9 Indian Rappers’ Fashion & Style That You Must Follow

Since Gully Boy happened, people in India have become much more aware of the underground Hip Hop scene, rapping scene especially. But what people are noticing more is their fashion. Each of the rappers in the industry has its own style and fashion to influence. Their fashion mostly talks about their characteristics, and to some extent, that’s what fashion is supposed to do. Each Indian Rappers’ fashion & style has something to say. Let talk?


But before we directly get onto the fashion, let’s take a moment to understand is this rapping scene and their fashion is new, or it has always been like this? Or Just, we didn’t notice until the last few years?

Few Things About The Rapping Scene In India 2020 :


Alright, the Rapping scene has always been around the corner. Way before Gully Boy. Period. You remember the first generation Hip Hop artists of ’90s? Hard Kaur, Baba Sehgal? They all have pioneered in the scene.

People often mistake Yo Yo Honey Singh has been the first-ever rapper of India. No, he is not. He is the first one to utilize YouTube and was lucky enough to get noticed by the mass, as he and his gang Mafia Mundeer was doing a great job.

Later, the gang had their own issues and Rappers like Raftaar and Badshah left the gang and headed their own separate ways. Currently, both of the Rapper is basically ruling the industry.

Also, people think Rap and Hip Hop culture only happens in two places. Delhi and Mumbai. Their stories are different, so is their fashion. But that is nowhere close to true, as after MTV had brought a reality show named MTV Hustle, we have witnessed there’s rap in every corner of the nation.

From Himachal Pradesh, Kolkata, Bihar, South India, everywhere. Rapping culture is everywhere. And basically, it’s unstoppable.

Till two years back, we only were consuming the chill-hop version of the raps where the songs are club-friendly. But now, people started to consume quality Rap songs where there’s a story, there’s a value. The rap songs are not only to shake your legs in a club. Surprisingly, Diss tracks became famous too. And slowly, steadily we can witness that the industry has become broad-minded, consuming and enjoying every form of this art.

Hip Hop is all there to uplift the culture, uplift society, by every means possible. It is very much empowering along with all the other virtues it possesses.

Now, when you know pretty much about the Rapping scenes, it will be easier for you to understand Indian Rappers’ Fashion & Style. Ultimately, fashion also reflects one’s personality.

9 Indian Rappers’ Fashion & Style You Must Follow To Style Up Your Game :

1. Raftaar :

Dilin Nair has to be the number one on the list. He started his journey as a hip hop dancer and teacher, went to reality shows like Dance India Dance and got eliminated, then joined Mafia Mundeer. In Mafia Mundeer he never got his due credits for his work according to Raftaar himself.

Then eventually after leaving Mafia Mundeer, he got his first hit with MTV Spoken Words, where he raised his bars on Swag Mera Desi. And since then, never looking back.

Raftaar keeps his fashion like his verses. Simple yet classy, and of course unmatchable. He can rock in a casual white tee shirt, pants, and a yellow jacket. He can also rock in a High Leather Boots, and a Camouflage jacket. The jacket is mostly Raftaar’s companion. Also, He carries a Gucci side bag.

If you want to listen to one song of Raftaar which is his best, listen to ‘Allah Veh’ of Coke Studio.

2. Badshah :

Well, arguably he is not a Hip Hop artist but a pop star. But definitely, he is a rapper who can make you dance with his tracks. Any given day. He is the number one need for any Bollywood movie having a Chill-hop song. Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia has recently bought a Rolls Royce, and he has been in the news ever since.

A Delhi rapper with a similar story like Raftaar made his own empire out of nothing. But unlike others, he has completed his Engineering and also did a desk job.

His fashion is wearing bulky clothes. He is into loose fit clothes which gives a cool look to a big and tall guy like him. Colorful jackets are also his companions. He is a big fan of Balenciaga, and probably has most of their collection in their wardrobe. Also, inspired by these loose fit big clothes, he has launched his own fashion brand named BadFit.

It’s difficult to choose one song of this pop star, every month he brings at least one chartbuster. Recently, it’s Garmi.

3. EPR :

Srinivasan Iyer or EPR calls himself a protest poet. And that’s what he does, he spills pretest poetry in the most hard-hitting way. This south Indian guy is born and brought up in Kolkata, and has always raised his bars on social issues like Farmers dying due to immense losses, Acid attack survivor Laxmi Aggarwal, Situation in Kashmir, Political scenario of India addressing “Bik Gayi Hai Gormint”.

He is the initial fame of MTV Hustle, but his band Underground Authority has been amongst the best in the game for a decade. His fashion is also very simple like Raftaar. He loves to wear bright and colorful long-sleeve tees, usually oversized. He can rock that with a Patiala kind of pants, and a pair of sexy sneakers of Nike.

His one track which is famous already is Ekla Cholo Re, where he quoted Rabindranath Tagore to empower the farmers’ huge crisis.

4. Devine :

The actual Gully Boy from the Dharavi of Bombay has his own story to tell. Where most of you have already seen his story in the movie Gully Boy as Ranveer Singh played him only, his fashion is very slick.

He mostly wears black. A black round neck tee shirt is his go-to option, always. Of course, he loves to wear a gold chain at his neck. Also, a cap will just enhance his straight out of street looks very efficiently. Devine has always kept it around black and street looks.

His one song which is extremely famous is Mere Gully Mein.

5. Muhfaad :

This rapper is an underdog. He has been in the scene for long but still hasn’t received as much attention as he deserves. His fans call him Maharaaj and in return, he calls his fan ‘Praja’ out of love.

He is hands down the king of the lyrical game in Delhi currently. Rap has various references, and he is the king of it. His melody can make you rock and roll in a club, but his lyrics can make you thoroughly enjoy each line.

Talking about Indian Rappers’ fashion & style, Muhfaad’s style is just how it should be. A typical Delhi boy rocking his looks with long jackets, fur coats, psychedelic prints, sneakers, caps. One fashion that Muhfaad can carry is any hair color. Recently for his diss track, he colored his hair all white. Now, he has painted it green!

One track of Muhfaad which is a must watch is Happy Diwala Raavn.

6. King Rocco :

The famous name of MTV Hustle is King Rocco. This Rapper is famous for his immensely catchy melody and his words. He is also a guy from Delhi who has been rapping for a time now. His tracks have a sweet melody which made Nucleya, Raftaar and Raja Kumari asking him to work with them. He is coming up with his recent album New Life.

Indian Rappers’ fashion & style has been pretty much chilled out. So is King Rocco’s. He usually puts on his denim jacket where it’s written ‘King’ at the back with red color.

He wears big shades and some chains around the neck. He looks pretty cool in his big shades, white shoes, and oversized tee shirts. Sometimes he wears a cowboy hat.

King Rocco’s best track to listen is Badnaam Raja.

7. Emiway Bantai :

The guy is infamous for his diss tracks. He is also from the northern part of India, Antop Hill. He got pretty famous when he brought his back to back diss tracks dissing Raftaar. It was a big controversy in the industry which got subsided with time.

He is also famous for his songs like Machayenge and Freeverse (Dawaat). Emiway is pretty much inspired by Eminem and kept his name ‘Emi’way. Also, he gets pretty inspired by another famous rapper Russ.

Talking about Indian Rappers’ fashion & style, Emiway is the most unique. He can rock in a Hawaiian Shirt and round shades on his eyes. Also, he can rock in a tuxedo. His raps run free like a wild soul, and so does his fashion.

One Track which is the best of Emiway is Machaayenge.

8. Fotty Seven :

Again, a Delhi rapper who has so much potentiality to rock the entire rapping scene. His tracks are very uplifting and self portraying. His raps have his own stories and lessons which can inspire many others with the thought, “If he can, why not me?”

While talking about Indian Rappers’ fashion & Style, Fotty Seven can rock in a simple Red Checked Hoodie. He keeps it extremely simple yet classy. All the Rappers’ favorite go-to wear is a jacket! And Fotty is no exception. He also wears Jackets with denim often.

One track which is a must-watch of Fotty Seven is “Pagal hain kya?”

9. Brodah V :

Brodah V has been a veteran in the rap game. In a recent interview of EPR, he said there used to be an Orkut community where rappers used to post their work and discuss, that too 10 to 12 years back. Brodah V has been in the scene since then.

In his song with Raftaar “Nachne ka Shauk” he has explained how he is not so comfortable in Hindi and that’s why Bollywood hasn’t noticed him yet, despite he is one of the best rappers who spit in English at par with anyone rapping in English in the world.

Indian Rappers’ Fashion & style is influenced by a cap, and even Brodah V wears one. All the time. He sticks to his loose pants, sneakers, and long-sleeved tee shirts. Pretty much favorite color is black & red.

One must watch the track of him is Nachne Ka Shaukh.

These were all the best Indian Rappers’ style & fashion. It’s a pretty big industry where everyone can fit, whoever has the talent and working hard. And all these rappers influence so many other people with their unique styles and fashion senses. In a  sentence, their fashion says: Be you, be confident, and the rest will follow.

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