9 Gadgets That Every Man Should Have In 2022

Gadgets play a crucial role in our lives to ease our lifestyle. We are reliable on the gadgets for so many reasons starting from our laptops to smartphones, earphones to power banks and the list continues. Today we pick you the 9 most essential gadgets that every man should have.

If you don’t have these gadgets in your life in 2022, then you must! They will make your life a lot easier, better & smarter.

9 Gadgets That Every Man Should Have In 2022 :

1. USB Charge Station :

Why do you need it: We had to start our list with this one. Why? We just told you how dependant we are on gadgets in today’s date. That means we have too many gadgets in our lives, right? And they all require to charge. We are sure, you feel extremely irritated sometimes when your charging point is occupied for your Smartphone and your have to find another charging point for your laptop, also at the same time your wireless earphones are running out of charge too. Sometimes you need to unplug other items to plug in a separate charger. Feels irritating? Not anymore.

A USB Charge station can ease your pain totally. There are USB charging stations having varieties of ports to charge all your devices from one hub.

Just plug in the USB Hub to one power source, and Voila! You have multiple sources to plug in your chargers in a single hub. You can charge up your smartphone, laptop, earphones, power bank, smartwatch, and many more. The best part is, it’s portable so even when you are traveling and you have only one source in your hotel beside the bed, you actually have enough!

2. AirPods/True Wireless Earbuds :

Why do you need it: Gone are those days when you had to untangle your earphones after taking out from the pocket. This is an era when your earphones go wireless. Apple introduced its AirPods and just when you thought it can not get any better, it introduced Apple AirPods Pro. Its elegant quality and premium sound will make you fall in love with it.

Following Apple, even Samsung brought its EarBuds and then all the companies like Xiaomi, Boat, Noise, Portonics, and so many more brought their own Truly Wireless Earphones. We have a dedicated article for that! Check that out:

Nevertheless, Truly Wireless Earphones and AirPods have started their own legacy and they made our lives so much easier than ever before. The comfort of playing audio without anything being physically connected to our devices has given us the liberty of free movement.

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3. Smartwatch :

Again, Apple is the pioneer with Apple Watch, then Samsung, and then so many more. We also have a dedicated content for smartwatches, you can check that out here,

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Why do you need it: Smartwatches can make your lives so much easier with so many applications. In fact, if you have a smartwatch and a wireless earphone, you will not need your phone to be out very often. You can check notifications, reply to texts, answer calls all from a combination of Smartwatch and Earphones. Also, the fitness tracker will let you know how many steps you have taken to your live heartbeat.

4. External Hard Drive :

Why do you need it: We all lack storage in the era of billions & trillions of data in the world. So we need storage. Now one thing, we have access to so many cloud storage options like Google Drive, Dropbox, and so much more, but few important data require physical storage options, that too you need them portable.

Here comes the external hard drive option to the rescue. An external hard drive will get you a minimum of thousand gigabytes of storage on the go. It’s very much essential in today’s time to carry your data with you.

5. OTG Cable :

Why do you need it: On The Go cables are extremely useful and you should always have one with you when you are out. This is an era when we need to work on the go, the typical cubicle culture is gone. So an OTG cable is enough to empower you to connect a USB device with your mobile.

Suppose you need to put some data in a hard drive and you don’t have your laptop with you at the moment, but you can access the file from the cloud from your smartphone. Just connect the OTG cable to connect most of the USB devices with your phone. It is easy, it is convenient and it is time-saving.

6. Electric Trimmer :

Why do you need it: Electric trimmers or portable trimmers are another examples of gadgets that every man should have. Electric trimmers allow you to trim your beard just the way you want right at home. You have different settings and comb lengths to get your desired styles within a few minutes.

It is convenient for sure and as well as time-saving before the hustle and bustle right before going to the office.

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7. Bluetooth Master Lock :

Why do you need it: This lock is a smart lock which can make your life easier. Combination locks can still be cracked but the Bluetooth smart lock can not be manipulated with any other devices except your own. The lock will unlock only when our device is connected and you unlock it.

It brings you the utmost safety and it’s cool at the same time. You can stay secured with this smart lock. It’s again one of the gadgets that every man should have.

8. Power Bank :

Why do you need it: Yes, we won’t miss out on probably the most important gadget for today’s generation. It is one of the gadgets that every man should have, and it is essential. A power bank gets you the option to charge your devices on the go. A portable charging station is a must in today’s time.

Make sure when you buy a power bank, you buy for a minimum of 15000 mAh, else it’s not a good buy. The number of devices we use, we will at least need 15K units of power for efficiency.

9 Portable Wireless Speakers :

Why do you need it: They are mini speakers and they are also one of the gadgets that every man should have. Not everyone likes to play songs in earphones and for them, a portable speaker is a blessing. You can connect a wireless portable speaker with any device and play your favorite songs and party around. They are also good for cars.

These were our top 9 picks for gadgets that every man should have. There are more and more gadgets in our lives, and we should also know to strike balance at the same time with the actual life. So here are a few trivia about our too much dependency on gadgets.


Fear Of Missing Out is pretty much self-explanatory. We are so much connected to the internet and social networks that we always feel the fear of missing out. The FOMO is real.

  • Phantom Vibration Symptom: You ever feel your phone is in the pocket and it’s vibrating but when you take out you see it is not. That’s the phantom vibration symptom. Psychologists suggest that our brain is so much accustomed to notifications when a normal itch happens our brain registers it as vibration only.
  • Popcorn Brain: Our brain is accustomed to fast-paced internet life that is getting less adept to slow-paced real life. This situation is called the popcorn brain.

The solution to all? Take a break, often!

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