probably the most important and essential electronic item in the list of must-have accessories for every Indian guy. After the Pandemic 2020, people are adapting to work from home and work on the go culture. And any Smartphone or Laptop do not have a strong battery that can last up to a day in a single charge under heavy usage. So you should always keep a power bank to charge up wherever and whenever you need it.

There are many power banks in the market, but it is always better to look for 2 features in a power bank: 10000 mAh+ capacity, Fast charging input/output both.

6. Earphones :


If you are a AirPod person, you will stick to AirPod. If you are a wired earphone person, you can stick to that as well. But you will always need an earphone/Airpod in your daily life. For entertainment, to take calls on the go, to have meetings with clear audio- you will always need an earphone. So it is definitely falling under the essential accessories every men must-have.

Also, it is time that the world is going wireless, so is our earphones. So in case you want to check the most budget wireless earphones in India 2020, here’s a link which will help you to find the ‘one’, also there’s no harm in ‘two’!.

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7. Watch :


A watch is also an important accessory for men. It doesn’t only tell time, but do beyond. The choice of your watch will reveal about your personality as well. Also, since this is an era where people are more into fitness, the Smartwatches are much in demand. The best part about them is the premium look with so many advanced features.

Apple Watch serves all the purposes too. But in case you are not an iOS person, there are many smartwatches available in the Indian market for men. Have a look here.

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8. Bag(s) :


A bag is definitely one of the most important accessories of Indian men currently. Not only one bag, but there are also so many different types of bags which we need in a day to day life. There’s a Gym bag, office bag, side bags for important meetings, there’s also sling bags and pouches to carry important essentials in a comfortable and stylish way. And each of them is important to us. So all of these bags fall under the essential and must-have accessories for every Indian guy’s list, surely.

9. Sanitizer :


The Pandemic 2020 AKA COVID-19 has taught us a lot. It has taught us the value of hygiene along with so many different values that should have been in our lifestyle but were missing.

Using a sanitizer is extremely important and mandatory right now. We might get rid of the masks once it ends, but not the sanitizers. Hygiene should always be at the topmost priority for every person now. The sanitizer has isopropyl alcohol which kills the germs and bacteria on your hand so that it can’t spread through.

A sanitizer is also a must-have accessory for every Indian guy now.

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