7 Different Types Of Hats For Men & How To Style Them

If you are a man of style, then we are sure that hats are a major part of your Fashion accessories. Over the years, hats for men have grown to become more and more popular. There are various men’s hats styles like the fedoras, bucket hats to snapbacks. In this article, we will take yours through some of the most stylish hats that can work with any look.

Hats : A Staple In Men’s Fashion

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No matter what season it is, your outfit is incomplete without a hat. As important as handbags work for a woman’s outfit, hats work well for a man’s attire. They are a functional and stylish addition to your overall outfit and can turn up your look making it a more eclectic ensemble. 

Not only are hats stylish but they are practical and suitable for any occasion, depending on the particular style. If it’s sunny it will protect you, or even if it rains or snows. Based on the kind of look you are going for, formal, or casual or even sporty, a hat is a simple yet inspired addition.

Here are a few hats for men that you need to add to your wardrobe right away. 

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7 Different Types Of Hats For Men & How To Style Them :

When we look back into the history of men’s hats style, there are numerous classic hat styles for men that were an essential article of their clothing. A classic hat describes that it works both for practical necessities and to add to the fashion of your attire. Different hats have a few defining details in their sizes, shapes and others. 

1. Fedora

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When we talk about Classic hats for men, we must begin with the ultimate classic hat, a fedora. This is one of the most popular men’s hats styles among gentlemen. The fedora hat has stood the test of time. From back in the 1920s to now it has been a wardrobe staple for every man.

It is by far one of the trendiest hats that makes a fantastic addition to our style statement. Not just that they come in various sizes and colors. To have a more classic appeal you can opt for those with more neutral tones and a medium width. 

The fedora has a flexible brim, that comes with more versatility. You can tilt it down for a hidden or mysterious look or go for a more angled profile. 

How To Style A Fedora Hat :

2. Bowler/Derby

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The net one in our list is the bowler hat, also popularly known as the Derby. It is one of the most iconic styles when it comes to British style. The hat received its fame from notable actors such as Charlie Chaplin. Pop culture has made sure this one among the hats for man remains a British icon. It is most popular among the working-class and can be considered a bit less formal when compared to the Fedora Hat.

As the name suggests, the hat has a rounded dome shape, without creasing or pinching and is slightly curled up at the brim. 

How To Style A Bowler/Derby Hat :

3. Panama Hats

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Coming next to one of the most popular hats for men, the Panama Hat. They are the perfect addition to a summer shirt on a beachy backdrop. A true Panama hat can be quite pricey. However, it’s safe to say that this men’s hats style is worth every buck. The Panama hat has a more flexible weave which can help it retain its shape, unlike other straw hats.

Panama hats can be worn for more casual outfits due to their relaxed style. Therefore they work perfectly on lightweight or tropical styles.

How To Style A Panama Hat :

4. Trilby

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Most people confuse a Trilby hat for a fedora, as both these men’s hats styles may have a similar style. The difference is that a Trilby has a smaller brim and a taller crown compared to the fedora. It might not be a functional hat, but it is definitely a hat that is popularly worn as a statement fashion piece. This hat style is popular with pop stars like Justin Beiber, or men from the upper class for Horse racing events.

The Trilby is shaped a bit more shortened with an angular edge, it is also called as a “crumpled fedora” The back is much shorter than the front, unlike a Fedora hat. 

How To Style A Trilby Hat :

5. Porkpie

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The pork pie hat has received its popularity from the popular show Breaking bad, as it was a recurring accessory that was loved by most men. This hat was most popular in the 19th century. As this men’s hats style grew more popular, more hipsters stylists prefer this look. It is a hat that provides a classy and modern aesthetic. 

It features a cylindrical crown with a flat top that is pinched around the outer corner. This hat style is mostly popular among men who are already tall as it can reduce the overall height with it’s flattened top style.

How To Style A Porkpie Hat :

6. Newsboy

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This hat style for men has emerged in the 19th century, but these old school caps have made a big come back again in the 2000s. This style is more similar to the popular flat cap style. They have a graceful and elegant look and feel that can make the wearer look much more knowledgeable. The newsboy hat has graced the heads of many affluent men. And not to forget all the fashion houses that have embraced this particular style of hats for men.

It has a rounder and fuller cap style along with panels and a button on top to attach the front of the hat to the brim for a different style. 

How To Style A Newsboy Hat :

7. Bucket Hat

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The Bucket hat is the last on our list of hats for men. This particular hat style for men is quite popular among Asian Fashion. It has gained its popularity from popular Boy group BTS who is often seen in this style of hat. Apart from that this men’s hats style is also popular among other musical and art subgroups. This hat can create a more laid-back urban look. Bomber jackets and bucket hats are a popular look these days.

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The bucket hats feature a wider and downward sloping brim. It resembles an inverted Bucket, as the name suggests. Here are a few ways to style some of these hats with your everyday Fashion looks.

How To Style A Bucket Hat :

Bottom Line: 

No matter what your outfit may be, it is never complete without the perfect hat style. It not only adds as a Fashion statement to your overall look but can sometimes even transform your Style game. So don’t miss out on this popular accessory as it increasingly gains it’s popularity as time passes by. 

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