8 Most Popular Bollywood Star Kids In 2020 On Instagram

The next generation star kids are already making their presence on social media before they hit the big screens. Despite already having fame thanks to their star parents, these youngsters have already started to emerge as popular celebrities by building a fan base on social media. These young guns aren’t too shy in embracing the world of glamour. So here are some of the most stylish Bollywood star kids in 2020.

Whether it’s Saif’s son, Ibrahim, or Taimur who is already grabbing all the paparazzi’s attention even as a toddler or Shah Rukh’s son Aryan Khan who will enter the film world soon (according to sources) they are being searched on social media and have a massive following on their official pages or fan pages. In this article, we will cover some of the most searched for star kids from Bollywood that everyone is eagerly waiting to see on the big screen. Before these young stars are launched officially in the spotlight, here are stars we shortlisted, to watch out for in 2020.

8 Most Popular Bollywood Star Kids On Instagram :

1. Aryan khan – Shah Rukh Khan’s Son

It’s safe to say that Aryan Khan is a splitting image of Shah Rukh Khan, the King of Bollywood. The son of the superstar already has a huge follower base. And despite being aloof from the media, he drives his followers crazy with his occasional posts with killer looks and Fashion! This young star has a great sense of style and visuals from his father. Apart from his fan pages, his official page currently has a whopping 1.1M following. Even though he has worked as a child actor in his father’s Mega Hits, This young gun is expected to soon make his debut in the film industry. 

2. Abram Khan – Shah Rukh Khan’s Son 


Shah Rukh’s younger son, (through Surrogacy) Abram Khan is also another hot topic on social media. Despite being only a toddler, this young star has already caught attention. And he has made it to our list of Bollywood star kids in 2020. Even though Abram does not have an official account on Instagram, there are several fan pages promoting this young star kid. He has already appeared in shoots alongside his Father, Shah Rukh Khan, the king of Bollywood. There is a long way to go before this young star hits the spotlight, but we hope to see more of him in 2020.

3. Ibrahim Ali Khan – Saif Ali Khan’s Son

Yet another good looking star kid is Ibrahim Ali Khan, Saif Ali Khan’s older son. Just like Aryan Khan, even Ibrahim has started off his career as a child actor in his father’s films. Currently, at 256K following on Instagram, this star kid has already created a fan base for himself, thanks to his good looks from his father. His sister, Sara Ali Khan has already debuted and is going strong in the industry. Fans are not eagerly waiting for this charming son of stars Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan to hit the spotlight.

4. Taimur Khan – Saif & Kareena Kapoor’s Son


Too young to be on social media, but this star kid has already raised the bar high for other toddlers of stars. Even though he does not have an official account on Instagram, there are several fan pages created for this young star. The paparazzo never misses out on capturing this toddler every time he is out with his star parents Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan. As mentioned for Abram, there is a long way to go for this kid to appear in the spotlight. But we hope to see more from him in 2020, and probably he might debut as a child actor over the coming years.

5. Yashvardan Ahuja – Govinda’s Son

Next on our list of stylish Bollywood star kids in 2020 is Yashvardhan Ahuja, son of the beloved legend of an actor Govinda. In the generation of star kids, Yashvardhan is another handsome kid, thanks to his father’s charming looks. Currently, at 25K followers on his Instagram, this star kid has posted pictures showing us his exceptionally good looks and style. Actor Govinda has ruled the big screen with his energy-packed and comic performances, and fans are eager to watch his son hit the big screen.

6. Aarav Kumar – Akshay Kumar’s Son


The industry has seen and loved Akshay Kumar’s action-packed and inspirational movies, and they are eager to check his young lad’s work, Aarav Kumar. His family has tried to keep him grounded and this actor has not made an official appearance on media yet. However, there are fan pages and articles about this young star kid. Next on our list of Bollywood star kids in 2020 this young star has served us some good looks and could be the most sought-after star kids.

7. Ahaan Panday ­– Chunky Panday’s Nephew

Chunky Panday’s Nephew Ahaan Pandey is another Bollywood star kids in 2020 to watch out for. He has around 200K following on Instagram currently, with only a few posts that have given us a glance of his good looks and style. He is surely a social media favorite and is another most searched for star kid after Aryan Khan & Ibrahim Ali Khan. His sister Alaana Panday is also an active star on social media, most commonly known as a blogger for her sense of style and good looks.

8. Ahan Shetty – Sunil Shetty’s Son

Lastly, but not the least, the next on our list of Bollywood star kids in 2020 is actor Suniel Shetty’s son Ahan Shetty. His daughter Athiya Shetty has already made her debut in the industry. And according to sources, this young star kid might also make his debut soon. Apart from his good looks, Ahan Shetty is another searched for actor on social media, with over 150K followers on Instagram.

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These are currently the most searched for male Bollywood star kids in 2020. And fans hope to see them hit the big screen soon. These young guys might have a silver spoon growing up, but the fans of their star parents have big expectations for these youngsters. They might already have their fashion game strong, however, we hope to see some impressive acting skills from these young guys on the big screen.

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